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Well Done Bird: 1963 Thunderbird Landau


This 1963 Ford Thunderbird looks a little sun-baked, but it’s a relatively solid and straight car that might make a great entry classic. It’s located in Clovis, California and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is currently well under $1,000 with no reserve.


The sides of this car look relatively solid, certainly not the rust buckets I’ve seen from up North. Although the car is not in running condition, if it stays close to the price it’s at now I think that’s OK.


For those black plate lovers, it’s here! Other than the right taillight being damaged, it looks like the car is in remarkably solid condition. These are my favorite Thunderbirds (1961-63 style).


While the interior certainly needs some work, it is complete, and includes a lot of options. This Landau came equipped with power windows, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. Of course, with the car non-operative, we don’t know how many of those systems still work, but what a great start for a restoration! I have to wonder how that Buick floor mat got in there, though.


The 390 is in there, although the air conditioning compressor seems to have gone missing. Even so, this sure seems like a great starter hobby car to me, even if the ‘Bird is a bit well-done. What do you think?


  1. JamestownMike

    A SUPER SOLID, sun baked, Southwestern car!…….just the way I like em!

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  2. Jason Houston

    Clovis is a great place to find a nice, dry SW car. Now, can I have those 1961 whitewalls and floor mats for my Buick Invicta?

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  3. Mark S

    The rocket ship que’s on these old T bird really are over the top, it gives us a reminder of just how big of a deal the space age (race) was back in the 60’s. I’d also like to say a happy thanks giving to our neighbors to the south I know that this holiday is a big event down there, as you my or my not know we Canadian’s celebrate this holiday earlier then you guys do.

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  4. Al

    Darn finally something that’s almost in my price range but too far away! Still waiting to see one of the 2 seat birds with the optional rumble seat show up as a barn find.

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  5. MountainMan

    Looks soild. I`m with Mike, sunbaked SW cars are OK in my book. Hard to go wrong if the price stays low. Gotta love the big personal luxury cars with all the comforts and a big V8. First go through the mechanicals and get it drivable and enjoy while dealing with cosmetics. Driving this will remind you why people call em boats.

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  6. JW454

    I don’t think that air cleaner or the valve covers are correct for this car. Some tinkering or an engine swap may have been done at some point. On the other hand, at this price point I don’t think it matters.

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  7. 64 bonneville

    JW454, you could be right about the valve covers and air cleaner, appears that there is an emissions decal on the far back end of the right valve cover, and the air cleaner, I believe, is off a later model engine. Overall a good buy at the $1000 dollar price, could most likely make a dd for about another $1500 doing the work yourself.

    Al the rumble seat early birds (55-57) was a dealer option that was called “a birds nest” very limited amounts were sold. a gentleman in Tulsa has on, in a light blue, which he bout in, I think 1959, who shows it every once in a while. I had asked him about 20 years ago if he would sell it and he told me he would if I gave him $60,000 for it.

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  8. Rancho Bella

    A joy and pleasure to drive. But, they have no value and it isn’t going to get any better, sadly. Beautiful cars

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  9. RollerD


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