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V8 Zombie Hunter? 1954 Volvo TP21 Sugga

I have come across one of these Volvo Suggas before and am always amused when you realize that Sugga translates into “Sow”. With both a civilian and military purpose in mind, this 1954 example, which looks like a TP21 (’53-’58) comes complete with a machine-gunners roof hatch along with some non-standard features – more on that to follow. This Volvo Sugga is located in Spring, Texas and is available here on craigslist for $25,000. Thanks to Roger for this tip!

Our seller tells us, “Extremely rare – only 10 in the US and 715 in the world“. I’m not sure how that can be known with accuracy. The 715 figure for a TP21 is about right for the total production but I take the statement to read “currently”. But OK, it’s not common. As mentioned, these were often used in military service, much like a Hummer, but there was a commercial livery version too. The military version made do with a 90 HP, 3.6 liter, in-line, six-cylinder engine.

That’s not the case here as some enterprising soul has stuffed a Chevrolet 350 CI, small-block V8 under its vented hood. There’s no word as to how it operates and no details provided other than the mention of power steering inclusion. But we are told that “it ran and drove great when it was parked“…The lack of a clutch pedal tells us that an automatic transmission is in place but that’s all she wrote.  One statistic that I would find interesting would be how many different kinds of vehicles have undergone a bowtie small-block swap. It’s probably incalculable.

Back to the hood, the vents are not a feature that I could find on other Suggas nor are the horizontal grille bars. A custom feature? Perhaps. The seller adds that this Sugga was a radio command car so the machine gun hatch seems incongruous but maybe the watchwords “Be Prepared” applied in this case regardless of this vehicle’s original intended purpose. There have been other exterior modifications too with what looks like welded angle iron steps and an extended bumper/brush guard extended across the rear.

The interior is pretty gnarly by virtue of the wrinkled seat covers and what looks like a wood grain applique spread across the dash – doesn’t seem like a standard military vehicle feature. If you’ll note the steering wheel and column, I’d say that it has been borrowed from something GM.

OK, so now it’s what to do with it time. I haven’t a clue – the machine gun hatch is tempting but then anything with a sunroof will suffice in that department. I guess you could try your hand at zombie hunting or off-roading – you’ll be the only one in the mud-bog with one, right?


  1. David

    Wow, either there are a few of these around, or this is the same one I saw in southern NH, circa 2004.

    Had a 350 out of a 1979 Chevy pickup, with a TH350…that’s all I recall mechanically. I don’t remember what transfer case it had or if it was 4WD.

    What makes me really think this is the same one is the paint. The owner of the one I saw said that he received it painted black over the original green, and he had plans to repaint it green. Seeing some evidence of black and green present here makes me wonder.

    The only other detail I recall is that the only climate control was the fact that the windows opened. I am 99 percent sure the one I saw didn’t have any factory climate control at all, not even heat, given cold Swedish winters.

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  2. Big Al

    Really Cool. Not sure $ 25,000 cool.

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    • Ken

      True. Enough said.

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  3. Mike

    Hmmm… buy this and spend big bucks trying to undo all the redneck s**t, or spend big bucks and import something already done. At this point, you are just buying a shell. Uber, super cool 4×4. One could have imported a nice one at $25k about 10 years ago.

    You could buy the best one in the world for $104k

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  4. Bill D

    Looks like a War Wagon from Mad Max: Fury Road. Ride eternal, shiny and chrome!

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  5. Al

    Sugga translates to Sow. This thing is definitely a PIG

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  6. Scott

    “Pig in knickers” comes to mind .. 25k no way

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  7. Steve Clinton

    Sugga translates into “Sow”. And we all know what TP stands for.

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  8. jwaltb

    Texas hog. Already butchered!

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  9. GOM

    Once again, a potentially desirable vehicle is corrupted with a 350/350 transplant. If the original engine/trans were not salvageable, how about a Ford 300 six and a NP435 as a more “in- character” swap, although the original pieces are almost always my first choice in these types of rigs. Not everyone needs or wants hot rod performance or Chevy power!

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  10. Lance

    Looks like a Russian copy of an already ugly design. Needs a Harpoon missile.

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    • Al

      No, it needs a Tupolev Tu-95 Bear to take it out of its misery.

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  11. Larry
  12. chrlsful

    this one sits on the edge of mod/heavily modded.
    I’d got the other way & put it back toward oe.
    i6 is better than bent8 off rd as the tq comes in
    higher@lower (1500 RPM), less wheel spin.

    Return the missing parts even if U need to use
    a break and sub to a machine shop (we can do alot
    as there’s a bridgport & different welding equip here).
    They look sharp as designed – several on-line clubs to
    help U out. If lucky enuff to B in possession of something
    like this Y not do it right? After all “We are just momentary curators.”

  13. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I first saw one of these Suggas parked on a side road in the middle of the very expensive area of Kensington, [London UK]. It was in beautiful condition, still outfitted in the Swedish military colors and equipment. Kept seeing it in the same parking place for many years before it finally disappeared.

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