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Well Optioned 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk


This 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk may not be as desirable as say a Golden Hawk, but this one definitely still deserves a look. It is claimed to be all original and just out of long term storage, but the most compelling reason to give this Studebaker some consideration is the engine/transmission combo under the hood. The R-series engines were not yet available in 1962, so the 4-barrel carbureted 289 V8 found in this car was the top power option. This one is even connected to a 4-speed manual! The black over red color scheme is just the icing on the cake. Find it here on craigslist in Auburn, California for $2,500. Thanks Geoff K for the tip!


The inside of this Stude has seen better days, but after reupholstering the seats, it should be a pleasant place to ride. Bucket seats keep thing sporty while an under-dash A/C unit keeps things cool. There is mention of rust in the ad, but the seller has already sourced the necessary sheet metal to patch up the floors and trunk. You will want to inspect this one thoroughly though to determine the extent of the damage because severe corrosion could take all the fun out of this project. Hopefully the underside is solid enough to be made safe without extensive metal work. GT Hawk values may make a full restoration cost-prohibitive, so the best route here may be to just make it safe to drive and then keep it as original as possible.


Unfortunately, the seller does not include any photos of the engine. They list it as the 289 V8 4v though which means that it should have the four-barrel carburetor and 15 extra horses over the base engine. Two hundred and twenty five horsepower may not sound like a lot, but when fed to the back wheels through the optional 4-speed, it should provide plenty of thrills. Mention is made of documentation stretching back to when the vehicle was purchased new and the title is still in the original owner’s name. I can think of more exciting cars than a Studebaker, but few are as unique as this Hawk with its European inspired styling and robust American mechanicals!


  1. Barry Thomas

    Always really liked the GT Hawk. It is amazing what Brooks Stevens did to this 10 year old Studebaker to make it contemporary. Maybe some talented person takes this on as a hobby project and doesn’t plan to add up their receipts.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  2. DT

    That would be so cool when restored

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  3. PaulG

    One of my favorite cars, and top 5 dashboards! Worthy of any effort put into it, and a steal at $2500. If I didn’t already have 5 vehicles…AND it’s a 4 speed to boot!
    Nice find.

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  4. paul

    Thank goodness this is on the wrong coast or it would be sitting in my garage next to my Corvair & I would be living on the street, somewhere.

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  5. Boyd Bingham

    This is a really cool Studebaker. My father had this same car built in 1962 expressly for him with all the options except a/c. It was a 4 speed/ 289/positive traction rear end. It FLEW Like The Wind.

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  6. Brian

    Really, really good Studebaker Hawk find! From appearances, it would seem like this is a good, solid 50 year old car at a twenty year old price, dispite that it appears that the family cat attacked the front seat covers! Any restorable Studebaker Hawk, short of one that came out of a lifetime in a desert environment or a dry heated warehouse, will have some rust. This one doesn’t look to be bad at all, and I wouldn’t give the rust on this one a second thought. A better Hawk can be bought, but not for this kind of money!

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  7. Brian

    … by the way, a fully restoration on this car wouldn’t be cost prohibited at all; restored cars that began in much worse condition than this one are winning best in class at SDC meets all over the country! It may not be a ’57 Golden Hawk, but it still holds a very, very strong following!

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  8. jim s

    it is muscle car monday and we have a muscle car. it is still for sale because, as you stated, not enought pictures. seller needs to post photos of motor, trunk ,underside and rust. if it passes a PI this could be a nice daily driver. great find

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  9. Mark E

    1962 is the best year for the GT Hawk, in my opinion and this should be solid if it’s an original California car. A friend of my family had a cream colored one of these with red interior. Studebakers that have spent their life in the midwest are full of rust. The front fender vents collect leaves & dirt on the top and with enough moisture & salt they’ll usually be the first spot for rust-through. I just kick myself for the ones I could have purchased in this shape for less than $1k back in the ’80s…

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