V8/5-Speed: 1990 Ford Mustang LX

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It is a question that many people struggle to answer; When did The Malaise Era end? There are many theories, but cars like this 1990 Mustang LX demonstrate that American manufacturers were getting a handle on emission regulations to produce vehicles with excellent performance. This car recently emerged from long-term storage and is a rock-solid classic requiring some straightforward TLC. Its drivetrain combination should provide a new owner with an enjoyable and rewarding motoring experience. The Mustang is listed here on eBay in Brooksville, Florida. Bidding has raced past the reserve to sit at $9,900

The history of this Mustang is unclear, including how long it was in storage before the seller rescued it. Assessing the state of its Twilight Blue paint is difficult because the water effectively disguises any imperfections or matte areas. However, the panels are straight, and the gaps are consistent. Rust is always a concern, but it isn’t with this gem. The exterior looks clean, and the underside shots reveal a consistent undercoat with only the occasional spot of surface corrosion. The plastic hasn’t succumbed to the sun, and I can’t spot any glass issues. The Mustang rolls on odd wheels, but there is no explanation for this. It is unclear whether the correct wheels are included, so the winning bidder may need to budget for some replacements. Even if wiping this classic dry reveals paint issues, addressing them shouldn’t be challenging or expensive.

If this Mustang has a low point, it could fall to its interior presentation. It isn’t a horror story because there are no visible rips or tears on the upholstered surfaces. Both door pockets have given up the ghost, leaving the winning bidder to search for replacements. The dash and plastic look respectable for a survivor, and the only visible addition is an upgraded stereo. This interior needs someone willing to spend many patient hours with high-quality detailing products treating it to a deep clean. The cloth trim is extremely dirty, with the back seat as bad as the front buckets. I don’t believe they are beyond salvation. It will require plenty of elbow grease and the right approach to achieve a decent result. If that sounds daunting, handing it to a professional service may be the best solution. Safety and comfort appointments include a driver’s airbag, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power seats, power mirrors, and cruise control.

Lifting the hood reveals this Mustang’s strongest attribute. Its engine bay features the fuel-injected 5.0-liter V8 churning out 225hp. Most buyers selected the automatic transmission option, but shifting duties in this classic fall to a five-speed manual unit. Performance figures were on the good side of respectable, with this Mustang taking 14.8 seconds to cover the ¼-mile. That raises a fascinating fact for enthusiasts to consider. While the hatchback proved popular with buyers, a two-door sedan or coupe, if you prefer, with the same drivetrain configuration is sixty-six pounds lighter. That isn’t a huge difference, but it is enough to make this car faster than the equivalent hatchback. The seller says this beauty runs and drives well, and they supply an embedded video in their listing that demonstrates the vehicle starting and running. Its V8 sounds as sweet as a nut, with no smoke or odd noises.

This 1990 Mustang LX isn’t perfect, but that hasn’t quashed interest from potential buyers. It has received thirty-nine bids, and I suspect the total will climb considerably higher as the auction draws to an end. Fox-Body Mustangs are a hot property in the classic market, although most buyers focus on the hatchback version. That’s surprising because the two-door sedan (coupe) offers greater performance potential courtesy of a lower weight and better torsional rigidity. Maybe those bidding appreciate those facts, which is why the action is intense. With the reserve met, someone will take home a car that could provide years of motoring pleasure. Could that person be you?

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Stop it, stop it, STOP IT!! Another knife in the gut, then turning appropriately,,,it’s okay, it’s not so bad. It’s actually fun to see the cars one had, reappear before your very eyes, regardless of the hate factor.
    To review slightly, mine was an ’88, automatic, my old man got at the insurance auction, stuffed in the right door. I think I paid a grand for it( mid 90s). It was just a beater, and I cobbled in another door, and was a fun car, for a while. I’m not getting into the heater core debacle, or the shortcomings of the car again, if anyone takes my advice seriously,( crickets) and clearly I’m not an idiot,,this was a poor car. Now, my ’95 V6 Mustang, total about face, and I loved that car. With the hundreds of vehicles I’ve had, maybe a handful I didn’t like, and this was one of them. I’m not alone either. Several State Patrol agencies across the country used these as pursuit vehicles(SSP) and Adam doesn’t post top speed here thanks to me( sorry Adam), but one was clocked at 144 mph, right up there with the new Chargers, but several incidents where the officer lost control, and no room for the perp, and was the end. Thanks for listening, and pray the heater core doesn’t leak!!!

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Oh another thing( prevents relog in too), when I had mine, I can show on 1 finger( I won’t say which one) how many notchback LX Mustangs I saw. Everything was the GT, and most notchbacks went to the dragstrip. When I sold mine, the guy asked if it was a notchback, I said yes, he was there in 15 minutes. He planned on racing it, and for that, it’s fine. But that car scared me, and it will scare you too,,

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Thanks Adam.

    I believe those are the standard wheels (well, three of them are). A Marti Report would tell us, but a large amount of LX coupes were 5-speeds, and I’d like to know if ‘most’ buyers bought hatchbacks. From my observations, this exact model (base LX coupe, 5-speed) is THE Fox Body to chase, if one is into performance or visual modifications.

    This example looks pretty good for 144k miles. The interiors were a weak point, cheap materials were the norm for the day. New carpet and upholstery would really make a difference. Notwithstanding the seller’s lack of verbiage, bids are solid. So overall I predict someone will scoop it up, upgrade and modify it, and end up with a fun, fast, and eye-catching ride.

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  3. Oldschoolmuscle

    I had an 89 hatchback with slush box.. It was a cool car. But at the time I wanted a stick but could not locate one and i was in need of a ride quick. This is a nice car as far as i can tell but would need an inspection….

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  4. Steve

    In my opinion today’s car’s just didn’t compare

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  5. Sam

    The only thing I can see is it would need a GOOD CEEP CLEANING and a Tire and Rim

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    • z28th1s

      The front seats are out of a later model 4 cylinder car and don’t match the rear seats.

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  6. Peter

    Outrunning the 5.0 , was a thing back in my day .
    Police & rich kids who got LX’s or GT’s … ruled the very late 80’s & early 90’s .
    Owning a late 70’s colonnade Olds , 350 powered , the only way to beat these cars was to wring every inch out of the transmission , out drive , think and not be afraid of open road and use the highway gears to pull away after 100mph .
    Outrunning the cops was effort against these .
    That was the day , in Malaiseville.

    These cars bring back memories ..

    Hope it finds a home . Hope I see another on the highway while breaking my Olds for a cruise.

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  7. BigSmit

    Had an 89 lx with the heater window in the back. 5.0 with 5 speed. Great car, ran like nobody’s business. Had it up to 120 on a mountain pass road here in utah. Hit the top of the pass and all 4 left the ground. No issues the entire time I owned it. Traded for a 91 GT dressed out the same way. X wife totally that one.

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  8. Stan

    Great comments about the fun fox body 5L .. i spun my 89 trunk around 270° on a left turn ↩️ once, wet road 🌧 i was showing off. Felt a clown 🤡 pointed 👉 myself back in the right direction, drove off to a side street and had some reflection 😔 lol

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  9. Terrry

    The V-8/manual version of these “Fox bodies” is the only one to have, otherwise these Mustangs were just one of many boring little cars that proliferated back then.

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  10. Big C

    Most V-8 Fox Bodies were manual shift. The LX 4 cylinders were the autos. This was back when no guy would EVER admit that he couldn’t drive a stick. And I never had a problem with heater cores or whatever. These were fantastic performers for the time. And there wasn’t ANYTHING out there that could touch these cars, for bang for the buck.

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  11. Tom

    Brings back memories of my ‘88 notch. Radio delete, no a/c no power options except steering and brakes. A fun car that ran 14.8 in third gear all day with 2.73 gears in the rear. Shouldn’t have sold it.

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  12. Rick H

    I often wonder why if you’re selling a car and ostensibly wanting to get top dollar you don’t bother to show it in the best light. Too lazy to dry it off and wax and an interior so filthy you have to wonder what type of care it got.

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  13. PRA4SNW

    Looks to be in nice shape – probably won’t sell at a bargain price.

    Replace those 30 year old tires before driving.

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  14. TheOldRanger

    I liked the Stangs from the 70s… these never looked like one.

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  15. SteVen

    I was going to order a brand new 5-speed notch in the Spring of ’91. But then there was the sticker shock. No, not for the car itself(I was getting it at invoice), but for the insurance. I had a clean driving record, but being a 21 year old male was enough to make the insurance payment nearly as much as the car payment. Sigh.

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  16. 87Ragtop

    Yep I love the Fox bodies my Dad bought a new 1989 GT hatchback it was an automatic mom couldn’t drive a 5 speed, I had watched those cars win some road races and fell in love with that car ( wife 3 daughters) so car was not in my future. Dad said son it will be yours 1 day well 5 years later I got the car!
    Thanks Mom and Dad! Now it is a 347 stroker motor with 24lb injectors, tranny has a slamming shift kit, 410 rear gears 17” 97 cobra rims,white with gray interior, it has won several car shows it looks stock but will hold its own in red light battles ! That car has been passed to my Daughter. I purchased now 20 years ago 1987 Red Mustang GT convertible on its 3 motor now 3 tranny
    Was going to the Coyote but even with a salvage motor out of a truck north of $10k for motor and still needed a tranny so yep I have a LS1 all aluminum and 6 speed out of a Vette I call it a hybrid lol

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  17. Clay Harvey

    You would have seen these painted black and white in Texas. I was dispatcher in a small town police dept and two of the State Troopers had the Mustangs with the 5.0 five speed for their patrol car. In the early 90’s DPS got a contract with Chevy for Camaros. They didn’t work out well at all, both men were over six foot tall and the Camaro floor on the right side was too high. Then they went to turn around on a vilator and dropped into 2nd gear and it jammed there. They had it towed in and ordered a Crown Vic to replace it

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  18. Chris Cornetto

    I ordered an 88 LX v8 5 speed convertible. One of a few 80s rides I really liked. Young making great money at the time. I even went with the blue. I put a sizable down payment on it and waited. 6 weeks later the car came in, the salesman called letting me know it had arrived and said there was a slight problem. The contract price was a little higher to the tune of 2,500.00 bucks. They had a fully loaded GT convertible on the showroom floor that was 2k cheaper. I refused to take it. They wouldn’t honor the contract and I refused the car. It took a month and a half to get my down payment returned. I went and bought a low mileage 82 Riviera convertible. In 2000 an guy I went high school with who was Mr. Ford was at that time driving a very nice white over red LX 5 speed convertible. He would dump tons of cash into cars only to tire of them. The car had a cam installed, different pulleys, a tuned exhaust and was set up to pass emissions. He also had the car lowered and had frame connectors installed. He sold that car to me for 1k. In the 23 years since I have done little to nothing to the car. My wife drove it for years. There is nothing malaise about these. I have known a few who went to their Graves in them. I put this car in the same column as my Hyabusa and a few other mechanical monsters I have. They can be your best friend or worst nightmare. As long as you know its limitations and yours. These are fun reliable nice cars. Not many coupes left unmolested.

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