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This dirty but apparently complete 1966 Plymouth Fury VIP could be an inexpensive way to have a useful hobby car in the family. It’s located in Paragould, Arkansas and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is at $200 but the reserve isn’t met.


With factory air conditioning, power steering and power brakes, this car offers enough creature comforts to be able to be driven in modern traffic without much effort. The trailer hitch is reasonable considering the size and power of the vehicle; this could be a nice, useful car in addition to being a budget fun classic.


Apart from the holes in the front floors, the interior doesn’t look like a bad place to be. The seats would probably clean up nicely and the dash doesn’t have any huge cracks. The windshield is broken, however the seller has a solution to that, and the floors look flat enough that you could cut them out and replace them with plain sheet metal. Carpet is readily available; in this case I might buy some plain red auto carpet and do it myself.


There’s a spare windshield included with the car! I actually really like the looks of this vintage upholstery; I’m assuming it is original–it does look like some pictures I found online. Plenty of room to haul kids or other family members with you on runs to the store on weekends, or maybe to a local show or club meeting.


The seller says the 318 V-8 needs a distributor cap and wires to fire up; they also claim to have receipts from the cylinder heads being rebuilt recently. It may need more than that cap and wires, but I still think this could be a great buy, depending on what the reserve is. What would you do with this VIP (Very Important Plymouth)?

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  1. Chris

    I had one of these in the 1990’s with a 383. Great driving/riding cars.

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  2. Howard A. Howard AMember

    I always kind of laughed at the “VIP” ( Very Important Person) designation. Kind of like the Pontiac “Executive”. Poor person works their tail off, goes down to the local Plymouth dealer and comes home with a “VIP” Plymouth, much to the amazement of their neighbors. These, at the time, were probably Chrysler’s best cars. So much so, Wisconsin used them as State Trooper cars for a while. (a friend bought a ’65 ex-trooper car like this. That car did a certified 120mph) Again, neat to see, but probably not a lot of appeal here. Maybe painted up like an old police car.

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    • Angus

      Nice AC Unit. Not common for 66

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  3. Chebby

    I dig these. Check out the P L Y M O U T H lettering across the rear bumper.

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  4. MountainMan

    This would clean up pretty good I think. Finding some vintage wheel covers or even better some mopar rally wheels and dog dish caps would really change the look of this car and make it much more pleasing to the eye. If the price stays low it will likely make someone a nice cruiser with room for friends and family. I would drive it

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  5. MartyMember

    The VIP had a more luxurious interior with fancier seats and door panels than the regular Fury III or the Sport Fury, although the exterior body is the same and the exterior trim not much different. This one may be missing it’s fender skirts, but those aren’t impossible to find. The body looks pretty solid, and the interior decent, this car can be a capable driver. This one has the older wide-block style 318, which is also a good engine. Good transmissions, torsion bar front suspension, these are solid drivers. It seems like the majority of these 60s Mopar buyers tended to gravitate toward the sedans, but I think the four door hardtop is much more desirable today. And I like the white exterior and red interior, a classic sixties-era color combination.

    The seller’s decision to scrimp on $30 worth of tune up parts to have a running vehicle is pretty dubious, and I’ll never understand why they can’t be bothered to spend literally five minutes to pick up the trash out of their cars before photographing them.

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  6. Rod

    The car is definitely worth buying even if it is used for a parts car. There are lots of parts on here that are worth good money and would easily recoup the purchase price. I don’t like to see cars like this stripped but this version is not worth a lot even in good condition so selling off the parts to help salvage a better car would be putting it to good cause.
    I would purchase it if it was in Canada as I could use some chrome and dash components.

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  7. Mark S

    It’s to bad that the auto marker didn’t do more to make these 4 door cars look more attractive, all it would have taken Is a sleeker roof line and side windows that looked more like the two door models. this is a nice solid car that has survived all this time it would be a shame to part it out. I think because it is so undesirable why not customize it a bit. I’ve seen examples of 4 door car like these in the hands of a good fabricator who could turn this into a very cool custom 2 door. At some point in my life I would like to rise to just such of a challenge. What do you have to loose it’s a $300.00 car. I’d remove the interior and store it away in a safe dry place and get started restylizing this car. That would be a fun project, to bad the usual road blocks are in the way time, space, money, and an understanding wife that would be ok with such foolishness. Cheers

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    Nothing to see here

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  9. Steve

    Easy resto, great find

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  10. Jim Marshall

    This was Plymouth’s attempt to compete along side Chevy’s Caprice against the fancy Ford Galaxie 500 LTD Ford introduced in 1965. The Ford interior was really upscale for a so called low priced car as were the Plymouth and Chevy.

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