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Uber Ready! 1984 Chrysler Executive


Sometimes, sellers include commentary in their listings that are generally good ideas and not just more boring sales blather. I have to say, the suggestion that a mini-limo could be the ideal Uber vehicle is nothing short of brilliant and I hope to someday see this ’84 Chrysler Executive limo collecting fares. If you’re ready to be your own boss, check out the Chrysler here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $6,500 OBO.


I’ve used Uber twice now, and both times it has been a positive experience. There’s only one thing that makes me question the whole concept, and it ties into being a car guy through and through: I don’t want strangers in my personal ride, stomping their feet all over the insides! One driver told me he bought a designated car just for Uber responsibilities, which seemed like big leap to take on your potential ROI – but it was working for him.


That’s why this Chrysler is so intriguing. I’m fairly sure you would rocket to the top of the list for the most popular Uber drivers in your area, and the compact size means you wouldn’t suffer too much for driving a limo. Plus, more seats equals more fares, and the privacy barrier means you don’t have to chat with drunk or surly patrons. The asking price seems low enough that you could recoup your investment fairly easily, too.


The seller mentions that it was repainted some years ago and still looks good; the interior is also said to be very clean and the trunk reportedly looks like it was never used. The four-cylinder power plant should return decent MPGs, which just adds to the appeal (for me) of this rig’s potential future as an Uber chariot. What do you think: should it go into the livery service, or is it still too nice for cab duties?


  1. Howard A Member

    Some pretty big names had cars like this. Frank Sinatra had one, and I believe, Lee Iacocca was shuffled around in one, as well. Who know’s what royalty rode in this one? IDK, I like K-cars, but if you showed up at a “Gala Premere” of your latest movie in this ( as opposed to say a Lincoln, Caddy, or Rolls) it might just give people the wrong message. Probably not many made, so collectible in that respect, but I never thought of a K-car as being limo material, but here you go. I’ll pass.

  2. David Zornig

    Uber has an age limit on vehicles, nothing older than 2001.
    Most cities likely wouldn’t allow a car from `84 to be registered for regular livery work either.
    Would have to be a private party limo the rest of it’s life unfortunately.

    • Bill Owens Bill O Staff

      I was thinking it had to be less than 10 years old with Uber, but I could be wrong. I used to drive for another service where you drive the customer’s car for them to take them to their destination or bring them safely home. It got to the point I wasn’t getting many customers, because Uber was coming on strong. I was thinking of changing over to Uber, but my car was right at the 10 year mark at the time, a 2004 Buick Park Avenue, which would have made a great Uber car. We traded it for my wife a new car last year, and I got her 2010 Buick Lacrosse. Like Jeff said, I wouldn’t want people messing up my car and my Lacrosse is too nice. I was getting too old to be out at 3 am in the morning anyway and gave it all up.

      • Turbonius

        Depends on the city. I registered a 2001 accord for use in the Philadelphia area this summer.

  3. Fred W.

    I have my doubts as to whether a 32 year old car with a reputation for unreliability could stand up to the rigors of livery service. I do like the look though.

  4. daCabbie

    I hate Uber… no worries, they will disappear soon enough…

    This is definitely too old for service in most markets, but someone could use it in a third-tier market…or an airport shuttle.

    These cars are known to have front end issues…. and the gas mileage sucks… give me a Crown Vic anyday.

  5. Dirty Dingus McGee

    You would ALWAYS be picked as the designated driver with this ride.

  6. Coventrycat

    You wouldn’t have to talk to the drunks with the divider window, but cleaning that interior after one threw up would just be a real drag.

    • MeToo

      Oh, I think that the vomit cleaning would be minimal. That overly poofy, puffy, plushy upholstery looks like it would suck it right up. Mop up the chunks, spray on the Fabreze and you’re good to go.

      • grant

        Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  7. John

    Have to a 2000 or newer to uber

  8. MeToo

    A four cylinder? I would love to know it’s 0 to 60 time.

    • Turbonius

      Official 0-60 is listed as “eventually”

  9. JeffPS

    Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon ?

  10. Oingo

    TTBMK this not an executive as this one has the divider making it a limousine. Not to say they could not have been changed but the color matched wheel covers are a giveaway On the surface it seems like a great idea but it’s all in the details. As others have said not uber eligible due to age. Even if you would be allowed to run in in any type of livery service it’s a K car with all the shortcomings of them. Parts might be/are scarce and tires are of particular concern. source of info is

  11. Scotty G

    Love it! I had a LeBaron ragtop of this vintage and that balanced-shaft 2.6 Mitsubishi was pretty smooth.

  12. Frank Pack

    Uber won’t allow anything old for their use.

  13. Vintageracer

    Even UBER has standards and this Iaccoca Limo does not meet!

  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Valley Girl – one of my favorite movies – the scene I hated – for the car and loved the most – he got the girl…..but did they have to drive off in one of these ? Gezzzzzzz Louise…..

  15. Jk

    Used to get back and forth between Midwest and east coast using auto drive away. Doubt they still exist. Delivered one of these to Baltimore in the late 80s

  16. Reg Bruce

    Have a new original Chrysler color brochure for these limo models somewhere in my stash.
    The used books shop where I bought it in Akron, Ohio, burned completely down only 10 minutes after I purchased the brochure and exited the store! True story.

    Saw one of these cars at a Chrysler-only show in Dayton a few months later and offered to send the owner the brochure for free. After hearing my story, however, the owner declined saying that having the brochure might bring bad luck!

    Reg B.

  17. Joe Haska

    Agree, its too old for UBER, but great idea!

  18. Keith

    I love this car it is a rare limo I think it would be a eye catching conversational vehicle. You don’t see cars like this anymore! Would love to buy it.

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