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Unknown Kit Car: 1972 Veenema & Weige

So, I’ll be honest: I thought I could figure out what this thing is, but I’m going to have to turn it over to the Barn Finds readership to figure it out. It’s supposedly called a Veenema & Weige, which sounds more like a mixed drink or something you get after a night of too much drinking. Whatever it is, it’s yet another version of the surprisingly versatile Volkswagen Beetle-based kit car family, and sports some design features that resemble one family of kit cars while having other details that make it look like nothing else. Whatever it is, the proportions are better than some of the wild air-cooled conversions we’ve seen, and it’s listed here on craigslist for $2,250 with the option to trade if the seller’s intrigued by your offer.

Whatever it is, it has the profile of something from the red line tire series of vintage Hot Wheels cars, and I’d be willing to bet you could find a 1/64 model in your childhood stash that looks just like this thing. The way the roof and doors pop up had me convinced this was a member of the Sebring or Cimbria family of kit cars, which also bore names like the Puma, Eagle, and Scorpion. But it’s that nose panel that has a little bit of inspiration from the Bill Thomas Cheetah that throws the whole comparison out the window, as those other models didn’t have a nose panel like this. The seller shares that he has installed new wheel cylinders and brakes all around, and that the top is electrically operated. He claims it was a high end build back in the day, but is that enough to go on for figuring out exactly what this thing is? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Chuck F. for the find.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Great looking car but if I wouldn’t have named it after a gastromical relief system. More pictures would certainly help get a look at what it really is.

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  2. Tony Primo

    Sharp looking car, but I bet that it needs everything. I haven’t seen those tires since the late’70’s, surprised that they still hold air.

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    • Terrry

      That’s nothing. The Titanic’s pool still holds water.

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  3. Terrry

    Yet another lazy seller who can’t take more than two pictures. What are they trying to hide?

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    • Rodney - GSM

      Ah…the car.

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    • ChingaTrailer

      What kind of idiot buys a car on the basis of photos?

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  4. Carmine

    Car is a Fiberfab Aztec gt. Veenema & Wiegers is a trailer company in Patterson NJ. There is a thread on The Samba relating to several kit owners having that on title due to fat finger at DMV vs. VW

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    • douglas hunt

      I was going to say It was a Jamaican

  5. Rob

    Pretty sure it’s a Fiberfab Aztec gt.

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  6. Rob

    Oh, and fyi, back in the day (like when COBOL was all the rage in programming) some old DMV systems had “Veneema and Weiger” as a selection for manufacturer. V&W made trailers, so if a person unfamiliar with or new to the system tried to look up “VW,” the trailer company name came up. So this is likely a VW-framed Aztec GT.

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  7. Thomas Darabaris

    Veenema and Weigers was a company in Prospect Park, NJ that made truck bodies, usually bright shiny metal bodies for trailers, when I was a kid we would go there and pick up dropped rivets and other hardware which we would use for our crazy projects. I was shocked to find this reference to that company on here. I was in that town from 1959 till 1968 and they were there at that time also. I never saw anything but truck bodies being made there.

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  8. Rick

    Absolutely an Aztec. Cool cars, until you see the massive pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder mounted on the tunnel in front of the instrument panel to lift that canopy. Somebody good with rotary actuators could retrofit and really clean up the cockpit on the inside.

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  9. Bunky

    Sharp looking pretend sports car. Rob gets two gold stars today! Nice job.⭐️⭐️

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  10. Richard Haner

    a custom chassis with a mid engine small block with brakes and suspension to match would be more fun then the beetle….;-)

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  11. Lowell

    I must admit I love wierd kit cars especially if they look properly proportioned like this one! Price allows any wild imagined scheme to be fulfilled! Maybe swap it on to one of those Early Tesla roadster chassis? YEAH BUDDY!!

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  12. JoeNYWF64

    Wonder if those side windows go up & down.
    Not a rain car? Weather stripping missing?
    Infinitely more exotic entry than with a gull wing car.
    Similar entry on

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  13. t-bone BOB

    Located near Lexington, KY

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