Under 30K Miles: 1987 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

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A red C4 Corvette is perhaps one of the most iconic muscle cars ever built, and it’s one you can still purchase for a very reasonable amount of money. This 1987 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible features an automatic transmission and under 30,000 original miles, and features a desirable color combination of red over red leather. The details seem strong on this one, with the factory polished wheels still shining brightly and the paint showing no obvious flaws. Find it here on eBay where bidding has reached $9,420 with the reserve unmet.

We don’t see C4 Corvettes listed with reserves all that often, but I can understand why the seller is holding out for a certain price. There’s a general perception that these shouldn’t be worth all that much, but when a C4 is in excellent condition, it deserves a respectable price. When I look at this particular car, I am impressed by the condition of the paint and the wheels, as the latter is almost always in somewhat tarnished condition after a few years. The black trim running along the belt-line is also in great shape with no obvious fading, and it really does look every part of a low-mileage car.

The red leather interior is a very nice bonus for anyone looking for a clean C4 drop-top. I realize red on black is the preferred combination but lipstick red leather in any generation Corvette is a win in my book. All this needs is a period-correct cell phone mounted on the center console to make it a total home run! Obviously, as enthusiasts, we wish this one had the rare 4+3 manual transmission, but I don’t consider an automatic a huge penalty in a cruiser like this. The interior is in outstanding condition and comes with the Delco Bose sound system, dual power seats, and cruise control.

The white convertible top completes the very 80s appearance of this survivor-grade C4 Corvette. It looks to be in mint condition like the rest of the car with no discernable wear and tear aside from having been folded. The top doesn’t appear to need replacement any time soon, and that’s the best feature of a C4 like this: if you buy a good one, it will be very cheap to maintain over the long term. The seller reports he has owned this specimen for two years and I doubt he has spent all that much to own it; hell, it still rides on its original tires! What do you think a clean C4 Corvette convertible like this should sell for?

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  1. Tbone

    I remember seeing middle aged dorks running around town in these when I was younger. Now that I’m a middle aged dork I’m thinking of bidding on this thing in tribute to these pioneers. Tight fit, but being able to drop the top will help immensely.

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  2. Jim in FL

    Interesting to me, my 1987 convertible was bought in December 2019. It had 30k miles, now has 67k. I paid 13,000 for it. It was definitely all the money but after looking at a dozen ratty automatic c4s I was fine with the cost. Mine is black with tan interior and the 4+3 and is a bit more used than this one, although it was probably similar in condition when I bought it.

    This is a beautiful car for sure. Didn’t meet reserve at 10 and change and I understand why. I’m not a fan of the overall redness but this is a great, clean example of a groundbreaking car. Parts are cheap and plentiful and it’s a fine daily driver. It feels modern enough in a visceral sports car manner and I’m not afraid to let my 18 year old daughter drive it.

    Tires are difficult to source if you want exact fit. BFG makes them, but only does occasional runs. According to the forums, this is literally the only car that takes this exact size. Lots of people go to later 18 inch wheels and spacers, which opens up tire choices.

    I hope someone doesn’t let a couple thousand stop this from being a go-to car. Good luck to the seller and to the buyer – you’ll love it.

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’ve had my 86 going on 10 years, and love driving the car. Mine started with the 4+3, now it has a Tremec 5 speed. The big thing is I rebuilt the suspension with a Banski upgrade and it was well worth it.
    This one is a good looking car, and looks like it sold for about $10K which I think is the high end on value.

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  4. Tommy T-Tops

    I worked at a funeral home for a few years when I was a teen (yes I have some crazy stories) anyway, the owner had this exact car and I thought it was pretty cool back then. Today, I can’t think of anything close for 10k in terms of fun and low maintenance and of course parts are everywhere. GLWTA

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  5. James

    Dad had an ‘84 back in the day. Storm rolled through (bad flooding) and the car found itself submerged in the front, dog food floating in the trunk. Dad brought it home, removed the computer (where the glove box is supposed to be if I recall), dried it out. Removed all the spark plugs, fired it to get all the water out. Gutted the cat, put it all back together and she fired right up.

    We drove that thing for the next 4 or 5 years, never missed a beat. I used to take it for joy rides (16 haha) before parents got home from work. I’d put everything back exactly how I found it (windows, seat, tilt, A/C) to not get caught. One time came home from (with permission) taking it into town to get a carwash and Dad met me at the door. Asked if I ran from the cops (he was friends with the police chief). No sir, didn’t run from cops. Apparently they thought it was him driving, couldn’t catch him. Woops, didn’t know. Probably when I’d bomb by the golf course (mind you, way outside city limits, wide open Texas roads) at 140mph. Man that car sounded good.

    Later my sister took it for a joy ride and made the mistake of crossing over into Oklahoma. Decided to make a U-turn in the median. Yeah, got stuck, state troopers called on that one. Lol

    Sorry for the long story. Whenever I see a C4 it brings back a lifetime of awesome memories. Beautiful car, might be something like this in my future (dang near almost 50 so…)


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  6. steve

    Nice car but I don’t think I’d call it one of the most iconic muscle cars ever made. I had a new, red 87 convertible, and it had barely enough muscle to get out of its own way. I’ve had several Vettes and love them, but sorry I can’t say that about this one.

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  7. Robert Yeager

    sold $10,121

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  8. dan

    I have an 84 C4 still parked when I drove it to the barn. Put new gauges in it, and there it sits for the last 5 years. Maybe it will be a future barn find.

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  9. Robert Liivoja

    Just over 10 grand. Wow!
    What other car can you get for that kind of money that comes anywhere close to this in coolness?
    A used Kia? Or a used import from any carmaker.
    To the lucky buyer, enjoy it!
    I have a blast driving my C5.

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  10. Vicent Bongiardino

    I have an 85 Z51with the 4+3 Trans love to drive it every chance l get its a stiff tuff ride and a little rattlely but can’t beat the throttle response and love the sound of the bosh throttle body, first American sports for 1985 car to do 150 miles per hr,and people especially the new generation, always ask me what kind of car this is, car feels like it is on rails when you go around turns and you could put this car right on the track with out any mods, was a great car for its time,even Porsche had there engineers buy a few and tear them apart because they couldn’t believe how well the car performed, a rare GEM AND VERY AFFORDABLE and lam sure they will only go up in value

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