V8 And Air Conditioning: 1965 Dodge Dart Wagon

A clean and honest station wagon always seems like a great answer to the family equipped auto enthusiast. This ’65 Dart Wagon is a factory V8 car with air conditioning! With a great original look, and an extremely solid appearance, this Dodge seems like a reasonable deal for the seller’s $6,500 asking price. Check it out here on craigslist out of Hudson, North Carolina.

Under the hood is a fairly clean engine and bay that would benefit greatly from a quick detailing. The 273 cubic inch V8 is mated to a 904 Automatic transmission and apparently is a good driving station wagon. This is a manual brake car, but with a V8 and modern traffic I would opt for a power disk brake setup. Although the air conditioning system is still installed, it is not currently functional. Upon getting the A/c operational, this wagon would make for a great family hauler and classic road trip machine!

One thing that is really great about this wagon is its interior. Having aged beautifully, other than the seats, this interior is very nice with little evidence of fade. The dash is very nice, despite a somewhat modern radio. Although there is a not so pretty radio installed, the seller does have the original radio to include in the sale. Faded but not ripped, the seats are in fair shape, and could be left as is depending on your tastes. Although reupholstering the seats, and installing the factory radio would really clean up and make the interior of this wagon really nice.

Appearing to wear original paint, or a very old repaint, this wagon has a very straight body and overall very reasonable paint. The paint is damaged near the gas cap area, but the remainder of the paint appears to be all there. A good wash and wax would really bring this car to life. Rust looks to be a minor concern with this wagon, as there looks to be only a few small areas where there are rust blisters. There are a few blisters on the tail gate above the body trim. The rockers, and quarters look great, and overall this wagon looks extremely solid. All of the body trim and chrome is in place, and in nice shape. The seller has added 14” rally wheels but will include the original 13” wheels and caps for the full asking price. A wash and wax, a/c repair, and upholstery job would really spruce up this great looking classic station wagon. Would you invest the time and effort into this great looking classic wagon?

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  1. Rob

    Cool car. I’d drive the poop out of it.

  2. 68 custom

    nice wagon. looks nice enough to drive as is though disc brakes would a welcome addition.I say it is priced about right.

  3. LAB3

    I’m not a Mopar guy nor do I have a thing for wagons but darn, this is one solid looking machine priced nicely!

  4. sparkster

    I love wagons , I have to wonder what the date code is on those Goodyear Wingfoot radials. I believe they stopped manufacturing those about 25 years ago.

  5. C Carl

    Great looking wagon. Glass, paint, interior, motor, bits and pieces all look good.

  6. Rock On Member

    Good start for another wagon Wenesday!

  7. Ed P

    It is hard to believe that Chrysler once made a car as tough and durable as this. Then they followed up with the Volare/Aspen disaster. Take a good weekend and the paint may even shine!

  8. BillB

    An ashtray in every door handle….the good ole days!

  9. Carla

    Is there room to fit a brake booster?

    • jesus bortoni

      I was just talking with my brother on this very issue. If possible do front disc brakes, detail the hell out of the interior, exterior (with a good compound job) and under the hood and have a VERY NICE daily driver. Over time put some 15″ tires and work on the details. All in for about $15K vs $25K for a low end Camry?
      No contest.

      • Loco Mikado

        Why would you want to put 15″ tires on it? They handle and ride really great with 14’s. All you’re going to do is ruin it with 15’s and have lots of clearance problems. 15’s are for the full size cars. Besides I don’t think you would be able to find 15’s in the small 5 lug bolt pattern that this car has. It was difficult enough 25-30 years ago to find 14’s for this car.

  10. ROTAG999

    I like this great price pretty rare car wrong coast…damn.

  11. Peter k

    The difference between this and a Camry wagon is that in the event of a head on collision with another vehicle you could die in this vs walking away from it in the camry

    • Adrian C

      But die with a smile in a much cooler car than a bland coma inducing Camry.

      • billy

        Sorry, love my Mopars (kid brother has a 65 Valiant with the 273, it rocks), but the Toyota is by far a better car. It will run circles around this in a straight line or on the curves, plus do it in air conditioned comfort with all the modern niceties and have a warranty to boot. For a daily driver, maybe, if you are handy with a wrench and get it for 6K. The Camry will run for 250K miles without blinking, these were toast in a third of that. The good old days were good because we were still young, and these cars were all we had. Modern automobiles have come a long long way. Not saying you can’t enjoy this, I would, but as a car to get me were I needed to go regularly and reliably, Toyota or Honda for me.

        Like 1
    • Ed P

      Who cares. This is an old car site. Why are you here?

      Like 1
  12. Charles H.

    This is a lovely wagon, it’s located in the same town as I live in, I have seen it driving by from the road, and was actually gonna stop and make some photos of it to submit, but y’all beat me to it. It is indeed as nice in person, as the photos suggest. I may make a lower offer on it and see where it gets me….

  13. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Soooo….Peter your on BF for what ?

    • LAB3

      Daddy says I can’t dwive a cow like that or I might get a boo boo

  14. sparkster

    good point lawrence , lol

  15. chad

    had the ’64 &6 wagons but both w/170 slant. 300k mi each for me…

  16. Harvey Peever

    This is such a nice looking car compared to some chryslers of that era that were just, well, something only the designer could love.

  17. Rolf Poncho 455

    cool wagon i like it

  18. Bradley Clark

    What a VERY cool wagon. A 273 and factory is the ticket. Billy’s comment just makes me red in the face. To compare this classic Dodge to a Toyota or Honda…
    Well, let’s take a look at how many 1965 Toyota’s or Honda’s are considered to be reliable classics in Japan ? Better just leave it at that.

    Back to the Dodge. I seriously that the upholstery is original. I doubt that cloth was even available as an option in a Dart. Yet, I would LOVE to have it !

    • Michael

      Good eye! Wagons would have come standard with Vinyl. No “velour” cloth as pictured was available for another 10 years on an A-body. Also, the headliner would have been nylon/vinyl, not cloth “velour” as pictured. Still, nicely done updates back in the era of am/fm cassette and raised-letter radials. No over-spray on jams, so presume other than tailgate it is the original durable paint.

      • Ed P

        AM (American Music) was about all you could get in ’65. No Foreign Music then.

  19. T-bone

    Wow! Hudson making the cut on Barn Finds….pretty Cool! This car is about a quarter mile from my shop and I see it every day. Maybe I should stop and take a peek at it.

  20. Jubjub

    Neat wagon. And remember, there hasn’t been a Camry wagon available for about twenty years or so now.

    • Ed P

      Also, who would care?

  21. chad

    Comments on THAT motor from a mopar guy?

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