Wants It Gone: SAAB 95 Wagon


UPDATE: The SAAB has sold!

From Wayne M. – This is a late 60’s 95 Saab station wagon. I came across it in Bluff, Utah a couple of days ago. The owner is very motivated and “wants it off her property” ASAP or it’s going to the crusher next week. No title; bill of sale. Asking $900.00 which is in line with the book price. Appears as 99% complete and is said the have run in the last 2 or 3 years. Books and parts in the car; no obscene rust could be seen, but… cute as a bug, don’t let this go to the crusher. This is owned by the daughter of the man who had it and worked on it over the last few years. She indicates some electrical issues have kept it off the street. You can contact me by email for the owner’s info.

For Sale Sign

Sun Burnt

SAAB Grill

SAAB Interior

Arizona Plates

Witch Hats

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  1. jaygryph

    There’s a blue one of these that drives around Oregon, have seen it a few times. Once at a concourse show with roof rack and luggage and everything and looking like it was all ready to go on a 60’s holiday trip, and the other time cruising along with a perforated vinyl wrap for voting for some 60’s era Russian or Swedish or somesuch political event plastered on the whole tail end of it.

    It warms the rusty little cockles of my heart to see such a car out cruising the motorways. It’s so remarkably quirky that you just know anyone that owns and drives one is putting forth sometimes Herculean effort to keep it motoring down the byways.

    • grant

      I too have seen the blue one in the portland area, but I didn’t know what it was. Thanks .

    • Ray Kopczynski

      I do have a 2-tone 1972 Saab 95 that I drive regularly in the mid-Willamette valley. And I have taken it to the Forerst Grove Concours several years for “show & tell.” Yes , I also “plastered” the rear-end with a electioneering blurb to help me get elected to the Albany City Council. If you’re “into” vintage Saabs, take a look at the Vintage Saab Club of North America site: http://vscna.org

      Ray Kopczynski
      Albany, OR

      • Fogline


  2. mike young

    No title? No problem… People make a big deal out of that. The DMV just want their fees!

  3. Dan h

    My first thought was take it to the range and fill it full of holes.
    On second thought, she sure looks solid. Probably would restore up nicely. Crazy how fast a car can grow on you!

  4. jim s

    either fix it up or use for parts. i do hope it gets saved from the crusher. interesting find.

  5. JW454

    This one looks like it wouldn’t take much to get on the road. The body does look solid at least from the outside. The electrical issues wouldn’t be a problem for me as long as I could get any needed parts. I’m thinking I wish it was closer.
    Pound out that dent on the left rear, some tinkering and I’d be driving. Hummm…

  6. gunningbar

    Ive wsnted one for years. I dont think these are hard to keep running but maybe some one can tell us.

  7. josh h

    I saw this too on my drive from Phoenix to Tacoma. That Saab was the most interesting thing in Bluff.

  8. Fogline

    I truly want one of these, but this is really in the middle of nowhere.

    • waynard

      Shouldn’t make any difference if you really want it. Call a shipper and get it!

  9. Jason Houston

    I’m having trouble deciding which is uglier – the styling or the condition.

    Choices, choices…

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