Undercover Road Runner: 1968 Plymouth Belvedere


In ’68 Police Departments could order a car from Plymouth that was basically a four-door Road Runner! I’m not sure if this is one of those, but it sounds like it might be just as potent. There’s a 383-4V under the hood that came out of a Super Bee! The power is run through a 727 TorqueFlite transmission and 4:10 rear gears. Sounds like a recipe for fun to me! The seller is only asking $4,500 too, so this cop car might be worth a look. It’s located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and is listed here on craigslist. Thanks goes to PTmayotte for the tip!


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  1. Red'sResto

    Time to get the band back together Elwood!

    • Hitman

      It’s a 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses…hit it!

  2. Pookie Jamie P

    1 Adam 12. 1 Adam 12. See the man who posted this for sale on barn finds…..KMA

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    • Red'sResto

      Car 54 where are you?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jamie, 1st thing I thought of. This sure looks like a L.A. cruiser of that period. Huge Adam-12 fan, and the 1st car we saw them with was a ’67 Belvedere, for the pilot, then ’68 and ’69’s like this were used, same as the L.A. police dept. Not sure what to do with it, vintage police parades, maybe. http://www.retroweb.com/universal/univ_adam-12_s1_076.jpg

    • Joe Nose

      Just the fax, Ma’am. The internet’s down.

  3. David Montanbeau
  4. S Ryan

    Finally a car for that
    BDR 529 license plate.

  5. Moe G

    Almost looks like a old LAPD cruiser!

  6. JW

    Cool car but could have blown the leaves off and took some more pictures, come on digital cameras take lots of pictures and craigslist allows more than 2. Also some more info on the condition of drivetrain and suspension, does it run / stop / shift. Geez !!!

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  7. duke

    this is located in northern rhode island—-either its a decal package or the real thing? im not sure—-how does a LAPD black and white get this far east—–mr seller should tell us-

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  8. Freedom Eagle

    This is a “repli-car” for Adam 12. They seem to be a pretty big thing. Took pictures of a local one here in Indiana this summer. The one I took pictures of started as a black Belvedere with 318, no police package. All of the police accessories were added specifically to recreate the Adam 12 Belvedere. Most likely that is what has happened here as well. Reached out to the owner, if responses are favorable, I’ll probably be looking at it.

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    • JW

      Great Freedom Eagle let us know how it turns out since there were not many pictures.

  9. DENIS

    just plain kool…..

  10. firefirefire

    There are 8 millions stories in the Barn Finds City, This has been one of them.

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    • RichS

      The names were changed to protect the innocent.

  11. Pontiactivist

    This reminds me of the original gone in sixty seconds movie from 1973. Love watching those old car chase movies.

  12. mike d

    Not sure if the police package on the Belvedere, would be the same as the package that came on the Road Runner .. I remember back in the day a Plymouth salesman told my dad ( I really think he was using the excuse that he really needed a 4 dr, as a way to get out of it ) and the salesman told him almost gleefully ” we can make you a 4 dr Road Runner” Last I knew there were none made, even though they were available while this one looks legit, we all know there are ” clones” out there , and, I agree, at least clean off the leaves…. bet it would wax up really well

    • Mark PRND

      Police Package Belvedere’s could have had the same High Output 383 Super Commando and 727 and 8 3/4 diff as the Road Runner..Some had the 383 4bbl not the high output,some the 318..

      No 440 or HEMI on the Belvedere Police cars,but the Fury you could get the 440 Super Commando..

      Chrysler had 3 versions of the 383.

      3 versions of the 440..

      383 2bbl,383 4bbl and 383 High output aka Super Commando,Magnum and not sure of the Chrysler version was called..

      440 4bbl,440 high output Super Commando,Magnum and TNT and the 440 6 bbl.

      383 2bbl low compression,different heads cam crank than the 383 4bbl and that had different heads/cam than the 383 high output.

      440 4bbl had different heads and cam than the 440 high output then the 440 6 barrel,6 pack..

  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Thanks for the great comments gang, funny stuff!

  14. GoodoleMike

    It’s not a 383 horsepower motor, 383 cubic inch with 335 ponies.

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  15. John B

    I sure miss those days when a cop was a cop…not a politically correct, libtard-restricted crossing guard. As for this one…4:10 gears just had to have been added some time after its retirement from road duty.

  16. M B

    If it’s “real”, the data plate would have those police car equip codes. Easy enough to verify.

    “4-door Road Runner” could be pretty accurate, except for the certified speedometer and optional “Low Gear Blockout” feature. In many cases, the HD trailer package was pretty close to the police package option, other than police-specific items (speedometer, additional wiring hookups, etc.). With a 4.10 gear, NOT police package stuff as it would limit top speed too much. On many of those cars, about 135mph was possible with the 3.23 gears.

    Knowing HOW to option a vehicle correctly could have resulted in that car being a real 383HP car from the factory, but the certified speedometer would have had to have been installed later on (if it has one). Some departments didn’t need the full police equipment and didn’t spec their cars that way. Again, knowing how to order the vehicle was key!

    • John B

      So true. Makes me wish I had bought one of my home town’s old Volare/Aspen 360 cruisers at auction for dirt and had a bit of fun. Unintentionally outran one of them late one night in my ’71 340 Duster after a full throttle joy ride…he finally caught up when I was coasting and said “I was doing 90 and you were walkin’ me! If I wasn’t looking for a robbery suspect you’d have a date with the judge! True story(1981). Damn I’m getting old…

    • GoodoleMike

      I had a brand new Road Runner back in ’68 when I got home from south east Asia. Often wondered how fast the car would go, had it pegged well over 120 many times. Anyone tell me how fast these cars could really go ?

    • Rod_Munch

      The “police package” might be specified in the VIN number too. Not sure if Chrysler still did it in 1968 — but they did have a designation for it in 1965.

      If the can lights on the roof are authentic….they are worth a little bit of money.

  17. Rev Rory

    Who cares if it’s legit. 383 4bbl/727/4.10 is a recipe for giggles if not guffaws any time you want. And that sound….

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  18. chad

    (it’s gota) truck rear end?
    D60 & 411

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