Unrestored Trail Bike: 1970 Honda CT70H K0

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It’ll be interesting to read the comments to see if folks prefer original but not perfect motorcycles or ones that have been nut-and-bolt restored to be like new or better than new. This one is mostly original, not perfect, but really nice. The seller has this 1970 Honda CT70H K0 listed here on eBay in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, home of the Lane Museum, a must-see museum. The current bid price is $2,500 and there is no reserve!

Seriously, if you haven’t been to the Lane Museum, you have to make plans to visit this summer or fall. A 150-pound 72-cc motorcycle is huge for me, I typically like tiny oddball bikes that are 80 pounds and have a 49-cc engine. These were great for parents, so while the kids rode Honda 50s around, mom and dad could be on CT70s and the whole family would have fun out on the trails.

The CT70 came out in 1969 as the K0 model and they were made until the end of 1971. The “H” designates a four-speed manual clutch-operated transmission, and this is the one you want. They were introduced for the 1970 model year until the end of ’72 but the vast majority of these bikes had the three-speed auto-clutch transmission with no hand clutch needed.

The 1970 CT70H came in Candy Blue Green, Candy Topaz Orange, and Candy Emerald Green as seen here. This one has 4,009 miles and the seller says it’s an unrestored original example other than having a reproduction seat. It has a few nicks and scratches as expected, but it looks better than if I would have owned this as a kid. You can see the knobs for loosening the handlebars so they could be folded down and this bike could be lifted into the giant trunk of a 1970s car.

The engine is Honda’s 72-cc four-stroke OHC single-cylinder, with six horsepower. The seller says that it starts and runs fine, but it may need some work as the timing chain is a little noisy and the clutch makes noise when it’s cold. Also, the lights aren’t working, but the seller is including a new wiring harness and a new stator. Hagerty is at $2,200 for a #4 fair bike and $4,600 for a #3 good-condition example, so this one may be between those numbers given any possible engine and electrical work. Let’s hear those Trail 70 stories!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Howie

    I had a 50 and always wanted a 70, i have seen mint ones go for just over $10k at big name auctions.

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Hmm, Trail 70 stories, well, they WERE a “gateway” bike for many, obtained by parents that were cool, or from that single uncle with the parents questionable approval, but many riders quickly pushed the limits of these, and moved on to a more conventional bike. Most adorned the corner of the shed,,,until now. Some kids had them, mostly farmers kids, where it was bought to save steps in the lower 40, not jump over logs,,and such. SG knows I’m in the original camp, like him. We cringe at so called “updates”, ( just leave it alone) Again, application. Not for cross country travel, although some ambitious folks have tried. Planning a route with a speed of no more than 40, would be a challenge.
    I live in a “dirt bike” area, KTM is the local dealer and never see kids on minibikes anymore. Since motorcycling is all but ka-put, I don’t think there is even an interest. Maybe virtual dirt bike,,,

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    • Nino Rodriguez

      More nonsensical comments.

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  3. jcinvt

    4 stroke not 2, best bike for beginners and 12 year olds

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      You’re right, jcinvt! I’m such a two-stroke guy that I automatically typed that, my apologies.

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  4. Alex L.

    I’ve got a 1970 in this same color on my workbench now. The prices for them have been getting crazy. I’ll be bringing a whole bunch of ct70 projects to the lower swap at Barber this year. The time has come.

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  5. bobH

    My family has two of these CT70H…. Bought new. One green as shown here, and one orange. Both have a shade over 2K miles on them. Haven’t used them in years, but we start and run them at least once per year. I’m the only family member left from that generation, so it won’t be long that these will be passed on… Even at my age, I still enjoy a short run on these.

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  6. Big C

    Had this exact year and color. I was 11. And I learned how far you could take them! You could beat the crap out of these things, and they’d take it. I used to think about getting another one, just for giggles. But, there’s no way in Hades I’d ante up that kind of cash, for a mini bike that would make me look like the Jolly Green Giant.

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    • eric22t

      just get an orange one and while you are putting around the yard we will all sing…
      one banana two banana…tra la la

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  7. MaxInValrico

    Although very cool it’s cheaper to buy a Grom.

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    • Alex L.

      No one buys these for practicality anymore. They are now collectible. You can’t walk down a street without tripping over three groms.

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    • Matthew Dyer

      Go get your Grom. It’s still a free country.

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  8. BMan Lewis

    I was seriously jealous of some of my childhood neighbors. . I’ve always wanted to own any of the 70’s Honda units… someone’s gonna have a fun ride

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  9. robert lewis

    i use my 78 ct70 at the 1/4 mile track .great pit-bike

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  10. Dennis G

    I had a red one that my dad promised me, my buddy had a 35 mm camera and we’d go to the old sand pit and take turns jumping it over some lumber left behind. That poor bike I abused the crap out of it but it was a tough little bike. I broke first gear in it, so it sat on the side of the house for a long time until I wondered if it still run. I put it 2 gear, and I was off on it again!! Great memories, loved that bike!! Moved on to bigger ones then 2 strokes!!

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  11. douglas hunt

    dad bought us [3 sons] a Yamaha 80, but it wasn’t enough to go around, so somewhere he dragged in a old gold colored 50 Honda to keep at least 2 of riding at a time….those 2 minis began a lifelong addiction for 2 wheels for me

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  12. Howie

    Sold $3,250.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Thanks, Howie!

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  13. Mr C.

    Better off just buying a new one. There are multiple mfgs offering similar bikes today at prices lower than these original models are going for. Don’t forget they also come with a warranty. 🙂

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