Uncovered! 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Barn Find

Near the town of Boone, Iowa lies this awesome 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302. The seller’s father owned the car and it has been parked for 45 years! It can be found for sale here on the Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $25,000. Although the current engine that’s in the car isn’t the original, the seller is trying to track down the original power plant. Take a look at this great barn find and thanks to Troy U. for the tip on this awesome Mustang find.

The engine is a little bit of a mystery and it’s a bit hard to figure out from the ad what’s going on. The air cleaner says “302” but the ad says the original engine was removed in the 1980s after “piston issues.” The seller goes on to say the current engine is a 351 Cleveland with 2 bbl carburetor. There is also a picture of an engine on a stand which is described as a rebuilt Boss 302 with a top-loader 4-speed transmission that was apparently purchased to be transplanted in the car at some point.

There is only one small photo of the interior in the ad. Obviously it needs to start with a good cleaning to evaluate exactly what is there. If it has been parked 45 years, it probably hasn’t been messed with too much.

Overall, this appears from first glance to be a nice find. The extra Boss engine is a huge plus and hopefully, the original numbers-matching power plant can be found. What do you think of this Mustang?


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  1. Douglas Brown

    The dates don’t add up. 45 years ago was 1975. The car would have only been 5 years old. How could the engine have piston issues in the 1980’s. I think people make this stuff up. It’s an old used and abused dusty car.

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    • James Vansicklin

      Boss 302s had piston issues the skirts cracked very many had this issue

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    • Ron Rabideau

      Depending on the mileage the TRW factory pistons had weak skirts. They tended to crack and end up in the oil pan. Had a 70 with 70k on it and two of the sixteen piston skirts were found in the pan. The OEM replacements from TRW had reinforced skirts.

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  2. KEVIN

    Facebook Marketplace? seriously? and the seller can’t be troubled to get the car uncovered and take better pictures? not a very motivated seller

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    • Mike

      I thought Craig’s List was the bottom for seller lethargy. Seems like FB has lower standards. Most pictures are darker, taken in more cluttered surroundings and the sellers focus on really non-important items on the car like close-ups of the tread on one tire, cheap aftermarket items or a sideways pic of the trailer hitch. You’re not helping your bottom line letting people know you can’t work your phone or write a description to save your life. Take a cue from real estate agents on how present a house for sale and apply it to your beater car.

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      • aboyandhisdog aboyandhisdog Member

        Couldn’t agree more, Mike. A seller who doesn’t give a crap about his listing or the car being shown, probably doesn’t give a crap about the buyer either or giving an honest account. I would never buy from a seller like this.

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      • bull

        Trying to buy or sell anything on Facebook will give you a complete NEW APPRECIATION for all the Craigslist buyers and sellers.

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      • Chris M.

        Mike, great commentary! I had to laugh! Spot on!

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  3. Paolo

    Not there now. A Boss 302 for $25k would sell fast.

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  4. Matt Trummer

    Can’t even see the link for somewhat of an overall idea. Guess I have to settle with our members comments. Love the body styling of 1970 and if a Boss that would be perfect

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  5. Dave

    Too much money and too many unanswered questions is a bad combination.

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    At this point I’d stick with the Cleveland. I mean it’s already in the car and if it runs good cruise it.

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    To Douglas Brown,
    Boss 302s are well known for having issues with the piston skirts cracking. If this car was run hard and beat on it is not hard to believe that the engine would have issues with the pistons in only 5 years on the road.

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    With the original numbers we may be able to come to a deal mr. seller.

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    • Superdessucke

      You and 500 others. This one’s going to sell for more than he’s asking, even if they don’t find the original engine.

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  9. Bigbird

    As some of the comments above, the Boss motors had issues and Ford replaced the complete engine for the customer under warranty. I worked for a Ford dealership in the late 60’s-70’s and the Boss 302’s were parked out back nose’s up and hoods removed waiting for the engines. The later Boss 302’s the problem was fixed and if you get a late in the year car build you may find one with the original engine. Still a lot of $ if the engine (any Boss 302 motor) is missing.

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  10. ian

    Original VIN matching motor was installed in another Mustang. The guys on BOSS forum track all this stuff….

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  11. dogwater

    I’m not a mustang person because I have restored some for customers over the years this one is way over priced 15k at the most…..

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  12. Bigbird

    I will disagree with the last comment. It is a strange time where there is no level off or drop in classic mussel car prices. If the VIN is good and there is no major rust issues, this one will go high in its condition. A Boss 302 or Chevrolet Z28 302 motor complete, will fetch 15K. The price drop may not occur until all the old timers are gone…I am one of those……

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    • JOHNNY

      I like your comment Big Bird and hope your right. What do you think of the Ford Fairlane GT–IN 66-67 . I never see them for sale–plenty of 500 ,but no GT in 66 or 67. I have one in my back yard –with plastic under it and over it in nice shape. I bought in 74. Had alot of FUN AND SMILES in my car. I like these earl 67-71 Mustangs. Dad had a 71 in Talladage Blue–its what I call it. Like Richard Petty blue. It had a autonatic with a 302 and ran pretty good.

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  13. Bigbird

    I like them, both my friends had them. One a ’66, 390 auto the other a ’67 with a 289 and a 4-speed. What made them unique were the badges they wore, from the hood like scoops to the grill GT emblems and GT stripes you could see them coming a mile away. Best to find one rust free…..with the 390.

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    • Johnny

      When I first got mine it had the 390. I spun a bearing in it and put a 428 in it. Which I blowed the inside cylinder wall . Would have another one.Then I put a 289 in it. Talk about a tough little motor. It stuck and I,m in the process getting it fixed. I still have the 390 intake,carb,heads and manifolds. Which at a later date plan on making another 390. It has a really nice body.Mine is the 66 model and had a 4 speed top loader. THEY CAN BE TORN UP. I still have it with the craked case. Gears are perfect.

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  14. TimM

    The asking seem steep for a car that you can’t see anything!!!!

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  15. Mike Brown

    As the great Maxwell Smart would say…Ah, the old Boss in a barn trick! Old timers like me will know who Maxwell Smart is.

    • aboyandhisdog aboyandhisdog Member

      I’d rather have his Sunbeam Alpine!

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