Type 2 Double Cab: 1965 VW Pickup

This 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 pickup is a rare Double Cab version of the clever hauler. While the pickup body is hard to find in the U.S., this extended cab version is hardly ever seen. The seller contends he won’t have the means to restore this pickup as he intended when it first came into his possession, so now it’s for sale here on eBay in hopes an aircooled enthusiast brings it back to road-going use. There’s one bid to $5,300 and no reserve.

The Type 2 pickup stood out in a crowded marketplace largely due to its drop-down sides, which even today remains a novelty. A third door opens on the curb-side, but the left side has just one for the driver. Volkswagen initially outsourced the conversion of the double cab pickups before bringing production in-house in 1959 after deciding sales were strong enough to proceed with the unusual model.

Sadly, tariffs would play a significant role in the pickup’s future in the U.S. 1971 was the final year for U.S. sales of the Type 2 pickup, although production continued in overseas markets (and those pickups remain a desirable commodity among U.S. enthusiasts today.) This Double Cab has clearly been sitting for a while, but the interior remains in serviceable condition. There is rust noted in the floorboards.

The engine was removed and is no longer available. The seller notes accident damage to the left front nose of the pickup, but it’s not past the point of repair. With the continued appreciation of early Type 2s and the ability to take more than three passengers, this Double Cab pickup is a desirable option for Bus fans who don’t want to splurge on a camper conversion but still want to bring friends along.

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  1. Andy

    I’m torn! On one hand, I kind of feel like I did my time in Type 2s, but on the other hand, this looks really cool! I don’t mind the lack of engine; I would have put in something with more guts than this left Wolfsburg with, anyway, say, 2.0l & dual carbs. But then I remember I’d need a 20 foot ramp to get my bike into that bed, and I’m broke, so someone else will have to get a great deal on this.

  2. Will Fox

    Someone will buy it, and immediately jack HIS asking price to cash in on the Type 2 craze. The $5300. bid is about 300% of what this is actually worth, and the seller would be cutting a fat hog if this is as high as the bids go.

  3. Alan Brase

    Actually this type 2 NEVER left Wolfsburg as type 2 production left there for Hannover in March of 1956. Earlier Wolfsburg type 2’s share some features with Barndoor models and are unique.

  4. Kurt

    Very interesting project, too expensive though, especially without a motor. A 2.0 would do nicely, or a Subaru engine. These are relatively rare here on the left coast.

  5. Imperialist1960

    Why oh why are people so LAZY? A chain and a pickup truck, pull it forward and mow the weeds out from under it and you’ll instantly get 10% more for it. It’s all about presentation and people spend so little time and energy on little stuff that can boost results considerably, especially when selling online using the pictures.

  6. Mark A Baker

    The ebay listing says it is a ’58. I think that’s wrong.

  7. Steve

    Listing is Ended. 0 bids

    • Alan Brase

      Uhh, no. Somebody offered the guy an off the ebay, buy it now offer and he took it. Then ended the listing, claiming it was an error.
      Sort sighted on the seller’s part. Probably sold it for $10k, might have gone higher on the last minutes.
      It was pretty good. I’d say $12-14k car. Yes, some better marketing would have got more money.
      YES, motors are pretty plentiful. Throw a running motor and battery, clean out the gas tank. Brake fluid or a bit more, and it’s a driver.
      Seems to me a driver is worth more than $1000 more than a non driver.

      • Dan Mar


      • Shaddwell Smith

        Do you remember the person’s name who listed it on ebay. I would love to get a shot at buying this rad double cab. Thanks

  8. TimM

    No longer available!! I thought some actually might get a good deal on a rare model VW!!! Guess not!!!

  9. Glenn Schwass Member

    I have never seen this 3 door crew cab type. That has to be worth more than $5k depending on how much floor is left.

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