V6 Powered 1937 Jaguar SS100!

Reader Bill E recently made an interesting find and he just shared it with us! In the world of unique and oddball finds, you can’t get much more unique than this one. Now, before you get too excited that he found a genuine 1937 Jaguar SS100, this is a kit car, but it’s actually a pretty amazing find all the same. He was able to buy the car and has already managed to get the title for it, but he still has to get it transported out of the barn and to his house. It’s been parked for the past 15 years, but hopefully, this will be a simple project to get back on the road!

Lots of companies have built Replica SS100s over the years, ranging from Jaguar powered all the way down to VW Beetle based kits. This kit came from Eagle Coach Work, Inc. and the builder started putting it together in 1985. Bill has all the original paperwork for it, so I’ll let him tell you a bit more about it below.

From Bill – The story is that it was built in ’85-’86 in the Pittsburgh area. The person I got it from said there is a photo somewhere of the Steelers coach riding in it during a Superbowl celebration parade. My plan is to get it cleaned up and running again. It will be the wife’s car to cruise and go to car shows with me and our Studebaker Hawk. According to the paperwork the kit was made by Eagle Coach Work, Inc. Lancaster, NY. and apparently they also did a ’52 Jag kit. Built by Ralph Webb close to Pittsburgh PA. I have all the paperwork from the build. It was the builders’ 3rd kit build.

At one time, kit cars were all the rage. It made sense, a real Jaguar SS100 would have already been worth a small fortune by the ’80s. For a fraction of the cost and with some hard work, you could build one in your own garage and if you finished it, you’d have something you could drive that was just as beautiful. Well, that was if you built it correctly, but higher quality kits were usually pretty straightforward. Clearly, the builder (Ralph) took his time to get it right and it really looks to be a nice build.

He doesn’t have a photo of the engine at this point, but this one has a Ford V6 under the hood. According to the paperwork, the drivetrain was pulled from a 1983 Ford Mustang. The 3.8 liter Essex V6 is no tire burner, but it’s a good engine and will have plenty of power for casual cruising. I for one can’t wait to see how this one turns out! So, be sure to wish Bill luck and let us know what you think of this replica.

Just because we are all social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still get out and look for interesting classic cars! So, if you come across an interesting find, for sale or not, please take photos and send them in so we can all enjoy it. Please send your sightings to mail@barnfinds.com!

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  1. Pete

    Nice find… Cleaned up it can be a fun car to use.

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  2. mike b

    I thought I was seeing one of these pass us while approaching Glacier one year. (Had to be because no one would be driving a real XK 100 on a public road.) Then we were passed by an XKSS and I realized it was the real deal. Both had some kind of rally numbers, as did assorted other exotics already in the park ahead of them. We parked next to the unattended pair, each being 1 of 50 or so.

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  3. markp

    Makes me think of Cruella Deville!

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  4. AustinM

    I just acquired one of these a few weeks ago. Neat car. Does anyone still produce these kits? I’d like to replace some parts, but I’m not sure where to look.

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    • wizzy

      There are companies still producing these cars. Best to try Googling Jaguar replica cars.

      Also try Bobsclassics.com and Kitcars.com. I think these are both still good sites. They can help you find sources.

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    • 41Autocar

      I have a 1984 Classic Roadsters Ltd SS100 Jaguar, Fargo ND factory built kit car and have a number of resources for parts. Feel free to Email me for these.Some Classic Roadsters LTD history https://apnews.com/6c95a4cbc46125f4351acebb39e56c6b

  5. canadainmarkseh Member

    Isn’t this what Excalibur was shooting for? Only they had some horse power under the hood and creature comforts inside. Don’t get me wrong this is a really cool replacar but I think that an Excalibur with the right custom tweets would for me at least be more desirable. Good luck on the resto Bill it’s still a nice find.

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  6. ken tilly UK

    You guys are better off than us as we are only allowed on the roads if we are going to work, or only if it is absolutely necessary. As for the SS 100 advertised here, it looks like it could be brought back to being a very nice replica. Pity about the V6 but it should be easy enough to drop in a Jaguar XJ 6 mill. (Please don’t even think about a SBC!) Suffolk Sportscars Ltd, here in UK, make replica SS 100’s which if you were to put one next to an original you will have great difficulty deciding which is the replica and which is the original , they are so good. They also do XK 120 and C Type amongst others. Google them.

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  7. Gerard Frederick

    Great project for a dedicated man. As an aside, there has never been a Jaguar SS. The company´s name was simply ¨SS¨ and was changed to Jaguar for very stupid political reasons after WW2.

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    • MikeH

      The company’s name was Swallow Sidecar, hence SS, later to become Jaguar.

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      I thought it was SS Jaguar in that SS was the company and Jaguar was the model, and it changed its name after the war for obvious reasons

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  8. CanAm302

    Cool car – with modern(ish) running gear it’ll be much more pleasant to drive, though the 100’s were a bit of fun if you don’t mind ‘driving’

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  9. corky aeh

    I also have a kit car …VW powered 1952 MG /TD …loads of fun , Im retired and its what i could afford , set in a barn for 21 years …all ways a work in Progress but gets a lot of attention at the Car shows !! would post a picture but I dont know How , could be interested in the Jag Kit car when its up and running if the price is right , would be interested in seeing its progress !!

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  10. Sean Taylor

    Looks like a fantastic project Bill. Please share some photos back on the restoration as it would be good to watch the progress.

  11. Skippy

    For those looking for a reference-standard for this car, look up Panther Westwinds. They made an SS100 replica in the 70’s called the Panther J.72. This full sized replica came with either a Ford, Jag 6 or Jag 12 cylinder engine and those with the 12 were very impressive. Aluminum body and very light. They actually cost MORE than Jags when new! I was fortunate to have a friend whose father had one. People would assume it was a kit car until it left them in the dust.

  12. Kirk West

    I just picked up a 29 Mercedes Gazelle. Builder got it to run in 1980 and then abandoned the project. Was pretty rough but I’ve got it cleaned up and running.

    • corky aeh

      any pictures ??? Location , are you gonna sell it ?? May be interested if the price is right !!

      • Kirk West

        Yes I have pics. Can’t figure out how to attach in this thread. I’m in Colorado. I’ll sell it eventually but first I’ll drive it for a while. Email KirkWest14@gmail.com

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