Vintage Carry-All: 1955 Chevy 2-Ton Hauler

When it comes to moving vintage cars from place to place, a modern car carrier can look far too new for the hardware it’s responsible for ferrying. Of course, it’s also the safest and most protected way to move a fragile car or truck, but car transporters like this vintage 1955 Chevrolet make a strong case for sacrificing some security in favor of some style. Find this well-preserved workhorse here on eBay with one bid to $1,500 and no reserve. 

This transporter-bodied ’55 is similar in design to the 1955 pickup we’ve listed as an Exclusive from the large Georgia collection clean-out. However, despite years of likely commercial use, this example doesn’t seemingly reveal years’ worth of being ridden hard and put away wet. The old-school Oklahoma license plates and current Texas location many indicate it’s been hiding out in dry, desert country for many years at this point.

The interior is quite utilitarian, reflecting the conditions many tow truck driver were likely accustomed to for many years. It’s only been recently that tow rigs have become outfitted with creature comforts to make a challenging job a little more comfortable. The door jambs reveal white paint underneath the orange top coat, along with a shade of robin’s egg blue on the dash and door panels.

The seller notes he rebuilt the carburetor and starter and also installed a new fuel filter and rubber fuel lines. The Chevy now starts up and idles well, but it cannot be driven due to the brakes not functioning correctly (the rear line was cut). Overall, the solid condition combined with the ample amounts of period coolness make this vintage hauler a worthwhile restoration candidate, especially for bringing your trailer queen to the car show in style.

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  1. jaygryph

    Neat ol truck. I’m always a bit surprised when old haulers survived decades of beatings.

  2. j.t.

    Not a car hauler. More like an old wrecker with boom removed. There is a difference between a car hauler and a wrecker/tow truck.

  3. J.T.Wilson

    Not a car hauler. More like an old wrecker with boom removed. There is a difference between a car hauler and a wrecker/tow truck.

    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Correct J.T. This was a wrecker not a hauler. The plate is covering up where the boom once lived

    • 4 barrel

      Yea you are correct. Probably had a very hard life.

  4. Miguel

    Do people really restore these?

    • Steve R

      More likely it’s modernized and used for something else. This cab on a later model flatbed car hauler would be a great way to tow around a vintage car to shows. There are a couple of guys that haul around their bracket cars on old flatbed car haulers, it’s easier to park and unload after a race and saves money on the toll bridges.

      Steve R

  5. Richard keevil

    Nice truck, but car carrier? How would you ever get it up there? Looks to me to be an oil tanker. Curved above tail lights, side platforms for accessing top of tank and hose storage.

    • Danny

      wow you’re right I could see that. Definitely have some kind of a tank hang on the back of that thing

  6. Scooter

    Maybe not a car hauler, but, easily haul a few bikes to the show.

  7. Dirk

    I once had a car hauler something like that but it had two heavy steel ramps that went up over the cab at a very steep angle and a powerful winch at the top. It was more than a little top heavy with a car loaded on it and handled a little weird, especially in a side wind when it tended to change lanes all by itself but it worked and was pretty handy for moving one car.

  8. geomechs Member

    I see the makings of a nice vintage field service truck. Put a crane and service boxes on it. More accessories like a compressor. Restore it and make it new again. Lots of miles left in this beast.

  9. FiremanDan

    I would take this old wrecker and stretch her frame 10 ft….and make a cool hauler out of her w a Cummins 12 valve…and AC

  10. Goon

    I believe it was probably a small tank truck by the rounded cut out at end of bed. Cool old truck.

    • Rustowner

      I believe you are right Goon. No signs that this was ever a a wrecker, such as a PTO, engagement levers for the winch, structure behind the cab where the boom would be mounted, lack of tool boxes for towing equipment, etc, etc. I strongly suspect this had a tank mounted on it for oil field work (water, grout, mud, etc) given the area of the country its located in or a water tanker of some sort for a municipality etc.. Flat areas (on the left and right of the area where the tank would have been mounted) would have carried sections of hard hose for loading and unloading.

    • Howard A Member

      I too thought it was an old wrecker, but I believe you got it. That rounded back did it. Good work, BTW, it appears there’s a piece of metal in the floor next to the shifter, that may have had a pto lever.

  11. Steve

    I have a vintage 60’s Lincoln 200 welding machine that was my dad’s, who is a retired pipeline welder has that would look right at home on the back of this, along with a bottle rack for cutting gas and some top mount tool boxes. I would bob the rear of the bed off right behind the spring hangers and build a new rear portion of the bed to house the license plate and tail lights though. It wouldn’t be too good out on the highway, but would still be good out on my land building pipe fence and such. Dad also has a 48 GMC 1-1/2 ton, that I have considered mounting the welder on, but it would required building a complete bed. It also has a dump bed that I can’t bring myself to do away with. (I have considered sitting the frame under the cab and making a dump trailer out of it.)

  12. Little Cars

    Another eBay blooper that will confuse potential bidders. No way to dispute eBay on this one as we all now know.

    Listing says title is clear, but in the narrative the seller says Bill of Sale only. Dang nabbit…the old Bill of Sale flim flam! Makes me click to the next eBay item in my search criteria.

    I like this rig. There are tow trucks and dumps all over my local CL that could volunteer everything from the cab back. Sigh.

  13. chad

    weld on short angle pieces, stow the rest of ramps under bed. Haul vehicle at current bed level.
    Currently have ’72 chevy that duz that. Put a 400 crank in the 350’n modded it up for power. Duz better than the ’96 3500HD on hills/in wind.


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