Two Owners And 60,000 Miles: 1955 Buick Special

With great style, a nail head V8, and a 3 speed manual transmission, this low mileage Buick Special looks like a great driver quality project. Having only been a two owner car in its lifetime, the seller is claiming to have owned it a while, and that the 64,000 miles are indeed accurate. With some rust concerns, and some issue with the clutch, this classic is offered for $4,600 or best offer per the seller’s description. Check it out here on ebay out of Clarkston, Michigan.

Described as a smooth runner, this 322 nail head is having some issues with starting. The seller is investigating the issue believing it to be a dead battery. The 3 speed transmission and clutch were recently rebuilt, although the seller explains that the transmission needs to be adjusted as he cannot currently select gears. Sounds as if the clutch needs to be adjusted to allow the clutch and pressure plate to allow gear selection. Also the brake system has received extensive work recently, and there are new wheels and tires fitted although with wheel adapters.

Inside the interior at a quick glance is nice, but there are some concerns.  The dash, seats and door paneling are all in fair condition, but the headliner has some extensive water staining, and there is some surface rust on the interior pillars. It would appear that the rear window gasket has dried up and failed allowing water to leak into the interior. Beyond that concern, the floors are rock solid, and there is no severe damage to the interior, other than a ripped front seat.

Clearly wearing a patina that only time could create, this Buick could be touched up to make the car a bit more presentable, or the patina could certainly remain as is. The exterior body work appears to be solid, although I am curious about the grey areas on the driver side. It almost appears to be galvanizing rust preventive spray paint. The passenger side has a much nicer appearance, only revealing a few small areas of surface rust. There is some rust in this old gal, and it isn’t the prettiest, but it appears to be in a not so bad spot. There is some rust in the trunk where there is a very obvious hole in the trunk floor. The hole is rather large, and the seller explains there is some “rust through” on the frame. He assures that is was inspected by a welder and that it is okay. Unfortunately there are no photos to show this concern. Water clearly pooled in the trunk space causing the rust to the trunk floor and the rear part of the frame. Beyond those concerns, the chrome and trim is all in place, but the taillight bezels have some pitting. Also you will be searching out a driver window as the current window is cracked. Although a bit rough around the edges, this Buick still looks like a worthwhile project for sure. Would you take on this nail head special?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Got to love those “Dagmar’s”.( I know, YOU PIG,,,oh come on, it’s the most prominent feature on the whole car) The rest of the car? Meh, your grandfathers old Buick.

    • Blyndgesser

      What’s wrong with “your grandfather’s old Buick”? I think it has a delightfully ironic charm.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Agreed. In the GM Blue Collar world, if you drove a Buick or Oldsmobile, you were comfortable. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Woodie Man

      Shame on you Howard….you know better!

  2. Sam

    I remember my dad taking me to the Rockford Speedway in the late ’60s. You’d see a lot of these mid 50’frcars in the figure 8 feature…torch off the front fenders and open up rear wheel wells

  3. LAB3

    Never appreciated older Buicks until I spent a couple of years living in the Flint, Mi area. Lots of old “grandpas pride” cars in garages there making a nice alternative to the tri five Chevy’s that seem to be a dime a dozen at most car shows.

  4. Dave Wright

    This has Broderick Crawford written all over it.

    • Dave Wright

      Photo 55 Buick Police Special.

      • whippeteer

        The cop car is a Buick Century. 4 portholes, not 3.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Century’s and Roadmaster’s were 4 holers. Special’s were 3 holers.

      • King Al

        Supers also had 4 ports.

  5. flmikey

    …4 doors + frame rust through + hole in trunk + transmission problems = parts car….

  6. Dan

    You are getting sleepy…very sleepy….you will believe the odometer reading…ignore all the signs of a worn out car…sleepy.

  7. boothguy

    Specials came with 264s not 322s in 54 and 55. All 56s had 322s

  8. Tom

    I love the originality of this car, and it’s fairly close to my home, but 60k on a ’55 is not my idea of low mileage…my dad would park his old cars at 90k considering them worn out…lack of maintenance is what wore them out, in a time when gas stations would sell you used oil if you didn’t want to pony up for the new stuff. Miss a couple tune-ups and your car was deteriorating quickly…points condition, spark plug condition, carb tune, screw any one of these up, and you would be calling a cab for a ride home.

    • Blyndgesser

      A thousand miles a year…

  9. ACZ

    Ah, yes………..torque tube driveline. What fun to replace a clutch. I had a 58 Special a long time ago and had to replace the clutch. Fight the rust, roll the rear end out from under the car, then get the trans out. I always wondered if it would have been easier to pull the engine.

  10. Bruce Fischer

    A.C.Z.Been there and yes it is .Here how its done like on my 56 buick station wagon.Bruce.

  11. Dennis Dusenberg

    I may be wrong, but didn’t he Specials have the 264 Engine, and the upper division models had the 322?

  12. Bob C.

    2150 to headquarters.

  13. Bob C.

    Dennis, you could be right about that. This car has 3 ports on the side, which means the lower size engine. If it were the 322, it would have 4 imho.

  14. Brakeservo

    About the low alleged original miles – WHO CARES on something that needs a compleat rebuild anyway! All the claim does is blow any credibility the seller might have hoped to have as now he sounds like he’s saying ANYTHING that might get it sold . . .

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