Well-Loved: 1988 Jeep Comanche Eliminator

A new, Wrangler-based Jeep pickup is on the way for 2018, answering the pleas of Jeep lovers since…well, since the last Jeep pickup was discontinued in 1992. That hauler was the Comanche, and if you don’t feel like waiting another year, or shelling out modern Jeep prices, you could get your hands on a Jeep pickup right now by bringing home this 1988 Comanche Eliminator, seen by reader Pat L here on craigslist in beautiful San Juan Island, Washington with an asking price of $6,550.

This Comanche looks pretty sharp. It’s seller, the second owner, notes that it’s been recently repainted, and that there are 205,000 miles on this beast. With that kind of mileage, you’d want to do a pretty thorough inspection of what might be under that shiny new paint. The bed liner is a promising sign, though, and the truck is said to have been garaged. The Cherokee-based Comanche uses an innovative “Uniframe” design, mating a unibody cab with a fully boxed frame under the bed. You’ll want to check the condition of the frame rails, but know that they’re an extra-beefy eight inches deep, so hopefully they’re still pretty sturdy after all these years and miles. That bed, by the way, is the shorter six-foot length.

The interior looks pretty amazing for 205,000 miles, suggesting that this Comanche has seen fairly light truck duty. No signs of cracks, broken plastic, or tears in the cloth upholstery. And yes, that is a third pedal and a five-speed stick! It’s mated to the legendary, AMC-designed 4-liter inline six, driving the rear wheels. One could, as the kids say, “hoon” this torquey little truck pretty satisfactorily.

There are no shots of the engine bay or underside of this high-mileage pickup, so as always, plan to do due diligence if you’re thinking about making this Comanche yours, but what we see so far is very promising. 1988 was the first full year that Jeep was under Chrysler stewardship, so if you have strong feelings one way or the other about the AMC-Chrysler divide, I guess you’ll have to take that into account. I’d be more concerned about the price to mileage ratio at that $6,550 ask, but given the care this Comanche appears to have received, it might just come out ahead there, don’t you think?



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  1. mark

    I have owned 2 of these. Bought a new 1986 model. 2 wheel drive with the 4 cylinder. Had it for several years. Bought the second one used in 2002. It was an 87 model. 2 wheel drive, automatic with the straight 6. Both great trucks. Wish I still had the 87 model.

  2. Todd Zuercher

    If only it was a 4wd…..

  3. redwagon

    I’m ok with rwd. Hope it is as good as it looks.

  4. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking Jeep Comanche. There needs to be more photos. Only five is hardly enough to show.

  5. Dan

    As of 7-10-17. Listed at $4550

  6. Rustytech Member

    My family has had several Cherokees with the 4.0 liter that have gone well over 200k with no issues. ( other than rust ) I am working on one now that is at 170k, I had to remove the oil pan to do a rear seal, so while I had it down I dropped a couple of main and rod journals to check bearing condition, they were all like new! I would love to have one of these, but where I live, and with my hobbies, a 4×4 is a must. Nice looking truck though.

  7. XMA0891

    AMC did get one of the last things they ever did “right” with their 4.2 Six. They are almost bullet-proof. Great looking truck – 4×4 with the third pedal would make it look much better…


    This is one of those rare little to no advertisement vehicles that has slipped through the cracks in the auto world.

    I drove one new and these would smoke the tires in 4 of the five gears. Fantastic find

  9. Walter Joy

    If the Hedgehog in the cup holder is included, I’m down

  10. mark

    If my memory is correct that six made about 170 HP. More than enough to push this truck around. As a matter of fact when these were new this was far and away the fastest small truck on the road with the exception of the Typhoon that GM made very few of.

  11. James

    I have one now in 4.0 HO 6cyl with a five speed and cold A/C for $2k on Tampa Craigslist. These ride great. Real smooth for a truck and the seats are comfortable too. I’ve always liked the look. Lots of style for a small truck.

  12. Jeep comanche

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. Keep posting and keep growing.


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