Ultra-Rare Color: 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

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Rarity claims are nothing new in the classic world and sometimes don’t stand scrutiny. However, those made by this 1994 Chevrolet Corvette’s seller are verifiable, allowing this survivor to stand out in any crowd. Its claim to fame is its paint shade, which the company offered briefly before withdrawing it from the color palette. This ‘Vette needs a new home, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J. for spotting a car that will turn heads wherever it goes.

Chevrolet typically offered Corvette buyers a choice of at least ten paint shades from the early days of C3 production, and the story was no different with the C4. Torch Red was the most popular color in 1994 by a significant margin at 5,073 cars. The Copper Metallic featured on this ‘Vette sat at the other end of the scale, chosen by a mere 116 buyers. That equated to a take-up rate of around 0.5% of total Corvette sales, making it the rarest by a country mile. The seller’s listing suggests this is a genuine survivor, and its presentation is impressive for a thirty-year-old car. The color is consistent across the exterior, and any flaws are too minor to show in the supplied photos. The panels are clean, with no signs of cracked or damaged plastic. Another relatively rare feature is the painted removable roof panels. Most buyers selected tinted glass, but only 3,875 chose the painted version. The beautiful 17″ alloy wheels look exceptional, with no evidence of stains or physical damage.

It would be fair to say that potential buyers and motoring journalists were underwhelmed by the C4 Corvette when the first cars rolled off the lot for the 1984 model year. Its sleek styling promised exhilarating performance, but the car failed to deliver. Its 5.7-liter V8 produced 205hp and 290 ft/lbs of torque. If the buyer teamed that engine with a four-speed automatic transmission, the ¼-mile journey took 15.5 seconds, and the top speed was 147mph. Those figures weren’t horrendous, but they were a long way from the numbers produced by its predecessor at the height of its power. Wind the clock forward a decade, and things changed significantly for the better. The engine figures climbed to 300hp and 340 ft/lbs. The ¼-mile journey took 14.2 seconds, and the engine would run out of breath at 163mph. Finally, the Corvette had regained its performance credentials. There is plenty of good news for potential buyers because the seller claims this classic has a genuine 34,000 miles on its odometer. They don’t mention supporting evidence, but the car’s overall condition makes the claim plausible. They have appropriately maintained the ‘Vette, making it a turnkey proposition where the new owner could fly in and drive it home.

I know the seller doesn’t mention verifying evidence for their mileage claim, but the interior condition suggests nobody has gone out of their way to rack up the miles in this survivor. Its Light Beige leather trim is exceptional, with no visible marks or signs of wear. There are a few typical marks on the outer sill carpet, but this is almost unavoidable. The dash and console are spotless, and there are no obvious aftermarket additions. Not that this classic needs them because it emerged from the factory with dual airbags, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, cruise control, the ultra-cool gauge cluster with a digital speedometer, a leather-wrapped tilt wheel, and the premium Delco Bose stereo with an AM/FM radio and both a cassette and CD player.

The seller listed this 1994 Corvette here on Facebook Marketplace in Medina, Ohio. They set their price at $25,000 for a turnkey classic that would draw a crowd at a Cars & Coffee. It seems to need nothing and would look at home in any garage or driveway. The sticking point could be the price, which is above the market average. However, the rare paint shade and low odometer reading may justify the figure in the eyes of some. Are those factors sufficient for you to consider pursuing it further? We’d love to know the outcome if you do.

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  1. TommyT-Tops

    That is a sweet color. Of course you could get that 350 up to snuff with some after market parts and maybe even a low boost SC. yes that price is high but as we know cash is king. I think if you rolled up with a car carrier and 20 large you’d be good. Too bad it’s not stick glwta

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  2. Danno

    I also really like the copper metallic paint on this car. Chev’s changes to the body & wheels are aging nicely, as well.

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  3. KC

    C4’s have always been under rated but that’s changing nowadays. 20 to 25k is about the right price as long as it has been taken care of cosmetically and mechanically and has low miles. I own a well maintained triple black 92 corvette 6spd with 21k miles. Love that car! P.S. It has the original opti-spark no issues!

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  4. Nelson C

    Nice looking Vette. By ’99 the Corvette engine had developed enough to be enjoyable on the road. This color would hit its stride in the next decade.

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  5. jwalty

    Ultra ugly, imo.

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  6. Al camino

    Whole car is ugly!

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  7. Mel Benzaquen

    People sometimes confuse rarity with value. A rare color, which didn’t cost any additional amount, doesn’t really add value. An expensive engine option, for example, would. Case in point would be the 1973 and 1974 Trans Ams when optioned with the SD-455 engine was a huge extra cost option resulting in relatively few being produced. The value difference between a “standard” 455 engine is quite large nowadays. This color choice, while polarizing to some, was apparently not appealing to the Corvette potential buyers then and likely has a small pool of people that would be willing to pay a premium for it now.

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    • Nelson C

      Except maybe condition. This appears to be a well kept car. Colors with a low take rate don’t always come into fashion but do look amazingly good years later. That’s what this car represents.

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  8. Charles Herwig

    I think this car looks classy !! Completely different color and sleek as all get out !

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  9. DN

    Gorgeous color that absolutely pops in the sunlight. I saw a convertible in this color at Mecum Kissimmee and it was a stunner. As another commenter previously stated, the C4 is so underappreciated- but I’d take one anyday over the bloated, melted-looking fat a** blob C5 that came next.

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  10. Claudio

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i personally like the outside color but the interior is a whole other matter…
    I have owned a low kilometer 89 vert for 3 years , its an ok car but i need more , want to sell but always have something else to do first !
    I wouldn’t pay $25 k for a hardtop vette even a zr1 !

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  11. Larry A Sorenson

    I always love bright colors.I love this!I had a one year only, Sport Gold Metallic, 1998 Trans Am, got many compliments on it.

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