Vintage Rail: 1950’s Dragster Project

It is always a blast to seek and find unusual cars that have come up for sale. Projects often come to a close, leaving a void to have yet another project in our sights. For those of you with a finished truck or wagon project that need something to tow around, this vintage dragster just might be what you need. Drag your friends and family to the track with this time capsule, and take on vintage drag racing events! With a bit of updating and an engine, you could be embracing 1950s-1960s era break neck speeds for the low current bid amount of $1,575. Check out this dragster here on ebay out of New Palestine, Indiana.

You might have noticed that the heart of this dragster is missing, but the remaining chassis and axles are still in place. Appearing to have been powered by a 4 carb flathead, I am sure this thing was zippy in its day. Utilizing a Ford rear end, Harley Davidson wire wheels, and a modified Anglia front axle, this unique mash up of parts leaves you with a cool and period looking dragster.

The seller has included an image of what this dragster looked like assembled, but it appears that the image isn’t quite as old as it would seem. The cars in the background of the photo are late 90’s era cars, but this dragster is complete with the finned head 4 carb V8 flatty. The seller found this image online and sadly does not have that engine with the car.

In my eyes, this looks like such a fun project to take on. Seek out an engine and period correct parts, and make sure that its “legal” for modern day vintage racing. Vintage racing is a great way to get your kids involved with cars, while having a free pit crew to help out in between races, and all while learning and gaining valuable knowledge and experience. Hitch the period correct trailer to the back of your classic wagon with your family, cooler, and grill inside, then make your way to the track with your period correct tow rig and drag machine. What period correct engine would you put in this dragster?


WANTED 1974 Porsche 914 2.0” “In a barn for over 30 years.” Contact

WANTED 1967-1969 Pontiac Firebird Looking for an original 400 convertible, 3 or 4 speed preferred. No restomods. Contact

WANTED 1967 Chevrolet C20 4×4 I need a rust-free or easily restored cab for a ’67 small rear window C20 4×4. Contact

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  1. Peri Od

    Make sure the parts are period correct. If they are not period correct, your period will not be correct. Period.

  2. RayZ

    a 56 Pontiac dual quad 316 engine

  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    “Rails”, “diggers”, and “slingshots” all described this car. This car hails from the mid to late ’50’s, as by the 60’s, they became more like modern dragsters, pre-rear engine. This was from a time, when anybody with a welder, and a stash of various car parts could go racing. I believe the 1st “rail job” was built by Mickey Thompson. Speeds for these were about 140 mph and 10 seconds in the 1/4. Pales in comparison to a modern dragster, but still, faster than anything on the street at that time. Sky’s the limit on the power, flathead V8’s were the choice and I doubt could be made compliant to actually race, but a fun toy to take out to “Airport Rd.”

  4. Steve R

    Hardly any cars running at the vintage drags are old. The true vintage cars are parked in the show section or fired up during the cackle portion. It doesn’t make financial sense to try and update this to current safety standards. It makes sense to “restore” to what was raced in the late-50’s or early-60’s, then hang out with your buddies and reminisce about the old days drinking a beer and eating BBQ while sitting under the shade of an EZ-UP.

    Steve R

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Cacklefests are awesome. I saw them at Pomona a few years ago.

  5. Wade Anderson

    My Grandmother had Plymouth just like that only it a t was a mint green

  6. GearHead Engineering

    Cool rail. I love it, but for reasons noted above I would never buy one. No point building a car I can’t drive.

    I’m more interested in the background cars. This seller has some cool stuff in process.

    – John

  7. JW

    If money was no object it would be cool to restore it to period correct race form then just take to car events and fire it up for the kiddies.

  8. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    What kind of Anglia did the front axle come from? Certainly not a British Ford Anglia as they had McPherson struts.

    • Geri

      Anglia’s had Axles- I have Anglia spindles on my Dragster (from an axle). at some point they may have had independent suspension but early were axles. either way it was a good era of drag racing,I started drag racing in 1960,I witnessed the birth of dragsters to the modern back motor cars, ironic given the contemporary dragster at 300″wheelbase are exactly double my 150″ car. (1965 AA/FD)

  9. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    The Ford popular was also sold as an Anglia & 4 Dr prefect (from post ww2 to the late 50s the former alongside the 100e ) as well as the thames/fordson van. Often referred to as “sit up & beg” type.

    The 100e & 105e had McPherson struts.

  10. charlie morrison

    What is the black car with the fins beside it?,love that car

    • Mountainwoodie

      Ill take the 60 or 61 Plymouth.thank you

      • Geri

        it is a 1960 Plymouth.

  11. Tonyf

    It’s a 1960 Plymouth belvedere my uncle bought one brand new. Still had the original bill of sale and plastic seat covers 6 cyl three on the tree. 66000 original miles. Purred like a kitten . Sold by family before I had a chance to buy it . My uncle waxed it so much he wore a spot on the trunk down to the prime and even that was smooth and was always garaged .

  12. Pat A

    It looks like something Herman Munster and Grandpa would have kludged together out of old organ pipes and bicycle parts.

  13. half cab

    TV Tommy maybe?

  14. Wrong Way

    Heck, I want to know about that big finned beauty on the other side! LOL, that’s more my style!

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Pretty Cool rig. I did not notice it in this posting until I came back from the Ebay ad. They placed a mock up driver in the rail. Easy to see in the last Ebay photo. My kind of guy.

  16. Nathan

    Given the “shop built” feel of these old rails, I think it would be fun to put in an electric motor. With electric dragsters breaking 10 sec, someone could have some fun with this old rail.

  17. Fred Ruetz

    I am looking for a 1960s dragster to pull behind my hot rod to shows and cruise notes. Rolling chassis is great. I’m 74 years old, just trying to get to the old days.

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