Well-Loved Wagon: 1972 Saab 95

1972 Saab 95

This Swedish wagon is described as “well-loved” by its seller. Located in Seattle, Washington and offered here on eBay (where bidding hasn’t met reserve yet at only $200), it really does look like it needs a little love. However, the odds of a car that’s been consistently in use being in decent mechanical shape are a lot higher. Said to start “every single time” and with only 116,000 miles, I get the feeling from looking over the pictures that this car really has been part of the family, at least for the last three years when it’s been a daily driver. One of the interesting features of these 95’s is that despite being only a two door wagon, there are seats for seven (although the seller notes that there are only seatbelts for four). While this one certainly has some rough edges, I suspect the price will be low enough that the car could be driven while sympathetically improved. What would you do with the Saab?

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  1. RayT Member

    I’m guessing “well-loved” is a euphemism for “rode hard and put away wet.” I see rust holes, and lots of body work to do between them. Interior isn’t the greatest, either. For two bills it’s not the worst car I’ve seen, but heaven only knows what the reserve might be.

    But it’s the rust holes that say “nothing to see here, move on” like nothing else can.

  2. Jasper

    Kinda rough but probably Cheap enough and might make a really interesting road trip back to KY.

    There was a two stroke 96 in the family and the only bad thing I ever heard about it, other than my mom said it looked like a red baboon, was when the motor blew up. But it was good enought to put another motor in and eventually was traded in for a, fairly late model at the time, ’71 Capri. 96s are kinda on my radar lately. Kinda forgot about 95s.

  3. DT

    Good a car I need to have sympathy for

  4. Juan

    I love american cars but the first time i saw one in Uruguay (I´m from Argentina) I fell in love instantly, too bad I can´t import one.

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