Uncut Eyebrow Grill: 1966 Ford Bronco

It’s amazing what enthusiasts will go bananas over when it comes to project vehicles. I know that I’ll always give a longing look at any gray market European car with its unique headlights and bumpers even though most folks would never notice. Similarly, Bronco fans tend to get extra excited over models with uncut fenders, and then further revved up when that same Bronco – like this one here on eBay – is a rare early model with the “eyebrow” grill. Bidding is over $6K and the reserve remains unmet.

The seller does an admirable job of capturing all of this Bronco’s flaws, which are not insignificant despite looking rather complete from a few feet away. There is rust in some difficult locations, like the windshield frame and leading edge of the hood. The floor pans also need full replacement, with lots of daylight showing through beneath your feet. There’s surface rust in most places, and evidence of body filler on the right rear quarter panel between the door and the fender arch.

Fortunately, the rest of the truck remains very complete so it’s not difficult to justify doing the work to fix the rot. The seats are believed to be original, but the back seat is missing. The original radio remains with the Bronco but is spotty in terms of performance. The Bronco is powered by the 270 I6 that runs but has both a carburetor issue and oil leaks to contend with. The 3-speed column shift works but is sloppy; I have the same issue with my 1981 Toyota HiAce project.

The Bronco comes with another desirable OEM part, which is that of the winch bumper. The PTO winch still works, as demonstrated in this YouTube video. While the Bronco is far from an easy project, the combination of features and early build date make it a compelling candidate for restoration. While there are better examples out there, it’s hard to ignore if you’ve been hunting for an eyebrow grill model with the desirable uncut fenders.


  1. Boatman Member

    This would be a 170 six, not a 270.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Crusty! And those don’t appear to be the original seats.

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    • Boatman Member

      And what defines an “eyebrow” grill?

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      • Todd Zuercher

        If you look at photo #8 of the eBay ad, you’ll see a thin raised feature surrounding the headlight on three sides. That’s what has become known as the “eyebrow” amongst EB fans. Found only on the first few months of production for the ‘66 model year. The Budd Corporation built the Bronco bodies for the first few months and the eyebrow is associated with their builds.

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      • local_sheriff

        That was a good question Boatman, I’ve seen several early Broncos but never thought of some having different grilles.Went to Dr Google to find out, and it took more than just one glance to spot any difference…!
        This attached pic I found shows the minute profiles on the eyebrow grilles. For anyone not being deeply involved into early Broncos it would be close to impossible to see any difference…! Seems there are WAY more serious car geeks than me out there!

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      • Boatman Member

        Thank you Sheriff! I didn’t find that even on Google!

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      • half cab

        Actually there is a long grocer list of things the budd body/ford bronco had the first few months of productions

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  2. 8banger Dave Member

    Nor for me. We have a ‘73 in our shop that is under restoration. It’s a virtual money-pit. Hopefully this early gen Bronco craze will stabilize…

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  3. Bear

    Is there a single panel on this poor Bronco that DOESN’T need some rust repair?!? :-O
    (Some panels have more rust than metal left!!)
    LOVE the ventilated floors!! :-P

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  4. Cncbny

    Full Of Rust Damage. There’s a reason sayings like this are initiated.

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  5. Jimmy

    That poor Bronco will need a lot surgery to be nice again.

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  6. TimM

    I’ve had 3 a 67 with a six cylinder a 72 with a V8 and now a 73. I never seen one in the north east that wasn’t beat to hell!! Either guys used them as work trucks to get firewood or building materials or they were the truck in the woods to go 4x4ing!! I’ve replaced so much metal on these trucks it ridiculous! The fact that the mud and water went all the way up the rear quarter panel really sucked!! They would go anywhere though!!

  7. TimM

    Oh by the way the seats are out of an Econoline Van!! 73-74 I believe!!!

  8. chrlsfu

    33 yrs as a woods wrk truck & now a rehab to NV3550/250 i6 for my daughter. Got a C4 if she’s not able to learn the clutch. I’ll get some use 1st.

    Wish I had the ’66 – ’68 grill but 3, 400 hundred $ is too much.

    • Ben Hamilton

      Did you find a grill at a better price, I have two I think that would need some work but are good. I also have a third that is a parts grill. Thanks Ben

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