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Two-Owner Survivor: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

The Malibu Sport Coupe was consistently the biggest seller in the Chevelle lineup. That may be because the Super Sport muscle car was often included in the numbers. In 1969, 60% of all Chevelle production was for hardtops like the seller’s nice survivor. It’s only had two owners and still wears its original paint and interior at just 50,000 miles. Located in Eagle Creek, Oregon, the Garnet Red Chevy is available here on craigslist for $27,000. Hats off to Barn Finder T.J. for turning us on to this mid-size Bow-Tie.

From a short distance, this ’69 Malibu Sport Coupe looks sharp. The sheet metal is in good shape and the paint still has a shine to it. But the closer you look, you’ll see the age in the finish which includes a few dings and scratches and a pinch of rust, with the roof perhaps having the worst of it. The black interior wears the same materials it left the factory with, and no attention appears to be necessary.

Under the hood lies a numbers-matching 307 cubic inch V8 which was the entry-level motor except for the inline-6. It’s paired with a TH-350 automatic transmission and we’re told everything works as it should. One oddity is that while this Chevy has a power brake booster, it does not have power steering, which might have made it a rather rare purchase in 1969.

We don’t know how long the seller has been this Malibu’s second owner, but he/she doesn’t seem anxious to sell. Purchasing a house has taken priority over the Chevy, so it has to go, and no trades will be considered. This could be a nice car to drive on weekends until you take the plunge and decide to have the exterior renewed. No SS clones or tributes, please.


  1. Howard A Member

    What? A ’69 Chevelle that doesn’t have some snarling beast of a motor? While 60% may have been hardtops, I bet 90% of those were simple, docile coupes like this, that trudged daily to the office or libery[sic]. Wheels added later when “Hazel” was too old to drive and the nephew got it.
    Quick correction, there is no P/B, and this was a very low optioned car. Not sure if A/C vents were on non A/C cars, but 1/4 mile times were the last thing on “Hazels” mind. All glitz is on big motors, 4 speeds, and the temptation for riches will be too great, and that’s what will happen here. I think the seller thinks, all ’69 Chevelles will command 5 figures, and simple ones like this, just isn’t so.

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  2. Burke

    If I am correct, the type of vent was called Astro vents. All Chevelles and Novas came with them no matter AC or no AC.

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    • Zen

      I was wondering about those vents. Also, the description says there’s a power brake booster, and the picture shows no power brake booster. Why order a 307 with a 3 speed automatic instead of a powerglide, but no power brakes or power steering? This car is odd.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        A lot of people back then stuck with std cheap manual 4 wheel drum brakes where you could get away without power assist- PLUS if the engine stalled out, those were the brakes you wanted, since they still performed normally!
        But most ordered optional power steering.

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    • Jon

      Yes, And I can see by the levers next to the vents, not an AC car…

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    • Rick

      Was called Astro Ventilation by GM.

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  3. Steve

    Not buying so many low mile, run of the mill cars showing up. People in the 60’s and 70’s didn’t buy cars to let them sit. We drove them.

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  4. ACZ

    The best looking of all Chevelles, especially if they had a pickup bed.

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  5. rob fournier

    Hi, had a 68′ also a 307 same int. those round vents were on lots of GM cars! I wanna say 67’was 1st year. It doesn’t mean the car has ac…just vents! All gm’s in 68′ had astro ventilation. I loved it..it was great, especially if you didn’t have ac!! had 68 firebirds and a 69 conv! I will differ on your price. I put headers on my 307!! best thing for that engine! made my car a sleeper…got way better mpg +4-5! and yes! it became a snarling beast!

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  6. Danny

    I actually have a 68 chevelle SS 138 car out of Texas. I went ahead and replaced floor from fire wall to the trunk and both quarters, which were not that bad. Body is ready for sanding and paint. The SS still has the original 12 bolt rearend, but at this time has no engine or trans, which was a automatic in the floor. Not sure which direction I will go with the car at this regarding engine and transmission. However, if this 69 chevelle is setting at 25k plus, I wonder what my current value of a legit unfinished and finished 68 Chevelle SS would be?

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