Used Not Abused: 1976 Ford F-250 Y-Code

Ford’s F-Series of trucks have been around since the late 1940s and have dominated sales since the late 1970s. The F-250 is the bigger brother to the F-150 and has a higher gross vehicle weight rating. This edition of the pickup is from its sixth generation of production and looks to have been treated better than most trucks. It’s offered in original condition from Caldwell, Idaho and is available here on eBay where the no reserve auction currently holds at $4,151. With a 360 V-8 and factory 4-speed, it looks to be a nice old truck.

The F-Series is a range of light, medium and heavy-duty full-size trucks that Ford rolled out in 1948. The most popular version of the series is the F-150, which is now in its 14th generation. Their platform has underpinned several of Ford’s sport utility vehicles, including the Bronco, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. Much to Chevrolet and Dodge’s chagrin, these trucks have typically outsold their products year after year. Ford’s primary sellers are the F-150 and F-250. What differentiates them is while the F-150 is a light-duty, half-ton class truck, the Ford F-250 is a three-quarter ton, heavy-duty pickup. The F-250 has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 8,500 pounds.

This 1976 Ford F-250 Custom looks to be a nice survivor. It has been used, but not likely abused. It has 76,000 miles on the odometer, which works out to be about 1,700 miles per year. The bed of the truck is from before the days of bedliners and it’s not too scratched up, suggesting it hasn’t hauled that much cargo. The two-tune paint is attractive, but not perfect with patina showing on the hood and a crinkle in the driver’s side front fender. Rust does not seem to be a problem as the photos provided of the body and chassis look pretty clean.

The interior is spartan as you would expect for a truck like this, but in good condition. It’s possible that the bench seat has been recovered or the original is just resilient. The radio is from the factory and the truck comes with the original owner’s plaque and owner’s manual/booklet. The 360 cubic inch V-8 is not the largest in the Ford truck portfolio, but certainly strong enough to handle the GVWR, especially with a 4-speed manual. The seller says this is a numbers-marching truck that also has power steering and power front disc brakes along with a tow package. The engine compartment has been nicely detailed.

Resale value on trucks has stayed strong for the lasty several years and this vintage is no exception. Hagerty pegs the resale value for Good to Excellent condition being from $10-17,500 for a truck like this. So, with no reserve and light bidding so far, someone may end up with a genuinely nice pick truck for not a lot of money.


  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Top notch photos.

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  2. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Remember when pickup trucks didn’t have to be $80k luxo utility vehicles with a five foot bed? Pepperidge Farm remembers

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    • NHDave

      Your comment got me thinking about how this truck would compare to a current similar model, i.e., a fairly base model two-wheel drive, single cab F-250. Looking at Ford’s “build your own” website function, today’s similar model would have a MSRP of about $36-37,000. It appears that translates into about $7800-$8000 in 1976 dollars. Considering the elevated standard equipment in the 2021 model (as well as improvements in safety, efficiency, comfort, etc.), the pricing is not far off. Agreed that $80K trucks seem preposterous, but it’s good to know the basic, modest work truck still can be acquired.

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  3. Rustytech Member

    Either the parking lights have been changed, or this is a 77. In 76 they had clear covers with amber bulbs, the 77 had the amber lenses with clear bulbs. I had a 77 just like this but in Dark Jade. It was the first new vehicle I ever bought. Great truck!

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    • Frankster

      Clearly a ‘76, as evidenced by the model call-out on the front fender. In ‘77 the script changed and was moved to the side of the cowl.

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  4. doug adams

    looks like it has a points distributor not the duraspark is that correct? looks like a nice straight clean old ford truck would that be the “granny” low first gear trans?

    • Johnny

      Look on the driver side of the inner fender and you,ll see the power box. Great looking truck,but I would do away with the big ugly outside mirrors for smaller ones off of a 60,s car,go to point distributor .For saftey reason and get it painted .Then enjoy it. Alot better truck and safer then any new over priced junk.

  5. Steve R

    The ending bid was $7,650.

    Steve R

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  6. Frankster

    Older F-250’s do not have high GVW’s (over 8500 lbs.). The max GVW for a ‘76 F-250 is 7700 lbs. The higher ratings didn’t appear until the next generation of Ford trucks.

  7. Skorzeny

    What a screamin’ deal this was! Sure the gas mileage will suck but look at that under hood shot! Someone loved this truck, clearly.

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    • Eric B

      Seriously- this would’ve sold for at least 15 on BAT, if not more. Of course that site’s been overrun by deep pocketed collectors who overpay. The seller really missed out. And they had great photos for BAT as well, which is rarely seen on ebay.

  8. Paul

    I didn’t see any mention of what the Y code actually is?

    • Bob C.

      GVWR. Y Code = 4,001 – 5,000.

  9. C5 Corvette

    guess I need to hang on to my 1999 F-250. 39,000 miles, extended cab. long bed, air, am-fm cass., 6.8 V-10, RWD automatic, alum. wheels w/ new tires, beautiful white color, no rust ever, only used to haul small 5th wheel camper. stored winters.

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  10. Chris Londish

    Nice truck the 250s had the full floating diff and granny first gear but with a 360 cubes that wouldn’t get much use here, the only thing missing is AC but still quite desirable

  11. Rustytech Member

    Frankster is correct on the call out location, this is a 76 with 77 parking light lenses or a 77 grill.

  12. Christopher Gentry

    Only truck I ever owned was a 76 F-100 custom cab. Same exact color combo as this , but not nearly as well cared for. It had a 300 straight 6 and 3 on the tree “THE THRIFTY ONE” REALLY wish I had kept ole Fordzilla

  13. chrlsful

    nope, this 1 has had some restoration – under hood inner fenders are now grey/unpainted? (is that bear steel?). A known place for these model to give way “to the worm”. The color/cloth weave of the bench seat cover is not of that model. These enhance (somewhat) the sale. Wishin for paint (under hood) & oe replacement on bench if possible. These are my fav style truck (and well above the looks of lots of cars). Only step better for looks (in my mind) is: another F-series ( I like the 250) short bed, step side 4WD w/2 18 inch race stripes….
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