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The venerable F-series Ford trucks hit the market in 1948 – called the Bonus Built line – and immediately won over the marketplace. Its truck chassis was augmented by creature comforts in the cab and suspension, appealing to buyers with a variety of needs. For instance, the first generation F-series came in eight sizes, all the way up to 22,000 lbs. By the time the mid-1950s rolled around, the second generation F-series cab was large enough to seat three and customers could choose from among several engines and transmissions. In 1956, the second gen F-series ended production with a one-year-only body style and the advent of a 239 cu. in. V8 called the Y-block, aka the Power King. This last-year body had almost vertical windshield pillars and wrap-around front glass. By now the half-ton was called the F-100. Here on eBay is a 1956 Ford F-100 truck for sale with a 292 cu. in. Y-block V8. Spirited bidding has sent the price to $8,100, with no reserve. The truck is located in Fort Pierce, Florida. The owner has used the truck as a “parts runner” and says it runs and drives well.

Sometime in the past, this truck might have had a motor transplant, because the US-made F-100 in 1956 didn’t come with a 292 cu. in. Y-block. But there it is, nestled in the engine bay. The VIN supplied shows an engine code of “U” for unknown, so who knows what was original? But also, who cares! This truck does burnouts (maybe check those tires!) The motor is paired with a three-speed manual on the column.  The seller emphasizes that the truck is “absolutely original” but I am starting to wonder what “original” means these days…. Aside from the motor, this one has an aluminum radiator and an alternator – both for driveability. The truck’s brakes were rebuilt in July this year. The video link above refers to other work performed recently, too.

The interior is in serviceable condition. The seller says the gauges were restored, and the interior lights work. The running lights were repaired, too, but the blinkers don’t work. Also, the seat needs repair, along with the bed. We aren’t given photos of the bed, so hard to tell what we’re facing there.

The body retains what remains of its original paint. The floor is said to be solid, with no patches. The seller is throwing in a number of parts with the sale, including doors, rear glass and seal, shocks, and other miscellaneous items. He says the gutters will need rust repair, along with the hood. I’m not sure I would bother, though; this truck is handsome as it sits. What do you think?

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  1. Sam Shive

    My first was a 56 F-100 Panel. I brought it off the original owner. (It was a painters truck) It also had a 292 in it with a ROD KNOCK, I was 14 and had a few years to work on it. The plan was learn as I went. I was working my paper route and my cousin’s gas station. and car lot, so I had everything I needed. Took my driving test in it and passed first time. Learned a lot about a lot with that old Ford. I still know where it’s at and first on the list to buy it. Should have never sold it when I joined the Navy. From 1973 to Now. I’ve always had a soft spot for this body style.I retired in Florida and might look st this as another toy to keep me outta trouble.

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  2. gaspumpchas

    doing a burnout with an old Y block will send it to the scrapper right quick, not robust and ancient, so be careful if you are looking at this one. looks like a great truck to cruise with. Gutter repair means a rotten roof so get set to fix that. And as per usual, high bidder and most of the bids are suspect…Good luck and happy motoring.

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    • oldskool55f100

      Did many burnouts with my 57 292 Ranch Wagon… Never had any issues.. Had many Y blocks… Only problem I ever heard of is if the oil wasn’t changed regularly it would cause insufficient oil to the rockers..

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  3. tommy c

    correct engine color for a 272 Y block and they did come in 1956 F-100 series trucks.

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  4. Joe Haska

    The listing on e bay has been removed. Not sure why ,but at the 8 K reached, it was a very good buy. I always comment on these F 100’s , because I have built and owned, several of them. This one certainly checks allot of the necessary items, depending on your plan for the truck. It seems like the Pick Up Craze is not going to end anytime soon, so the buy in seems high ,but it still keeps going up. I have seen so many worse than this one for a lot bigger price tag. I would be curious why the seller cancelled the ad.

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  5. BobS

    eBay listing still there with price currently at $8400.


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  6. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    I have had a great appreciation for these pickups since about 1960 when one of my brothers bought a 55 f-100 short bed. His had a drop axel in front and rear raised for a then enjoyable rake. It had a 292 V8 with three on the tree. Painted in enamel white with gold reversed wheels it looked really sharp to me. The seat had been redone with burlap over the seat frame then 8″ of foam rubber and 2″ of cotton then covered in red and white tuck n roll covers. The dash was red and the door panels matched the seat cover. For a boy of about 13 it didn’t get much better than that. I was so proud to be seen in my brothers truck. He was 22 at the time and worked as a surveyor for the California Highway Department, still single and living at home on our dad’s farm. Those were good times for me. Wish I could get this truck, make it like his was and gift it to him. He’s still going strong at 84 years now.

    God Bless America

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