Well-Documented R-Code Four-Speed 1969 Mustang

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During the classic Muscle Car era, “R” stood for “Racing” when it came to Ford engine codes, and while this 1969 Mustang Mach 1 in Sturgis, Michigan lacks its original R-code 428 Cobra-Jet engine, it would still make a fearsome driver and a valuable addition to any Mustang owner’s stable. Offered here on eBay, it’s enticed at least one bidder beyond $20,000.

The seller knows his or her Mustangs, and provides details and answers to many potential buyers’ questions in a palatable format. It’s nice to see a car get the respect it deserves, namely pictures and information. Sadly we see many vehicles offered up with all the fanfare of a rusty wheel-barrow:  a few blurry cell-phone pictures, no history, a ten-word description, seven of which are miss-spelled and stitched together in ALL CAPS and/or with 3rd-grade grammar. Sometimes more than half the listing is devoted to warnings not to double-cross the lazy seller. The latter type could take a moment to appreciate this car’s well-crafted listing.

Let’s face it, if you special-order a car as “Radio Delete” so it comes with a wood-grain panel and no antennae, you’re probably either the cheapest penny-pincher on the block or you’re only interested in drag-racing. Other similar extreme options included single sun visors, because who wants the extra weight of a second visor slowing you down when you hit the 1320? The mild 3.25:1 rear axle gears and power brakes, on the other hand, suggest daily driving duties.

This view of a driveway where an amazing 428 cid Cobra-Jet once lived stands as this Mustang’s major shortcoming. By 1969, only the NASCAR-inspired Z-code 429 made more power than the R-code 428 (375 vs. 335 HP, respectively). Thanks to shnack.com for some details. Oddly an update to the listing stated that parts originally listed with the car would no longer be included, certainly a downer for anyone who reads the listing top to bottom. It’s hard to go wrong with a pre-’71 Mustang. What do you think of this one?

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  1. Steve

    Very few comments on listings since it has become pay-per-view site. Too bad.

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  2. Joe

    Too bad what was once one of my favorite car sites is now devoid of the entertaining reader comments and opinions. Not many readers want to pay.

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  3. JerryDeeWrench

    What a bunch of cheap skates. Worth a lot more than the price of admission.

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  4. David

    Scrooge! Hope all of you at BF have those bad dreams and wake up better people. Seems your hobby is now your expense account.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Too bad the orig mill is gone. 20 large somebody wants it, that left front frame rail looks suspect. Drop another FE in there and go!!


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  6. Troy s

    It’s funny that Ford rated the 428 cobra jet at 335 horsepower, that’s less than the standard 428 I believe! The NHRA thought it was a joke too, I’ve heard over 400. Can’t really believe the horsepower ratings, especially from Ford, back then. The Boss 429 was no quicker than the 428 mustangs and was a LOT mo money, not to mention a bit pesky on the street.
    This mean machine must have been one nice ride, lots of cool options and even with the tame gearing the rear tires were gonna have a rough life.

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Correct Troy–another one they underrated was the Boss 302–they rated the boss at 300 hp. I’ve heard upwards of 375 on that one. Don’t know anyone that had ever dyno’ed a stock one, but have a friend who had a nice ’70 boss…one trip in one of those would have you looking for a neck brace. 300 hp wink wink….great thread and conversation!! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  7. Steve

    It looks like the auction ended with the reserve not being met at $22,200. For another $15,000, you could get a correct 428 for it! Granted, it will never be the ORIGINAL numbers matching engine, but it’s about as close as you’ll get!


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  8. Steve

    I had a buddy in high school in the late 80’s that had a red 69 Mach 1 that was originally a 428/ 4 spd car. It had a 390 in it and he drove it like he stole it. All the time…

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