Unspoiled Big Block: 1970 Mercury Montego Cyclone Spoiler

Some muscle cars are uncommon to see, while some are just plain rare. This ’70 Montego Cyclone Spoiler is a factory big block 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air car with a 4 speed! This numbers matching Mercury is definitely a rare find! With 47 bids and 3 days remaining, bidding has risen to $25,100. Check out this sweet muscle car here on eBay out of Portland, Oregon.

With the heart of a snake, this Mercury can really scoot. Featuring everyone’s dream drive-train of a 429 Cobra Jet engine with a 4 speed manual transmission, this Cyclone is certainly a tire scorcher. Although original, the engine bay is certainly dirty, but not rusty.  There is a modern coil installed, and what looks to be a rebuilt dual point distributor. I am sure this muscle machine spent some time stored away and a tune up was performed to get it running again. Also the gas tank was replaced further solidifying this Mercury’s time spent stored.

With a quick glance the interior looks absolutely mint, but sadly that isn’t the case. The driver seat is split, and the hounds tooth material is heavily worn. The dash appears mint, but there is cracking near the gauge hood area, and the center mounted speaker area. Also there is a strange discoloration on the passenger side where a sticker may have been stuck to the dash? There is cracking around the sticker area as well. The steering wheel also has a few splits in the rim. Beyond those concerns this interior presents nicely.

Bright orange and attention grabbing, this Cyclone Spoiler still has great looks despite a few blemishes from time. The paint is believed to be original based on the seller’s experience, but the passenger rear corner has a chipped paint area with what appears to be red paint beneath it. The body and paint is mostly complete, but there are some dents and minor rust. The driver front corner has been bumped, and there are a few smaller dents down the passenger side. The passenger side rear quarter has a few small dents as well as some body filler that was certainly not there when it left the factory. I suspect that passenger rear corner has been hit before. There is some minor damage to the rear valence as well, but otherwise this Mercury seems straight. Exterior rust is minimal as there is only minor surface rust along the door sills exterior edge. There is some more serious rust in the trunk around the seamed sheet metal near the fender wells to the trunk floor. Otherwise there appears to be no other rust on this rare muscle car. Uncommon, rare, and with the “right” options, what do you think this Mercury Montego Cyclone Spoiler will sell for?

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  1. Craig

    Sweet car but needs a lot of work. I am wondering if those rear leaf springs have shackles on them to raise the car. They look like it and if so the car isn’t sitting high and makes me wonder if those springs are toast.


    Cool rare beast. I would love it

  3. whippeteer

    All of the rest of the paint does look original due to trunk, door jambs, hood, etc. So I think the red paint is probably primer from a previous repair. Lots of dents and dings on this car. I don’t know what the value is, but it’s going to take a fair amount of body work for just those many scars.

  4. whippeteer

    The ad says Hurst transmission. Um no, just the shifter. It also does not have the center console that every other picture on google show. The shift boot and trim are new.

    • Steve R

      I once had a 70 Torino with a 4spd and bucket seats, but no console. Unless a console was mandated with the Spoiler package it’s conceivable it came without one.

      Steve R


      One of the listing photos show an old boot and trim piece on the floor behind the drivers seat.

      • Rocco

        I saw that also. It looks like the factory boot for the factory Hurst shifter.

  5. grant

    The red paint appears to be on top of the existing paint. You can see grey primer not far away. There’s a little dripped on the corner of the bumper, too.

  6. Jesper

    Even in orange its F…… Cool 🤑🤑😎

  7. dave

    Love these cars.

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    Outstanding find – hope the boys didn’t drop the engine ID tag off the coil – not perfect – BUT perfect to drive

  9. Rocco

    Pretty cool ride.

  10. Howard A Member

    Pretty rough, but it is the coolest Mercury ever. The Holy Grail of Mercury’s, whether you like the grill or not. I suppose that in itself makes it worth it. What’s even more amazing, is the ’65 Dodge “funny car” behind it. These were some of the 1st funny cars, because of their altered wheelbase, people thought they looked “funny”,and the name stuck. I can’t see whose car it might be, many drove these, but it does say “A/FX” on the “C” pillar, so it was a fast one.

  11. tominnc

    I own one of these and it is worth saving. Mine does not have a console just a boot around the Hurst shifer.

  12. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Looks like a A990 or TWO….back there……

  13. jay

    I ran into one of these “demons” in 1980 when I thought I was too cool for school beating up on everyone with my 1972 Firebird formula. I can still remember how spooky that front end looked in my rear view. It was either that or that darn big block winding up that soon saw me in his. Great race, better memories

  14. Larry K

    I knew a guy with one of these back in the eighties. Took great care of it and had glass fenders. Covet, heavy on the covet.

  15. Car Guy

    I always thought the gunsight grill was a bit over the top. Also, the instrument panel could not decide if it should be in an LTD, or Mustang.

    The 70 Torino Cobra looked much better to me. Especially when equipped with the shaker, hide a ways, and sport slats. However, with this drivetrain, this Montego definitely needs to be restored.

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