Under $10k! 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye 340

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There’s something about seeing a classic like this 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye in such a dilapidated state that it makes my heart ache. These are stunning-looking cars, but this one has fallen upon hard times. The price looks tempting, but potential buyers need to search their souls and decide whether they are willing to commit the time and funds required to return it to its former glory. The Challenger is listed here on Craigslist in Grants Pass, Oregon. The seller’s price is $9,250 OBO.

This Challenger would have looked stunning the day the original owner took delivery in its combination of Dark Silver Metallic with a Black vinyl top. Those days are a dim memory, and the new owner faces a “Mt Everest” of work to return it to that state. The photos suggest a rotisserie approach would be the best, although this will be time-consuming. It is a question of what the buyer wishes to achieve, but this process would offer the best chance of eliminating every square inch of rust and achieving a high-end finish. There is plenty of rust requiring attention, and it has impacted the typical exterior surfaces. The underside is a mystery, meaning the new owner will need to inspect the car thoroughly to assemble a shopping list of new steel required to ensure the body is structurally sound. Some trim pieces require replacement or restoration, but I think the tinted glass is okay.

The big unknown with this Challenger is what resides under the hood. The listing text is frustratingly vague, and there are no engine photos. We know it rolled off the line sporting a 340ci V8 that sent 240hp to the road via a three-speed TorqueFlite transmission. Emission regulations were felt by 1973, but this car would have covered the ¼-mile in 15.3 seconds. From there, we’re flying blind. I can’t decide whether the vehicle has enough of a “nose-up” attitude that might suggest an empty engine bay, and the listing’s description as an “Original 340 motor car” doesn’t clarify things. I’m willing to stick out my neck and say the V8 is in residence, although what it needs to roar into life is a wild guess. It could take a few hours of tinkering, or the buyer might need to factor the cost of a rebuild into their budget.

The mysteries of this Challenger continue when we examine its interior. The dash appears complete, and I think the door trims are present, but I see no signs of the seats or console. They don’t rate a mention in the listing, meaning the buyer probably faces a search for replacements. There are many Challenger owner’s clubs that could assist, or the buyer could patiently scour the regular online auction sites. Since it will be many months before the project reaches the point where reassembling the interior will be the next task on the list, time is on their side. The car retains its Rallye gauge cluster with the factory tach, but the original radio is gone. The seller doesn’t mention the Fender Tag, but if that is intact, it will provide the required information to return the interior trim to the correct color and material combination.

Time has not treated this 1973 Challenger Rallye well, and returning it to its former glory will not be for the faint-hearted. If it retains its original motor, that makes a faithful restoration possible. However, the process will be expensive, although the new owner could reduce the cost by performing some of the tasks themselves. Even if they don’t possess welding or painting skills, disassembly and reassembly can add significantly to build costs, and these are the tasks they could undertake. It may prove essential if the build is to remain financially viable because even if they achieve perfection, a value of $50,000 is probably just out of reach for this car once the work is complete. That leaves room to move with the asking price, but is it enough for you to consider pursuing it further?

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  1. Maggy

    I’m gonna say there is no 340 in it anymore because he would have took a pic of it especially after saying how desirable it is.There look to be holes in top of the quarter panel you could just about put your fist thru.I don’t need any pics of the undercarriage because I’d take odds to Vegas its rotted especially the rear rails.Hey if he can find someone to give him that kind of $ and the buyer is happy great.I think it’s a rotted mess that once dipped would leave you with a piece of 9k swiss cheese imo.Glwts.

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    • Russ

      Actually I bought this car and it’s not as bad as it looks, the original motor is in the car and it’s all numbers matching, your right about the floor pan a lot of it is rotted but luckily there’s new floor pans available, this car will be back on the road with new sheet metal ,paint , and the original motor rebuilt by the end of 2024 ,

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  2. JCH841

    Calling Steve Dulcich.

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  3. Sarge

    Parts car?$?

    Like 4
  4. Papa Bear

    A rallye should have had the louvers on the fenders with the stripes. I had a 73 Rallye in black and always thought it was funny they had black tape stripes on a black car.

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    • Russ

      This car had the louvers on the fenders at one time, someone took them off when it was repainted, according to the fender tag it’s supposed to have a wing on the trunk also, I’m currently restoring this car and it’s going to be really nice when I’m done with it,

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  5. eyes4color62@gmail.com CooterMember

    If this car were dipped you’d pull out an empty hook! Run from this, it has had the opportunity to be restored for several years as it has obviously been out in the open for people to see. There’s many hidden reasons why they have chosen not to do so!

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  6. Crazygerman

    Must be a TYPO….there should not be a zero at the end of $925

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  7. Joe Dertie

    I know that sheet metal is nearly the same as the 70, but I just can’t get over the sad face grill :(

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    • Grape Ape

      The tongue is sticking out because the car is dead.

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  8. Oldschool Muscle

    Rat box! Nothing salvageable.. OFF to the local crusher …

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  9. PRA4SNW

    It’s so sad to realize how little 10K buys these days in a classic car.

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  10. Lee Wells

    The poor thing looks like it’s been rode hard and put up wet, it’s tongue is even hanging out, lol.

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  11. Fred

    Should be a demiciel point after the 9 (9.27) !!!!!!

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  12. Russ

    I purchased this car for less than it was listed for, and I’m in the process of restoring it, the fender tag is there, the original motor was under the hood along with the transmission, both are currently being rebuilt, it’s missing the fender louvers and the rear wing that came factory, the seats and console were missing but I have those, the car should be back on the road by end of 2024

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    • Sarge

      Good luck Russ! Keep us updated.

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    • eyes4color62@gmail.com CooterMember

      I have seen worse and love seeing them restored. Wishing you best of luck getting this back up to par, you’re gonna have a nice and valuable ride with it being numbers matching!

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      • Russ

        Thanks, I’m going put it back to it’s original glory and drive it,

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