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Unfinished 1963 Morgan 4/4 Project


Update 4/29/13 – The seller has relisted this Morgan a few times and has now lowered the starting bid.

From 4/12/13 – We often run into project cars that someone had all intentions of restoring, but failed to finish. Purchasing any project car can be scary, as you never fully known what you’re getting yourself into. That being said, sometimes projects can make for great buys. Take this 1963 Morgan 4/4 that Jim S found here on eBay. It might look rough, but all the major and expensive work has already been completed.


The seller claims this has a new factory frame, body, wings, wiring loom, new windshield, new front bumper, a rebuilt engine, new carburetor and linkage, and new brakes. So far, all the work has been completed by factory trained mechanics that specialize in British cars. It still needs considerable work, but most of the work could be finished by most home mechanics.


The seller’s asking price of $25k might seem high, but if everything is new as they claim, it could be a good deal. All these parts and the work to install everything could easily exceed this, plus most of the headache is already taken care of. It’s still going to be a lot of work to finish everything up, plus it needs an exhaust system and a paint job. If you could keep what’s left under $10k, you could end up with a sweet roadster and not get upside down. Special thanks to Jim S for this submission!


Morgan is still building the 4/4, although the new one offers a few more modern features and performance, it is essentially the same car. A new one won’t require any work to be enjoyed, but it will set you back $50k for a base model. Would you rather save yourself the headache of finishing this project or spend the extra to just get a new one?


  1. Philip Houha

    A bit dear in the price . I have a 61′ 4/4 available, fully restored near that price. Good luck to the seller.

  2. sunbeamdon

    Well bless my ash! Lots of love (and elbow grease) needed to get this one road ready.

    • paul

      I wonder if they still make it out of ash?

      • paul

        The chassis?

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Yep, they still attach the body to an ash frame. The chassis is and has always been steel though. Here are some photos of the build process:

      • paul

        Oh very interesting, I went to Isis in San Fran back in the 80’s, had quite a hard time finding it but I did find it at the end of a long pier, I wonder if they are still there?

  3. scot

    ~ that’s a good list of parts and completed tasks. i can’t guess the cost to finish but i’d be happy to own the result.

  4. Catfish Phil

    Would absolutely love this RHD sports car…

  5. Dolphin Member

    Agreed that this is a car that carries a high price relative to it’s needs and ultimate value. Philip is right—restored or in very good driver condition these 4/4s bring about $25K, so there isn’t much sense in paying close to that price for one with more to do before it can be used. In fact, it’s not hard to find a decent LHD Plus 4 for that price, so for me and perhaps most buyers this car at this price would not be very attractive.

    The lack of an engine bay shot is a drawback in this listing, but I suppose the seller expects that someone in California will likely buy it and will travel to do a PPI.

  6. Ed

    I would argue that all the major work has not been completed. It needs paint, upholstery, chrome, tyres, and a top. My experience is that will exceed $10 k. The new frame, body and wings cost someone a ton of $. Probably not going to get that back.

    A new one for $50k is a thing of the past (in the US). They haven’t been imported since 2005 when they ran out of airbags. The new Trike is available, however, and it’s pretty cool.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      The three wheeler is very cool. I have thought about picking one up myself, but it does seem a little pricey for a toy that is neither a car or a bike. Maybe one of these days…

      • Philip Houha

        I just returned from running my Saturday errands in a new Morgan 3Wheeler. Not too pricey as compared to a Triking, TRex or Harley 3 wheeler. Still a nine month waiting list, but you get the cyclecar that you design. The 63′ 4/4 is a nice project at $10k.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        True Philip, you’re not helping me talk myself out of one! So does it live up to all the media hype? Was it worth the wait and the $45k price tag?

  7. Bernie H

    I have to agree with ED, there’s a lot left to finish! No engine bay or chassis photos waves a red flag with me. Its the ‘same ol’ story, 90% complete, but the remaining 10% will need another $25K to finish. I love to buy abandon projects, but for reasonable prices. How come all these project cars are in California? Must be some unwritten law that all projects sell from Calif., or we in the rest of the 48 get our restorations done!!

  8. Ed

    Almost all of the cars in my 1/2 vast collection were other people’s abandoned projects. I would jump on this one in a heartbeat at 10 to maybe 15k.

  9. Dolphin Member

    Opening bid lowered to $15K and Buy-it-now at $22K, but no bids.

    It’s a RHD 4/4 that needs significant work by someone who knows Morgans, being offered in a LHD country—a tough sell.

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