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Was A 396/4-Speed: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

On paper, this one would appear like a classic American dream car.  A first-year Chevrolet Camaro, 396 with a 4-Speed, a Super Sport model, plus it’s a convertible.  But then reality set in, and you come to find out somebody borrowed lots of the useful components leaving the proverbial roller, or a blank canvas as I’ve heard cases like these sometimes referred to.  If cars could talk, I’d like to ask this one just what exactly happened, but I think the voicebox is missing too so here’s a true example of WYSIWYG.  If you’ve been searching for an early F-Body project, perhaps this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible here on eBay has something to offer that you’ve been looking for.  The car is presently in York, Pennsylvania, with bidding up to $7,100 at the moment, but that’s still short of the reserve.

Other than the seller telling us this one’s been sitting for many years, we don’t even get a clue as to why the Camaro is in such a state of disarray.  One could speculate it may have been involved in a frontal crash and the drivetrain was removed to put into another GM, but the hood is in the back seat and it looks relatively unscathed.  Or maybe a better Camaro needed the missing parts and they were removed to save a different car.  But those are all questions we’ll never know the answers to, and along with the negatives, some good news is what’s left seems to also have a few positives.  Wonder what the story is with that Barracuda in the background?

In addition to the exposed front area showing a good view of the frame, we also get a couple of decent shots of the underside, and from what I can tell things down below seem to be fairly solid overall.  So if you happen to have a spare 396 or other capable Chevy block, hopefully, the steel is in good enough shape to hold it safely without too much attention, although I did spot at least one small spot in the floorboard that’s rusted through but maybe that’s just an isolated area.  You’ll have to find a transmission and driveshaft too, plus that rear end is looking like it’s seen better days.

I was hoping the interior would still be intact, and a lot of it is but the dash is missing most of the goodies.  Fortunately, the console gauge package is still there, but who knows if any of it works.  Aftermarket parts are readily available for these cars, and since this one will never be a numbers-matching example again there’s really not a right or wrong way to move forward.  I could see bringing the car back to a factory look, or a cool resto-mod is always a fun choice.  What would you do with this Camaro?


  1. Maggy

    What a shame.Was probably parted out for whatever reason when these cars were a dime a dozen in the 70’s.Money pit to me but as the author notes it does look pretty solid underneath and I agree..LS restomod material I’m thinkin IF you got the bux since it’s not a #’s car anyway.Would be bad arse done right.Glwts.

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    • Stan

      True loyal bowtie 🎀 fans needed for this offering.

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    • Dennis

      I think the same. If the floors are that clean I would have thought cherry picked to build one similar. Too bad. Cost to make it rolling probably $15 $20,000

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  2. DW

    I’d drop in a 620 HP 572 big block, with a built 5 speed manual and a Moser 12 bolt. Then I’d make it handle the curves while implementing mandatory traction controls.

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    • PJ

      your build plan would be better suited for a hard top – imo

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  3. Melton Mooney

    Since the cowl tag shows it to be a big block four speed car, it should get a proper restoration even if the numbers don’t match.

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  4. Cooter Cooter Member

    The 40 yr old within me says “let’s buy it, drop in that 350 crate motor you have sitting the garage, buy a truckload of parts…we can do this!” The 61 yr old who currently resides here says “This thing needs at least 3 years and at least $60K worth of time and TLC”

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  5. Rick R

    Doesn’t look near as bad as a lot of barn finds, I guess it all boils down to the amount of money to restore it and what its worth when finished.

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  6. Rik

    Looks to be missing the “X” frame cross support that was put under the convertibles…

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    Looks like it was a driver in the 80’s according to those old Goodyear Eagle GT’s. Someone got the bright idea to take a good running car and make it not run by fixine er up. Divorce/health issues. Run out of money and time. Parts lost. We can speculate all day. What can be seen is a car that needs everything now.

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