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Uncovered Time Capsule: 1967 Volvo P1800S

Almost every classic car enthusiast wishes they had the superpower to find out what hides out in garages and under car covers. Though I say this in jest, we at Barn Finds often come across vehicles that spent a long time awaiting a new lease on life, such as this 1967 Volvo P1800S that’s available here on eBay after emerging from 37 years of storage inside a garage.

This Volvo is available in North Port, Florida with a clean title. The seller notes that the vehicle only had two owners during its lifetime and that it sat in a garage since 1983. They also add that while they were able to get the vehicle started, it will need brake work and a general tune-up before hitting the road once again.

Though it’s always neat to see restored examples of classic cars, I’m a bigger fan of clean and unrestored survivors like this P1800S. Both the chrome bits and the paint shine brightly, and except for a small spot in front of the passenger door, there are not any noteworthy flaws with the body of this rust-free beauty.

Meanwhile, the original and pristine nature carries to the cockpit of the coupe. Features such as the gauges, radio, and windshield wipers all work without issue, and the black leather seats are present incredibly for their age. The only modification to the entire vehicle is some old window tint that the seller recommends removing, but that should be an easy task.

Under the hood, you’ll find a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, which pairs to a 4-speed manual transmission to drive the rear wheels. The combination has 63,031 miles on it, and the seller replaced the oil and filter before starting the engine with clean gas from an external tank.

At the time of publication, bidding is at $9,100. Would you revive this survivor Volvo coupe?


  1. flmikey

    Well, it’s an hour away, I just came into a little bit on money, and I’ve been searching for a new project…though, I’ve never owned a Volvo…hmmmm…

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    • gord

      i would love to buy… could i pay you to inspect her (not buy for yourself!!)
      gord up in ontario canada (and yes, i know nothing crossing over right now, so i would store up near buffalo ny until i could) is my email

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    • Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

      Buy it Flmikey, you won’t be sorry. A Volvo is virtually bullet proof.

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    • George Member

      These are great cars. Incredibly well built and parts availability is excellent

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    • Stuart Berman

      Can’t go wrong with it,my dad was service manager for Volvo in the 60s,we owned quite a few including a 61 P1800,Great car!!!!

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    • DRV

      Rare color. Good year. Probably had overdrive. Lots of good reasons to have one except for rust. This will need a thorough rust inspection, even from FLA. I’ve had 7 of them now.

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    • Fred Alexander

      When I was selling cars we had a P1800 at the dealership and the top salesman for the week got to drive it as a demonstrator for a week.
      Finally, it was my week and what a neat car to drive – it was a blast.
      They weren’t a big seller back then in our area because it was a pricy auto and a two-seater but we did sell a few.
      Anyway – – be bold – – bid, buy, restore mechanical necessities and drive on – – they are a special car and that coming from a hardcore Pontiac/Chevy type guy.
      No, I’m not crazy – – – really – – quite normal!

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  2. Somer

    I’d ask about paint. Also missing booster for brakes. not uncommon .

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  3. Connecticut Mark

    Didn’t one of these go 2 million miles?

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  4. wifewontlikeit

    This is the car made famous by the Roger Moore show, The Saint. Drove but didn’t buy and if I had, I probably would still ave it! These are incredible little cars with a low center of gravity and endurance. I want this one! (Gotta discuss it with the wife first, however…)

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      wifewontlikeit said “(Gotta discuss it with the wife first, however…)” From my experience, that never pans out too well….

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      • Fred Alexander

        Buy It and tell her it was for her – -hmmm – – maybe not cause in a divorce that doesn’t pan out too well.
        Heck – – buy it, park it in the driveway, walk into the house and act cool and nonchalant and see what plays out.
        Be BRAVE !

  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    If this car doesn’t have rust but does have the history it will make someone happy to have. These are great touring cars, reliable even when old, and if you had the experience to race one of them like I did you’d be in love. Not sure why BF flips pictures like this but you get the idea…..

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Try this, cropped it a bit… and the racer appears to be a long roof type.

  6. charlie Member

    Never saw one with that paint color before, but, it is in Florida where pastels are king. Great cars, and, once you replace all the rubber parts, and cork gaskets, you can go for years.

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  7. 914Shifter Member

    Yes, that is a Volvo color. I have an old 122 Amazon wagon in that same color. Nice to see such a clean original…

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  8. Fred Dodge

    One of the best years for the 1800. So enjoyable to drive, very responsive. the only issue I have with this model is the tapered rear axles – it takes one knowledgeable in the maintenance and correct fastening torque to keep the Axles from releasing the rear wheel ! I know of 2 incidents – one which resulted in a young lady friend losing a leg. So – with that in mind, if you are a good Volvo head, and want the best Sport Volvo made (aside from the ’91 Bertone Coupe) this is a good purchase – even at 12 – 15K. As I recall, ’67-68 was a transition period from the 120 series to the 140 series, this carries through the 1800S series.

  9. Maestro1 Member

    Someone go to Florida, buy the thing, give it what it needs and enjoy it forever. I have no room and the car is too far away.

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  10. Jimbosidecar

    Sold according to e-bay

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Not necessarily Sold, just removed because no longer available.
      That could mean lots of things..

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        High canceled bid $9300

  11. Rolf Staples Sr

    Easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission………….

  12. Amorypaz Amorypaz

    Since this was not relisted I would guess that the buyer had the car listed outside of eBay as well, likely for their reserve or higher. Someone offered PIF and the auction was cancelled. Nice looking vehicle.

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