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Two For One: Pair of Triumph TR3’s


Fellow Barn Finder, reader, and frequent commenter Dolphin stumbled across this auction for a pair of Triumph TR3’s here on eBay. We want to thank him for sharing this find with us! Both cars are in in rough shape and will need complete restorations. They have been parked for a long time and have spent the past few years in the current owner’s warehouse in Fargo, North Dakota.


The more complete of the two is a 1958 and the other is a 1961. The ’58 still retains its original engine and transmission, while the other has had its drivetrain removed. The seller originally purchased the cars with the plan of restoring one and using the other for parts, but poor health has gotten in the way of this project ever being a reality. They want to see these cars back on the road someday, so they have decided to part ways with them.


While the ’58 is the more complete of the two, it will need lots of work to be road worthy. The rear wheels are locked up, which could be a major project to fix and the body has plenty of rust. Thankfully, parts are plentiful and easy to find for these cars. The ’61 on the other hand is missing many of its vital components.


I would hate to see the ’61 parted out further, but if it helps save the ’58, then so be it. The best outcome would be for both cars to be restored, but that will be an expensive and massive undertaking. The next owner could always sell one to help fund the others restoration. Thanks again to Dolphin for sharing this find! What do you think would be the best route for the next owner to take with these TR3’s?


  1. paul

    My guess is the owner wanted the bad one for it’s wire wheels, so part it out & make one good one , big job but a great car, will you make $’s, no, but it’s a keeper when done. Oh & paint it BRG.with a light buckskin interior.

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  2. A2CarGuy

    OK, but apostrophes don’t make plurals, so here it should be TR3s, not “TR3’s” (The Grammar Police: to correct and serve).

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Hi A2CarGuy, I used the apostrophes simply as a way to distinguish TR3′s as the plural form, as there was a TR3S built for racing. It was my attempt to reduce confusion, but it seems I may have failed at that. In terms of grammatical correctness you are right on the money and thanks!

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      • paul

        Just what I need an English lesson on a barn find site, lighten up folks, some of us can’t spell.

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  3. sunbeamdon

    Wow, I thought things couldn’t get worse; boy was I wrong! Based on my past exposure to TRs, there’s no amount of love left in these two hulks. I don’t think they could be salvaged for anything close to the purchase plus shipping! Don’t even think of restoring these – unless you want to make a small fortune smaller! – Colour??? – colour me gone!

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  4. jim

    the ebay listing pictures show a second engine/transmission as being included in sale. pictures also show a lot of rust on frame. i don’t know if i would try to fix up or make a profit parting them out. still a very good find.

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  5. scot

    ~ yes, thanks to Dolphin on a good find. maybe build a track/LeMons car and restore the other.
    [+1 A2CarGuy, http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/1174_528659387153056_640638493_n.jpg ]

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    • scot

      ~ sorry Josh, no offence/offense intended. ;(

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      • Josh Mortensen Staff

        No offense taken Scot! I appreciate the constructive criticism, it’s how we learn!

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  6. AW240Z

    “Looks like we got some malfeasance here……”

    Actually vintage racing comes to mind. Not enough to restore, but plenty for a track project.


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  7. Peter R

    Many fond memories of more than 100,000 miles on a 61 TR3 but these two leave me cold. No way to break even on a single restoration – much easier and cheaper to buy one already done – too bad but these seem best for parts

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    I am currently working on a Bugeye sprite, and I can see similarities of these cars. Rust, rust, and more rust. A total restoration takes a lot of time and money and on these cars you WON’T recoup either. So if it’s what you want to keep,, then do it, but don’t do it, just to try to resell.

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  9. Chris

    The ’61 is at best a parts car and the ’58 maybe someting bettre but i doubt it. But I’d like to see which has the better frame and running gear. Lots of Triumphs were rolled, trashing the bodies, but the frames and running gear survived in usable shape. If a Devin body could be sourced, it might be just possible to build one road car out of these two parts carcasses.

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  10. tomw

    AW240Z…thank you. That made my day and was real close to posting something along the same lines..

    “Looks like we got some malfeasance here……”

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  11. TVC15

    In Fargo North Dakota ! , has anyone looked under seat for that missing money ?

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  12. Dolphin Member

    The pair sold for $6,200 with 25 bids

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