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Unrestored 1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 On Craigslist?

This 1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 is a claimed one-owner example with 60,000 miles and well-documented service history. The 2+2 models weren’t always a desirable specimen, but that sentiment seems to be shifting in recent years as good examples get harder to find, and enthusiasts realize these are eminently usable classics and terrific open road cruisers. The seller notes this example has had the same Ferrari mechanic since new and has been California garage-kept all of its life. The seller describes it as a car that could be completely restored, or enjoyed in its current form with some basic R&R. Find it here on craigslist in Prescott, Arizona with an asking price of $175,000.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find. Seeing the Ferrari at an angle like this reminds you we simply don’t make cars like this any more. The taillights are the sort of design you never forget once you see them, and the proportions – with that sloping decklid and acres-long hood that provides refuge for the Columbo V12 – just scream grand tourer. The Ferrari is described in interesting terms, both as a survivor and as a restoration candidate, with no daylight around exactly what it needs. The listing notes the Ferrari has been stored most of its life, but it’s impossible to determine whether that means it hasn’t seen regular use and thus needs fine-tuning. However, it is said to run and drive great and fire up immediately.

The interior is in outstanding condition and said to be original. The black-on-black combination is a desirable one, and while not as sexy as cardinal red, it’s an improvement over biscuit-colored upholstery. The fact that this is an original interior is impressive, with an un-cracked dashboard, factory three-spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel, period-correct Ferrari floormats, and a beautiful console with no signs of hole or cut surfaces for later audio equipment and other accessories. The original books, leather pouch, jack bag, and factory manuals are all included with the Ferrari, and the seller further mentions the wood dash is in good shape, too.

So, is it a restoration project or a driver? It’s hard to tell. I suppose the seller is counting on the fact that many Ferrari enthusiasts can’t stand living with a car that hasn’t been put back together at least once, and that’s truly a shame – there’s nothing wrong with living with a classic vintage car with some flaws that come naturally with use. With a supposedly healthy drivetrain, nicely preserved interior, and no glaring bodywork issues, I’m not sure what the next owner would need to immediately address, aside from basic cosmetic and mechanical refreshes. How about you – do you see a survivor, or a car that needs restoration?


  1. Steve R

    Nice car, hopefully it won’t be restored.

    I’m not sure why the title makes a it deal of being advertised on Craigslist. Ads for interesting and rare cars get forwarded. They get sent to enthusiast websites, forums and individuals. You can be guaranteed this will be seen by potential buyers, just as you can guarantee this thread will elicit the typical whiny responses about rich people and snobs from the peanut gallery.

    Steve R

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  2. Jay Morgan

    Artwork on wheels and when running a symphony too.

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    I sell and buy cars on CL all the time. It’s way better than that joke Facebook market place which is scam central.

  4. Rhett

    When I was growing up outside of NYC, these things (and 330’s, 250 2+2’s, etc..) were pretty common, and many used as winter drivers. I always thought the early/mid 60’s cars were beautiful, I liked the late 60’s/early 70’s cars less but this one is no slouch. To me, the 2+2’s are what a Ferrari looks like…..

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    • William

      Winter cars? Not only do they seem to be poor snow cars, it makes no economic sense. Anyone smart enough to afford one wouldn’t ruin an investment like that. I am not saying your are telling an untruth, just an observation that if this did happen regularly, maybe Mr Steve R’s peanut gallery people have some merit in their opinions.

      • Spridget

        Back in the 1960s and 1970s, these were neither expensive nor investments. One of these sold for $125k new- while that’s expensive, look at the prices of Aston Martins, Lamborghini Gallardo’s, Audi R8s, and AMG Mercedes today; luxury cars, particularly sports cars, depreciate a lot. So, if you were a reasonably well-off car enthusiast looking for some style for your Manhattan commute, you buy one of these and don’t worry about the rust; it can seat your kids and your wife, is fun to drive, and you can afford the maintenance.

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      • William

        @Spridget, I don’t know. 125000 in 1969 is like 750K today. That is not pocket change to anyone. I would think that if you owned one, maybe a nice Ford or something to use in the winter would be reasonable. Again, the peanut gallery still might have a valid point. What no one can argue is, how great this car is, I want it!

      • Steve R

        NADA shows the price when new was $18,900.

        Steve R

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      • Jaker76

        Lots of vehicles back in the day were driven in all kinds of weather and conditions as they were and are Cars! My buddy that had one ran a body shop and we redid a customers Rolls Royce Coupe 1964 that was driven everyday in Omaha, NE thru snow storms, rain or what! guy had bought it new and drove into the city every day until 1984 when he had as redo the body lower sills and bottoms of qtr panels and front fenders! Repaint and and then back to a daily driver! In those days even a Ferrari like this were not expensive, my buddy paid $16,500 for his then….

      • William

        18K is 120K+ today. Obvious much more “reasonable” then 750K. I still think even that is too much to spend without having a winter beater, but to each his own. In 1969 just think of the really nice brand new American car you could have bought for what a Ferrari owner would have thought as a pittance. Willys would have sold you a great Jeep that would have been super good in the snow. If you needed a sporty car, so many available brand new for a fifth of what the Italian car had cost you. Of course, maybe utility and effectiveness of owning a certain car isn’t the who reason some people own what they do.

  5. Tracy

    This needs to be in my garage for sure!

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  6. Tempo Matador Ray

    Steve R,

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  7. Argy

    With a V12 Ferrari from just a decade earlier commanding 100 times (if not more) the asking price here I’d call this a bargain. And no, I wouldn’t touch a thing.

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  8. JBD

    Clean original car with one owner, docs & history. The 2+2 model is gorgeous but like the Jaguar E Type 2+2 is not as popular. Ferrari just didn’t make many 2+2s. This car is only 1-2 hour from my home in Phoenix.

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    • On and On On and On Member

      Been to Prescott many times, an awesome town with tons of old, classic, and exotic cars all over the place. If you go there hit the ‘Birdcage Saloon’, my favorite bar and the ‘Palace’ Hotel for lunch. Some great driving roads all around.

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  9. Maestro1 Member

    Brilliant sexy cars. Someone take care of this as it should be and enjoy.

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  10. Araknid78

    Nice car. But, Craigslist? Pay for high quality detailing and trot it out at a Bonham’s or Mecam auction.

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  11. JoeNYWF64

    With that excessive rear overhang, i thought the motor was in the back!
    This is no american pony car design – looks a bit out of balance. Why such a huge trunk lid on a smaller car?
    While most modern cars have very little rear overhand/trunk lid making it dangerous IMO to sit in the back seat of THEM – no air bag behind you – right?

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    We use to call them the “”queen mary” I had a friend that had one in the 80’s and I could never warm up to its looks I had the red headed step child of the ferrari world at the time a 308 gt4 so I probably shouldn’t be an authority on looks.
    Enzo loved them and preferred them to the two seaters, and a lot of them were parted out when they were worth so little, I guess the few that remain deserve some respect.

    • Araknid78

      This is the largest of all ferraris ever built. Road & Track dubbed this car “The Queen Mother of Ferraris” A moniker that has stuck to this day.

  13. John

    Geez that’s a nice car!
    Looking at the rear it seems to beg for a spoiler, the right spoiler, to really set it off. Finding the right one would take some time and then drilling that first hole in the trunk lid…

  14. Al

    Add a spoiler? Kinda like buying the Mona Lisa and adding pierced ear rings.

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    • Steve R

      Or a nose ring and neck tattoo.

      Steve R

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    • John

      I always thought Mona would look better as a bleach blonde!

  15. Jaker76

    A buddy had one of these in the 80’s back when $16,500 bought a nice one! It was black with biscuit and a lot nicer than black with black as this was a 4 passenger cross country car! Me and my then girl friend and he and his now wife used to go long distance cruising in that a lot! The tan interior was much cooler than black in the summer but 4 folks, full luggage and always a crowd pleaser at every gas stop! We had installed headlamp covers and that always improved the looks of these! Sweet but i am sure he wishes he woulda held onto it but hind sight is 20/20!

  16. Amazon Greenie

    Caveat Emptor with this car. It appeared back in August 2019 for sale. Seller claimed to be a contractor with the US Embassy but the car was in Alaska when a previous buyer reneged on the purchase.

    When we said we would fly in our plane to see the car in Alaska with our check to purchase it, if it checked out, the seller disappeared and so did the car. These same pictures were used.

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  17. Geoff

    Looking at that trunk all I can think is, “I wonder how it would handle when I load it up on my weekly run to the feed store for 200lb of chicken feed?”

  18. K Collins

    I believe this a scam car…its been around for over 2 yrs

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