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Up on Jacks: 1975 Chevrolet Camaro Type LT

The second generation of the Chevrolet Camaro was built throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s. Changes were generally small from year to year except when it came to bumpers and fascias, fore and aft. All Detroit cars were treated to catalytic converters in 1975, so unleaded fuel was here to stay. This ’75 Camaro Type LT was a one-owner car that appears to have spent several years up on jacks, collecting more dirt and grime as time passed.  The mechanical health of the auto is unknown, and it will need a lot of cleaning up. Located in Central, South Carolina (a town), this Chevy is available here on craigslist for $6,500 OBO.

Automobile demand changed in the mid-1970s after the OPEC oil embargo brought with it higher gas prices. As buyers flocked to more fuel-efficient cars, most automakers had a down sales year in 1975. But the Camaro fared better than others, only losing 3.5% of its customer base. The emphasis on muscle was practically gone, as only an inline-6 and two 350 cubic inch V8s were offered. The Camaro got a bigger rear window in ’75 for improved visibility and more emissions control equipment made its debut.

About one out of every four Camaro’s built in 1975 were the Type LT with a V8, like the seller’s car. He or she categorizes it as a barn find, but a garage find would be a better description. We’re not sure if the photos were taken before or after the seller acquired the vehicle since it’s up on jacks with tires and wheels uninstalled. The seller says he/she is trying to fit the wheels with tubes so the car will roll on its own.

There’s no indication when the Chevy last ran or why it’s up in the air. That suggests a problem occurred at some point with the small block engine, but we don’t know. The seller has made no attempts to get it going. It does have a set of original rally wheels with rings and center caps (not in the photos). We’re not sure about the status of the brown paint and vinyl top but the seller admits there are some rust spots. While cash is always king, the seller would consider a trade for a 1984-88 Toyota 4Runner in good shape.


  1. Chris Cornetto

    Tires, with tubes!!! really, 6,500.00 for a load and they cannot even clean the wheels and get s set of junkyard tires. Pass folks, another vagabond junkman hoping for a big payout.

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    • GGSC22

      Got my big payout, Chris. Tell me how much of an expert you are on tires and tubes. Looked for a junkyard set and no luck around here. Have a great new year!!

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  2. Rw

    Can anybody else smell these pics?

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  3. MarkyMark

    I bought a new ‘75 Type LT in the summer of 1975 when I graduated high school. It was my first new car. White with the saddle tan cloth interior. It had the 350 two barrel. Still remember that the sticker price was $5096 which seemed like a hundred grand to an 18 year old. Kept it spotless. Sold it to a buddy who trashed it out, was so sad.
    Getting this junker looking good not to mention the mechanical unknowns will cost far more than what it’s worth, if you want one it would make much more sense to find a nice example at one of the auctions for mid $20’s, they come along every once in a while.

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    • Rickirick

      Mark I, too, had one brand new. Paid less tho at $4300. After finishing basic training & schooling in 1975, I bought it. Same car as yours but burnt orange on saddle tan. Got 25,000 on it be4 totalled in wreck with a corvette. No fault of my own. Had sutures put in left ring finger. Only injury. Loved that car!

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    • Paul

      I bought a new 74 LT/Z28 4spd and only paid $3950 out the door. Unfortunately, just 18 months later it was stolen and stripped. Couldn’t find another with a 4 speed so AAA paid me more than that as a settlement. Miss that car :o(

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      • DJ Panz

        This was my first car after graduating HS. ($5200) Same year ,same color. (Light saddle metallic), with a brown vinyl top. Yeah vinyl tops were all the rage for cars in the mid 70’s .. wow what memories. You never forget your first love!
        I actually bought a ’23 Last December. LT1,Convertible,6sp
        Reliving those care free days

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  4. Davey Boy

    No good pictures of the body and the only real pic of the top looks like it’s totally rotted away. Definitely a complete restoration on this one. Shame to considering this style is getting harder to find. $3,500 at the most and only if it’s the top hat center cap rally wheels. I like the 74 through 77. Wasn’t a big fan of the plastic front and rear end. Hope this guy settles for what this car’s actually worth. Definitely not the 2 door Toyota 4 runner.

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    • GGSC22

      Got it for asking price. Thanks Davie!

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  5. Yblocker

    Leave it sitting on jacks

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  6. Troy

    To much money and to far away to make a potential flip profitable on this one, my guess they purchased it for a flip and realized its a parts car.

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  7. Howard

    I bought a new 75 Camaro Type LT in May 1975. Still own it. 350 4spd ac and factory leather seats. MSRP $5905

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Howard, I wish I still had my first new car still. 1981 Camaro, 6 cylinder, auto. All show, no go. Paid $7220, I will always remember that number.

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  8. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    A Camaro like this one was the most popular car in our 1979 high school parking lot.

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  9. dougie

    I bought a new ‘74. Same color. My only memory of the car was that the gas gauge needle moved down nearly as fast as the speedometer needle moved up.

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  10. Steve

    Engine compartment makes it look like it was in a flood! Interior looks moldy!

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