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Undercover 1965 Triumph TR4

1965 Triumph TR4

Some people will bid on anything. Take this 1965 Triumph TR4 for example. The seller states that it has been stored “undercover” for 20 years and that it would make a great parts car or restoration project. Only a single photo is provided and no other information is given. Unless I was in the area and could go inspect the car in person, I wouldn’t give this one a second thought. The auction has received a bunch of bids though so there must be a few people out there who aren’t as leery as me. So, if you are brave too, you can go ahead and take your chances here on eBay. It might just end up going cheap…


  1. kenzo

    reading the Q&A he is selling it for the owners to make a few bucks. Sorta like I’ll sell the car for you, do all the hassle etc and you make something and so do I. no title no nothing,
    I don’t think so…unless you need a parts car. but it does appear almost complete except for the engine in boxes etc.

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  2. Doug M. (West) Member

    So, one must make a decision with only partial information. That ought to justify a “partial” price. One can assume based on the chunk of wood in front of the front tire that it must at least roll!? Well, that’s a start. It is a 4A, which adds value, too. But you are right to wonder if maybe two or three more pics could double their take-home price!

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  3. Rovinman

    This is a TR4A, the A indicated by the fender mounted side lights.
    The 1965-68 A version indicated an uprated chassis / suspension. (an option was a Solid / Live rear axle as per the non A !). Approximately 25% were produced in this form.
    Selling for $2500 in 1965. it proved a success in racing, three TR4A IRS models posting a team win and finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in class at the Sebring 12-hour race of 1966.

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    @Rovinman, exactly right and here’s the ad for that Sebring victory. BTW, the bumper on the front is from a TR4, so beware of what lies underneath. Hopefully it was just the bumper…

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  5. ClassicCarFan

    …yes, as others have pointed out, this is almost certainly a TR4A. You can tack a TR4 bumper onto a TR4A easily enough but the side-lights and accompanying side trim would only exist on a TR4A. the grill will the horizontal bars is TR4A too. The TR4 had more of a squared egg-crate style. If the seller had bothered to include a photo of the interior you could see a few more TR4A identifiers.

    Yes, the fact that they proudced solid rear axle versions of the TR4A is one of those quirky marketing things. Apparently the US Triumph dealers (who were a powerful voice as that is where the great majority of the profits were made on these cars) feared that the IRS would be seen as over-complicated and too high maintenance in the more convservative US marketplace so they decided to cover all bases and offer a simpler live axle option too. The rest of the world got all IRS cars from day one of the TR4A.

    I’m biased as an all-round Triumph fan and a TR4 owner,… but these are great classic cars. I think the IRS did bring a more modern sophisticated ride, though there is much to be said for the simplicity of the live axle too.

    I don’t think I’d pay much for this particular car though… no title, no real description or photos worth talking about, looks like it’s probably been stored sitting on damp grass – and Seattle is not exactly famous for being arid and dry ! Still, to be fair to the seller they are listing it as a ‘parts car’ and for someone embarking on a full restoration of their own TR4A (or TR4, they’re similar enough) this might be useful at the right price?

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  6. jim s

    1 photo, no title plus car and seller are not close but still the bidding is at $1380. if interested might want to run the tag before you bid as someone had/has a title for this. i wonder what the story on the beetle is. interesting find..

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