Two For One: 1947 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

These two cars look like the beginning of a fantastic project.  The seller indicates the primary project is the 1947 Buick Roadmaster convertible while the sedanette (roadster now) is the parts car.  For sale in Spokane, Washington here on craigslist with a package price for both cars of $9,500.  A lot of us have a hard time convincing our spouse of one new project, let alone two at once.  But if you are the fortunate new owner, between these two cars, you can surely make a nice car while recouping some cost by selling the extra parts.

The ad doesn’t state where these cars spent their recent lives at, but judging from the faded paint and condition of the interior and engine bay, they may have come from a dry and sunny environment.  The seller does indicate some rust, but from the pictures posted in the ad, it doesn’t look like enough to make them unsalvageable.  Again, between the two cars, you should be able to make one pretty complete and solid car.  Whenever I see a Buick Roadmaster convertible of this era, it reminds me of the car from Rain Man.  While that car was a ’49 I think, these ’47’s look very similar.

The seller indicates he has a box of “chrome trinkits and dodads” which is a good sign since that’s a hard part of doing a restoration on one of these cars.  Tracking down every last bit of chrome and trim can be exhausting and expensive.  Once complete, these are some of the classiest looking cars around.  However, getting there will be costly and time consuming, but worth the effort in the end.

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  1. sparkster

    Rain Man ?

  2. George

    I’d by them 4 Five ($5000.00), cause U could justify not doing what U should w/them as 5 doesn’t sound like real money [but of course it is] for some of us intoxicated by 30’s through 50’s cars. But $10K? Makes 1sit up. smell the mildew, get the flaking paint in the eyes, the rust on our White Buxs and our heads out of the clouds.

    • grant

      George is a unique name for a teenage girl…

      • Ikey Heyman

        George Eliot was female…..

      • Terry C.

        Now that was funny!!

  3. jaymes

    make a great manrain clone!

    • CaCarDude

      I have a few pics of the real Rain Man Buick when John in Sacramento owned it. Did a few day time cruises in the car just after the movie was finished and the car was returned. I remember well when he got the personalized plates.
      The two offered for sale are going to be a lot of work. When restored they truly are a beautiful classy ride!

  4. waynard

    Jay Leno’s Garage has a great feature on a ’48 Buick Super convertible built by ICON. Have a look.

  5. TJP

    I wish I were retired and wealthy, DROOL !!!!!!

  6. gaspumpchas

    Good deal to get into a roadmaster reasonably, Enough parts there to get you on your way!!!

  7. erikj

    I live in Spokane! If anyone wants a look and some more info, I would love to help. That’s how much I enjoy Barnfinds. I Cant buy these, but it would be fun to be part of a good sale to a good home for these two. Just sayin!!
    Just post a note and I hope I can help.

  8. Dt 1

    If you fixed up those two convertibles it would cost a lot of money but it would be so cool

  9. Rex Rice

    In 1948, a newlywed couple moved in next door to us. The wedding present from the father of the bride? Each was given a new Buick convertible. The same year, my uncle bought a Buick sedan. They were SO impressive,

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