Restore Or Restomod? 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

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The Camaro arrived in 1967 as Chevrolet’s response to the immensely popular Ford Mustang. Sharing its basic design with the Pontiac Firebird, the Camaro would quickly rise to second place in sales for the next several years (it would not dethrone Ford until 1977). This ’68 Camaro would be a decent survivor had it not been repainted in the 1980s. It stands ready for restoration though the seller suggests doing a restomod as a good Plan B. Located in Tequesta, Florida, this “pony car” is available here on craigslist for $21,500. Thanks for the cool tip, Tony Primo!

Having a hit on its hands right out of the gate, Chevrolet made few changes to the Camaro in its second year. The most noticeable would be the absence of vent windows in the doors (flow-through ventilation had been born) and the addition of side marker lights to keep the Feds happy. Buyers continued to like what they saw, though sales only increased nominally on the second outing. The seller’s ’68 Camaro may have been like so many others sold that year, a rather plain car with a console, factory air conditioning (now long gone), and a small V8 paired with an automatic transmission.

This is a well-used but not abused Chevy at 102,700 miles (the seller indicates that the odometer has turned over). No mention is made of the car’s running condition and – since a 283 was not offered in the Camaro that year and the 307 was a year away – a 327 cubic inch V8 likely awaits your inspection. No “restoration” work has been done to the car other than the older paint job, so the drivetrain may be getting tired after 55 years.

There is a bit of rust in places on this Chevy and the seller doesn’t believe any of the outer body panels will need to be replaced, just repaired. But the lower portion of the trunk floor has taken the brunt of the work of the tin worm, so that section of metal will need to be renewed. The carpeting looks to be shot based on one of the photos. I would opt for restoring this car to original-like condition if it’s numbers-matching rather than take a nice car like this and transform it into a Pro-Touring Camaro.

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  1. Rustytech RustytechMember

    I would do any needed repairs, detail it, and drive it.

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    • Oldschool muscle

      I would restomod it only because it has no value

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      • Jeff

        Apparently, it’s got at least $21k of value…not sure what kind of money you’re sitting on, but that seems significant to me.

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      • TimS

        Yeah. Only red ones with big blocks and 4 speeds matter, maaaaan!

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      • David

        Say whaaaat? ’68 Camaro, V-8, console shift. No value? Sorry if I missed the joke, but surely you’re kidding.

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  2. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Looks quite solid, and I would do a modest recommissioning.

    Drive it, enjoy it and love it for being a more modest Camaro….I like it.


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  3. Nick

    A good cleaning, new carpet, and a retro air unit and it’s good to go for me!

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  4. Rw

    In a car this old only way to know what engine it has is to check the numbers, regardless what was available when new…

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  5. Maggy

    Astro ventilation. Solid honest car.I’d restore it.Add hei ,headers ,dual exhaust,a gear , 4bbl carb and intake.Price is about right nowadays imo.

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    • LittleJoesGarageMember

      No headers for me! I hate them.My 59 Elky and my 59 Delivery I bought both had headers.Disassembled for general restoration and frame rebuilding.Headers were the first thing to hit the scrap pile.Better options in my opinion.

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  6. Art Engel

    These Florida cars can have rust crawling from everywhere. The morning dew can be salt water and gets into everything. A rusty trunk leads me to question the rear window lower channel where the morning dew would lay until it rusted through and started dripping into the trunk.

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  7. Mike B

    The “hold me by the ankles” approach to photography adds an interesting perspective.

    I’m betting the still wet beach stuff got dumped into the trunk.

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  8. Rw

    Sort out mechanicals ,get a variety of wheel/ Tire combos, have fun people will love it..

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  9. Old greybeard

    327, or at least that’s what the air cleaner cost. Buy for 15, 30k for body and paint. Might be worth what you have in it, definitely be sad to have it restomoded.
    Fix the AC for Florida. Only powerglide in 68?

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    • Old greybeard

      Air cleaner says, not cost.

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  10. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Lot’s of potential with this one. But first the engine and compartment. Loks like it needs new carpet etc…. Fair price I’d say.

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  11. John M.Stecz

    All 1st generation Camaros have value

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  12. 19sixty5Member

    I’d go with the correct body color wheels instead of black, clean it up, add dual exhausts when it needs repair. It’s nice to see a stock appearing one.

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  13. Car Nut from Tacoma

    Resto or mod? I think it depends on the condition. If it can be driven safely as it is, I’d leave it mechanically alone.

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  14. Hammer

    Where’s the fan? Is that the shroud off to the right? Or electric fans and if so why?

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    • Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

      Looks like an aftermarket aluminum radiator was fitted, along with the ubiquitous Pep-Boys electric fan… ill conceived upgrade due to years of not changing or maintaining the vehicles coolant/cooling system….

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  15. Gary

    283 was available in some countries in Europe. I was working at a Chevy dealership in 1976 and we had one. It was a 283 with 3 on the tree, no other options. What was strange it had a speedometer in MPH not KM. Was a 2 bl carb.

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  16. chuck

    I still consider it a survivor, even with the older repaint. A paint job is a maintenance item at some point, like a new set of tires, or belts and hoses.

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      I agree. It looks original. I love original survivors.

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  17. Nova John

    This Camaro is so sweet and unassuming. I think I would have to restore it, shelve the auto for original sake and put a refreshed M20 behind the rebuilt 327. And, save the cast iron heads and intake for a replaced Winters intake and Holley 4bbl. Block hugger headers make a nice improvement without the extra heat and a dual exhaust with a rumbly set of mufflers would turn this little grocery getter into a fun ride for just about any destination. Hopefully the rust hasn’t totally set in so the body work wouldn’t dominate the process, but it usually does : ) So nice to see when these old cars are without all of the manure spreader accessory upgrades….

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  18. Heck DodsonMember

    Honest looking Camaro for sure. First thing I’d do is add a mechanical fan and a shroud. Go thru basic mechanicals, find some age appropriate rims and enjoy it. Good find

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