The Ultimate Sleeper: 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne

This full-size Chevy may not look like anything special, but it’s packing some serious heat! There’s a 425 horsepower 409 under the hood and a four-on-the-floor. The amazing part is that it came equipped this way from the factory! If that wasn’t good enough, this one is also claimed to be all original with only 1,076 miles on the clock! It’s located in Calgary Alberta, Canada and is listed here on craigslist with an eye-watering price tag. Thanks goes to Rocco B for the tip!

This 409 was the most powerful V8 you could get in ’64. That engine has two four-barrel carbs sitting on top and dual exhaust pipes coming out the back. It may not surprise you to see this drivetrain in an Impala, but the Biscayne was Chevy’s entry level full-size model.

Even if the engine didn’t surprise you, the sight of a 4-speed shifter sticking out of the floor should. This wasn’t purchased by your typical family car shopper. The M21 transmission, tachometer, radio delete, and posi-traction option boxes were checked. Someone wanted a sleeper when they ordered this car and I think they did a great job!

A little research revealed that this car sold at auction in 2010. It has an interesting history and was indeed ordered by someone who knew what they were doing. John Fisher was the first owner and he was a drag racer. No mention is made of whether this car was ever raced or not, but it has obviously been well cared for. Let’s just hope that asking price is in CAD…

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  1. Rod

    Wow great car. And wow what a price. Almost seems strange the exhaust isn’t even discoloured, not even surface rust on any components. I would have to know the full history on this car before I bought it. Almost looks like a nut and bolt restoration.

    • JamestownMike

      I was thinking the same exact thing……….no light surface rust on ANYTHING. It sure looks like a full nut and bolt restoration to me. It looks nicer than what would of come from the factory.

  2. Mr. Bond

    My guess, given it is advertized on Los Angeles Craigslist, is that it is US dollars.

    He is right, it cannot be replaced, or replicated. Only original once!

  3. J Paul Member

    The 427 wasn’t available in 1964—I believe it was available starting in 1966.

    • Javi


  4. Dan

    No 427 available in 64. In 65 a 396 was offered later, 409 earlier.

  5. jwinters

    I never could understand why someone would put a top dollar car on craigslist of all places to sell it..

    • John S

      It gets publicized and there is no commission for the seller that he has to give to eBay or an in person auction house. let a few well connected sites like this mention it and boom, you have national coverage for potential buyers.

  6. Mark

    I wonder if part of the reason they are asking such a high price it because it was also owned at one time by Reggie Jackson? It seems like when a car has been owned by a celebrity it always jacks the price up

    • Moxman

      I believe that aspect of a cars value is called provenance (sp.)? It’s all about history and fame. This is one killer car, to be sure. In this case, the asking price might just be worth it. I also agree that this car shouldn’t be a Craig’s List car; it’s more of a Barrett-Jackson kind of car.

      • JamestownMike

        It WAS a Barrett-Jackson car in 2010 when it hammered $60,500.

  7. Jesse Staff

    Thanks for the correction guys!

  8. Brian t wilson

    No 12 bolt in 64 as well. The car has been on a few Canadians site for sale as well.

    • Rocco in Florida

      I noticed the 12 bolt issue also. ’55-’64 had the chunk type diff. I think there were 10 studs. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
      Still a great car.

  9. Cam

    Hard to believe seller expects to double the previous auction price from 2010…

  10. Woodie Man

    She’s real fine………… my pennies and dimes.

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    • Howard A Member

      Thanks man. :)

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      • Woodie Man


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  11. Exdamyankee

    For all intents, this is a new 1964 Chevy. A 2 door Biscuit, with a 409 and a 4-speed. Lightest weight combo for the year with the highest output engine. This was built to drag, baby. Shame that it will likely never be driven. Price is high, but i honestly can’t say it’s not justified.

  12. gbvette62

    409’s in Bel Air’s and Biscayne’s, is not really all that rare. Both of them were lighter than the Impala, which made them popular with racers. Chevrolet seemed to prefer that racers raced the more expensive and higher profile Impalas. “Connected” racers, who got free cars or assistance from Chevrolet, raced Impala’s, but privateers usually opted for the lighter and cheaper Bel Air’s and Biscayne’s.

    The first “production” 427’s were introduced in 66, but the 427’s actually first appeared in 63. A pre-production version of the 427 showed up at Daytona in 63, in an Impala driven by Junior Johnson. This was the famous 63 “mystery motor” Impala. There were also about 50 427 cu in Z-11 Super Stock Impala drag cars built in 63, using a stroked version of the 409. The Z-11’s also used special heads, a two piece 2×4 intake, and light weight aluminum body panels.

    The ad says that it raced in Competition Eliminator, which likely explains the low miles.

    • Somer

      I remember seeing some of the Z-11’s run in the south. That was back when you flat towed your car to meets. About that time NHRA outlawed aluminum front caps. Guys would tech and then go back and switch front caps to aluminum. NHRA got hip so they would wait in staging area with a magnet !
      BUSTED !

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  13. Paul R

    Beautiful car.
    The rear end used in 1955/1964 Chevy’s were terribly weak. I broke many differentials and axles in a 1962 Impala with only a hot small block and street tires.
    A period upgrade was using a late 50’s Olds or Pontiac rear that was very strong. I finally went with a 31 spline 9 inch Ford rear and never broke it again.

  14. Tom Cotrel

    I think I saw this jewel in Las Vegas in either 2000 or 2001. It had just under 1000 miles then. IIRC opening bid then was 50K

  15. Howard A Member

    I think the 409 song did to this car, what “Little GTO” did for Pontiac. I certainly won’t down play this car. I only hope, this car gets put in a museum, to show future generations what was around in 1964. Just an amazing piece of history here. It just shows how big auto racing was back then. I think the 406 Ford, or the 421 Super Duty Pontiac’s were a tick faster, and later, the Hemi put this motor out to pasture, and heaven help you if you had to stop this beast, but it’s the car, as a whole, for a motorhead, this is as iconic as it gets.

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    • jwinters

      so you “wont downplay this car”, then go on to say it is slower than Pontiacs and fords, a hemi is better, and it has bad brakes. ok….

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      • Howard A Member

        Yeah, thanks for pointing out the 2 unfavorable points of my post, and ignoring the good. A tick is not necessarily slower, and it DID have poor brakes. Man, you vultures just can’t wait for me to say something wrong.

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    • olddavid

      Howard, the people who have only seen these cars at auction and in magazines haven’t a clue as to their strengths and weaknesses. The same goes for the morons paying six figures for the old Porsche 911’s. These people end up with a vested interest in maintaining the fallacy that they are good daily drivers. I guarantee 75% of the swing axle buyers have major body damage within 36 months, and the buyers of this car will wonder why it doesn’t idle smoothly.

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  16. Ck

    So kool with the 4Spd bench seat combo.A buddy of mine built a biscayne years ago man that car was fun in a straight line.

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  17. Scott

    $115000 canadian work out to a little over $86000 us.
    Nice appreciation for seven years from last auction.

    • JamestownMike

      I don’t think their asking $115k Canadian……..they have it listed for sale in Los Angeles.

  18. Pfk1106

    Beautiful car. There is a 65 biscayne in my town. It’s built similar to this, 396, 4 speed, bench, dog dish hubcaps, white, and appearing totally stock and original. An old man drives it, it rumbles just idling at a stop light.

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  19. John H

    In 1971 I was working after school and Saturdays at the gas station on the square in town and one of the guys who was always hanging there had a ’64 Impala w/409, 4-sp and posi. He was a couple of years out of school and working as an electrician, so he could afford better wheels than most of us! Being used to Corvairs myself, the acceleration in the Impala was blistering and loads of fun. The ‘vair still out-handled the Impala, though!

  20. David Meichelbock

    Thats one bad car well wort the price tag i wish i could afford that one my self .

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  21. Hot Wheels Calgary

    I live in Calgary if anyone wantsme to go take a peek at it.

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  22. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Look at this ’63 on eBay. Looks like it would be almost as fun. with item no. 132140120602

  23. James E Baurle

    Nicest vehicle you guys posted to date

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  24. Ck

    I’m with ya on that RoughDiamond .Probably more fun than this one just for the fact that its a1/3 of the $$$$$ which leaves more money in your pocket for gas and go fast upgrades.

  25. Tim W

    M-21 Muncie? In a ’64 Chevy? Wouldn’t that have been a T-10? When did the General switch to Muncies? I know somebody out there knows…..

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    • ACZ


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    • Doug Towsley

      I had a 1964 Nova SS with the 283 and a Muncie 4 speed. I did not verify the numbers but I was under the impression It was all stock. Fun car, wish I had kept it.
      (Bought it in 1985) But those brakes! Uggghh. I look at this one and see the same tell-tale master cylinder and brings back ugly memories. TERRIBLE brakes! I bought a similar year Impala (4 door) and took the 283 out of it and used it in one of my other hot rods. I have very fond memories of 283’s. At the time I thought bigger was better and just used the 283s as utility motors until I could afford something better but MAN O’ MAN……. Those 283s were great little motors if you had a small light weight car. Would cruise on the freeway with a sweet spot right at 70mph and pulled down great gas mileage with plenty of power. I am looking for a good rebuildable core for my rat rod.

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    • Jeff stone

      65 I think. With the 396 I have a 61 bel air bubble top 409 409 Chrysler 833 12 bolt mark Williams 4.56 stock eliminated car. No 406 Ford or 421 is catching it. Hemi. Maybe

  26. 68custom

    Muncie for 63. M-22 for very few 65 vettes then all models for 66.

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  27. bob S

    Looks like Base Clear to me. The finish on the floor would not have been that good either.

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  28. Rocco in Florida

    I love the factory Tach in this Biscayne, like the SS’s had.

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  29. dogwater

    Great car, in the late 60’s I worked for a trucking outfit my boss had one, he had though about selling it me but changed he mind he was worry I would kill myself in it.

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