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Two For One: Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible

1967 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Well if you are into package and bundle deals, you might be interested in this deal. List here on craigslist in Sacramento, California is this Oldsmobile two for one deal, priced at $10,500. First you get a real deal barn find 1967 Cutlass Supreme 442 convertible that has been stored for 35 years. The second is the donor/parts car and is a ’67 Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe that the owner claims to have only 69K on the odometer, and that it runs and drives. Why is it only a donor/parts car? There is no mention of the status of the titles.  Maybe the “donor” has a “parts” title?

The 442 is an all original unrestored, very solid straight body in need of a new trunk floor panel and lots of bits and pieces.

The owner states it is a “rare black with red pinstripe”.  Any thoughts/knowledge, why there appears to be red around and under the VIN tag?  The 400E engine is the original, but is missing one of the heads, the intake, the carburetor and the air cleaner as per the owner.  Hopefully the parts car has all the necessary parts to fix up this 442!


Above is the one image of the Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe that the seller provides. If a ’67 442 drop top is on your wish list and you have the cash, time, and space for two cars, this deal looks promising.



  1. Avatar photo jaygryph

    Needs a Bocephus sticker. :D

    I sort of wonder about ads that say how solid a car is, then note it needs large parts of it’s floorpan replaced.

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  2. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    The 67 Coupe probably has the 330 V-8 engine, however it appears that all the pieces are in place, including the California smog pump and assorted bits that would also work on the ragtop. A few years back, there were a lot of wanted ads in Hemmings Motor News of folks looking for the smog gear to restore their cars to factory spec. As a pair, with the 4-4-2 being in rougher shape and both cars in a #5 condition (not a hagerty #5) with 5 being a non operable parts car, I would estimate worth for the pair in the $5-6K range. I bought a 67 4-4-2 here in Oklahoma about a year and a half ago for $3500. Besides the usual mechanical work (rebuild engine, brakes, front suspension) all it needed was some sheet metal repair on the cowling and a small patch on the drivers floor up by the parking brake.

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  3. Avatar photo Daniel Rice

    It’s my car. I am a body man by trade. This is a very solid body with mostly original paint.the trunk floor is rusted from sitting with a rubber trunk mat holding in moisture for many years. The rest or the body is very solid. Always best to see a car in person before coming to judgement. I have been restoring A bodies for over 30 years and this one would have been a good restoration candidate even back then. Thanks for the interest !

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  4. Avatar photo Duffy

    I don’t think so..

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  5. Avatar photo redwagon

    mr rice consider providing more info about both cars, including pictures, here on this site. it can only help with the sale!

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  6. Avatar photo Daniel Rice

    Anyone interested in the car ,please respond to the CL ad. All others , didn’t your mother teach you to keep your negative comments to yourself?

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  7. Avatar photo Gary

    Both cars have been for sale for quite some time now. The cars (unless moved recently) are not in Sacramento. They are in the SF Bay area, which could explain the rusty hood on the donor car. I do like the ragtop but the asking $$ for current condition is a bit high IMO.

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  8. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    I am some what partial to the green coupe, however due to transport distance, and at the present time unable to look for myself, due to serious health issues in my family, everything is somewhat on hold, until we have an outcome.

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  9. Avatar photo Daniel Rice

    The car is located in Sonoma.The ad is posted in Sac. Craigslist to reach another audience. If you dont know, Sac. Is not far from Sonoma which is in the Bay area.The car is locally advertised only. I did not put it on Barn Finds !As for the cars,the 442 is in MUCH better condition as far as the body is concerned. Interior is shot ,but then most would be after sitting for decades.The C/S is an excellent donor car for many reasons. Int. Parts, drivetrain parts, exterior trim. BTW, the C/S trunk floor is rusty too. The 442 looks worse in photos than it is. The C/S looks better in photos than it is. Lots of rust in the roof ! Again ,the 442 paint is mostly original. Red pinstripes are all original.So what you see is what you get. Most cars of this age have been repaired multiple times with questionable techniques.This 442 only has spot painted areas on the Rt. Side. As someone with years of frameoff restoration experience,I believe this is a solid and predictable restoration project. I just don’t get how someone could come up with a value of a vehicle without even seeing it in person. I am just looking to recoupe my cash investment on the pair as i dont see having the time in the near future for this project.Thanks for the interest.

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    • Avatar photo imotors

      I agree with Dan 100%. I would leave the paint as is, and just do the mechanics, top and interior. Drive just as is with “Painted on Pinstripes”. Way cool!

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  10. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    Mr. Rice, my apologies if I have offended you in my postings. I am going by my 40+ years experience as a restorer and appraiser. I am aware that vehicles bring a somewhat higher price on the west coast, than elsewhere in the country, due to the lack of rust for the most part.
    Barn Finds is just that, various vehicles that somebody, somewhere may be interested in buying. For the most part it is a conversation amongst hobbyists where each gives their thought , or knowledge as to vehicles that have been sent to the website for posting. again, my apologies if I have offended you.

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  11. Avatar photo Tom Member

    it is just me or deja vu or….????? but don’t I recall this listing having been out there some time ago….like within the past year…..? Just wondering.

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  12. Avatar photo Mike

    I would say the donor car is the better part of this deal!!!

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