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Two For One: MGB and MGB GT

Here is a pair of MGBs projects listed on eBay with a BIN of $6,000 in sweet Magnolia, Texas. On the left is a 1973 roadster with about 67,000 miles that will take only a little work to get it running. Owned since 1995, it’s had new wheels, interior, rubber seals, paint and more. On the right in red is a 1971 MG GT that needs paint and a little bodywork. He’s owned it since 2007 and it just needs carburetor work.

The interior of the MGB GT on the left looks ok. The green MG on the right has had a new interior and looks fantastic.

The GT on the left runs, while the MG on the right doesn’t, but there’s no word on what specifically it might take to get it running.

We have a driver quality MG GT that runs and looks ok but could use some restoration and a roadster that doesn’t run but has had some restoration including new parts and paint. There’s no mention of rust, but the roadster was a California car and they don’t live in snow country so perhaps they are solid. Bidding opens at $.99 but there are none yet. It’s impossible to tell from the pictures of course, but what would you guess these MGs might be worth?


  1. Tom Hall

    Gotta be worth the BIN, don’t they?
    Unfortunately, Magnolia, Texas is about as far away from me as the BIN :)

  2. Chebby

    22 years of MG ownership and the guy thinks they are German cars?

    BTW, apparently neither car runs.

    • George

      Chebby, how can you tell that neither run? That might be why the BIN is low

    • David Frank David F Member

      (perhaps he thinks the Germans won the war? ) LOL!

    • KeithK

      An email to the seller clarified that GERMAN was indeed a typo but it makes me wonder since German appears in the title line it will be displayed with a search for German cars. Hmmmm. Kind of like the Craigslist ads advertising a car for a dollar..

  3. KeithK

    Apparently one of the GERMAN cars is BRITISH racing green. Hinkey? Zero feedback seller too. I’ll let someone else’s 10 ft pole touch this one.

  4. Bruce Best

    These cars are so simple to work on if they are largely rust free this is a bargain. You have to remember how small even the GT is. There is not that much there to paint. The not running can easily be the carbs just clogged with bad gas. I have seen that often with SU carbs.

    This is perhaps the best buy I have seen on BF for some time. I am in no position to purchase as I am in the middle of a Lotus restoration right now but I do hope someone picks them up. With parts so available these should be easy weekend fix up’s and not more than two months of weekends at the most.

  5. Pfk1106

    MGB….motor grand Bavarian.

  6. Blueprint

    The roadster appears to have been painted Bracken originally ( look at the firewall).

  7. Tom Driscoll

    I see these for sale locally occasionally…I think I’d rather spend 6k on one nice running car…

  8. Tom

    The cal car has smog pump good for buyer in California

  9. Dolphin Member

    Agree with Bruce, this pair looks like a decent deal.

    It is not stated that neither engine runs. What is stated is that one car has good oil pressure with about 67K miles, and the other car hasn’t run in 2 years.

    The passenger’s door on the red car looks like it’s sprung, which might be the body work that the seller said it needs.

    Neither car looks nearly as bad as a lot of rust buckets that come across these pages, so it’s surprising that opinions are so negative here.

    $6K or maybe less for two chrome bumper MGBs beats a lot of the deals we see, especially for cars with the decent looking engine bays that these cars have.

  10. blasphemy

    Noticed the GT has IOWA plates? No photos of undersides, so have to truly wonder about rust underneath in the GT. Lack of underside photos should make one very suspicious; frankly, this looks like a “flipper”

  11. Murray

    Roadster is a rust bucket. Look at the fender joins at the top of the mudguards. A common rust point, but this looks gruesome. Also pax door is stuffed, check out the leading edge of the door. All nicely buckled….. lots of dramas there.

  12. Woodie Man

    ya know…if you want to sell a car on Ebay or Craigslist or whatever, you have to make some effort. I never understood the seller philosophy of bad pictures, incomplete information and the always popular…email for more pictures.
    Gimme the seller that writes a book and anticipates every question a rational buyer would have about the cars, thats a guy or gal I want to do business with.

    • Tom Driscoll

      I agree, more info is better, but have you noticed the trend these days is for one or two sentence descriptions? Maybe it forces potential buyers to make a phone call to help reduce surprises?

  13. Tom P.

    I agree. This looks like a good deal. You become an instant MG collecter. With parts available the way they are, what great projects. I’d love to get this group. Converable for nice days and GT for not so nice days. This way your get to drive an MG no matter the weather.

  14. whippeteer

    “Fun car to drive. Great daily driver.” Yet it hasn’t been started in two years.

  15. Eric 10Cars

    Y’all are much too negative on these cars. Very rough chrome bumper MGBs can go for $3K. These have nice interiors; no missing trim pieces or lens; the green one looks very clean; the red one has some rust and bodywork issues but they don’t look major (the rockers and inner wheel wells appear clean, the rust on the upper right fender/right door/rear deck doesn’t look real cancerous). There is no reserve indicated and the BIN price is not outrageous. If they were in NC, I’d give serious consideration myself. Sure it would be nice to have some under-carriage pix, but what the pix do show is pretty damn good. The engine compartments are really clean and even if you have to rebuild an engine, they’re easy to deal with. The 71 should have had 2 SUs (HS4s??) but looks to have a Weber (DCOE45?).

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