V8/3-Speed: 1960 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

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Following in the vein of this 1950 Pontiac Sedan Delivery is this 1960 Chevrolet example. We have covered this vintage SD on Barn Finds before – with approximately 5,300 produced, they’re not exactly rare. But, they’re still an interesting study in mind-century American automobile design and function. This last year Chevy Sedan Delivery is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $2,700 with eleven bids tendered so far.

Many Sedan Deliveries that are found occupy more than one world in that they may still hold traces to their modified commercial past, have been partially, or fully, hot-rodded, or have undergone some sort of a customization attempt. This example appears to have eschewed all that, it’s just an old, original sedan delivery that has been soaking up the Arizona sunshine for some period of time. There may have been a business name on the door and its flanks at one time but the remnants are no longer legible. It’s wearing a “Bel Air” fender badge but the two series of SD’s offered were based on the bottom rung “Biscayne” trim level. It is considered “solid” by its seller, though surface rusted is observed – it’s hard to say if it is anything more nefarious than just that. Of note, some of the trim is missing, as is the rear window.

Power appears to have been provided by a 170 gross HP, 283 CI V8 engine – the seller doesn’t elaborate. While original and complete appearing, it’s doubtful that this diminutive small block motor has operated anytime within recent memory.  I don’t recommend using duck tape over the top of the breather tube but I guess it is better than leaving it open to dust and the elements. Gear changing occurs via a three-speed manual transmission.

The interior is pretty well ruined. The bench seat looks like it ran afoul of a wild boar, the door panels have gone missing, the dust is an inch thick obscuring the dash and instrument panel. The seller also mentions that the rear floor pans, behind the seat, will need to be replaced. Two notable things here include the presence of a bench seat as opposed to a single driver’s seat, as well as, what looks like a seatbelt reaching up across the seat bottom. That’s an item that was far from standard in ’60 but was available as an option. There is only one partial image of the cargo area and it is mostly occupied by the front roll pan – at least it’s included.

Holey floor pans are not a big problem – that issue afflicts many vehicles of this era. Assuming that the remainder of this vehicle is solid, as claimed, and considering the presence of a V8 engine and manual transmission, the future possibilities for this Sedan Delivery abound. My preference would run towards a mostly stock exterior with an upgraded powertrain, braking system, and suspension – but the objective would be to keep an original appearance inside and out. How about you, what would your’s be?

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  1. mike

    This has so many possibilities.Next owner make us proud.

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  2. Snotty

    Had like 3 of these as models when I was a kid.

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  3. Hot Rod Lincoln

    I owned one 20 years ago. The rear wheel openings were rotted out and needed new quarters and inner wheel wells. Only a body man that knew what they were doing had to install the quartets with 10ft of welds each side. Rear glass is not flat and would be difficult to replace. I gave up and sold it. It ended up being fixed right with a 409.

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  4. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    There is a web site for old vans and sedan deliveries. Quite a large following of people who love these cars. They can be made into beautiful vehicles.
    God bless America

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  5. Poppy

    That’s some amazing body sculpting on the tailgate!

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  6. T. MannMember

    Really like the tailgate :-)

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  7. wayne p dobos

    1960 Chevrolet Sedan Deliveries came standard with one bar stool looking bucket seat for the driver. Two bucket seats were available with the right seat a fold forward seat to access the cargo area. The bench seat was the other option, which is the way mine came. You even had to pay extra for a right side sun visor!

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  8. Tom NemecMember

    “Not exactly rare”….???? What? 5300 produced 60 years ago. That is about 100 per state. Perhaps 1 or 2 per dealership back then, IF that. Most, in the rust belt, turned to dust. They were used as “work horses” in most cases for businesses. How many are left?

    I just bought an incredible 59 Sedan Delivery which I prefer over the 60. I have a neighbor who collects 1960 Chevy everything who thinks 59 was the ugliest year for the chevy’s and 60 was the best. I think the opposite. That is why they make Chocolate AND Vanilla.

    This one needs a lot of work but seems solid at a quick look.

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  9. T. MannMember

    Winning bid:
    US $5,100.00
    [ 22 bids ]
    Good purchase!

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