Well Optioned: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

1970 Chevelle SS 396

This 1970 Chevelle is a real SS 396 with a close-ratio M21 Muncie 4-speed and air conditioning! It looks like it was once a well-optioned bruiser, but there are a few problems here. Somewhere along the line the paint color was changed from green to orange and the 396 has been replaced with a 327. That doesn’t meant that this Chevrolet isn’t desirable, it’s just going to cost more and take more time to make right. The seller doesn’t have the build sheet, but they do have the window sticker with all the options listed. It’s located in Cedar Crest, New Mexico and is listed here on eBay with a $20k BIN with the option to make a bid. The seller also has a convertible listed that they would be willing to put into a package deal too. It’s going to be a big project, but hopefully some bowtie fan will be able to rescue this one!


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  1. Ed P

    It has 396 SS badges, he said the 396 was replaced with a 327, but in the specs section he listed a 454. Confusing.

  2. RayT Member

    Maybe someone can educate me here: I’ve seen real, hard-core Corvette guys make a Very Big Deal over original, matching-numbers engines. They claim a car’s value drops considerably if the original iron isn’t under the hood. Is it not that way with “regular” Chevy fans?

    You’ve shown us many cars that have had original engines removed, swapped-out or otherwise de-originalized. Doesn’t that make this just another tired Chevelle?

    It wouldn’t much matter if the end result was to be an interesting daily driver, but collectors seem to be all over “big-block” cars, and they are a fussy lot.

  3. Mike V.

    Emissions tag on radiator bracket says 427-4v.

    • JamestownMike

      No, the emissions tag on the top radiator hold down says 402 4bbl.

  4. Charles H.

    The emissions sticker under the hood lists the engine as a 402cu…..Hmm

    • JamestownMike

      Chevrolet called the 402 a 396 on the 1970 Chevelle, so there’s nothing wrong there. Guess Chevrolet had a bunch of 396 emblems left over from the late 60’s they wanted to use up!

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  5. Chris

    the 396 was actually a 402 in 1970. Chevy increased the displacement slightly but spent so much on advertising they did not want to change the designation.

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  6. JW

    Seems like a lot of money for a car that needs that much work to put it back together even as a driver quality car.

  7. JW454

    Just another person who has watched too much Barrett-Jackson.

  8. Modifieddriver

    Right now the bid is over $7k. That’s already about $2k more than this non-matching # rusty Chevelle is worth, window sticker or no window sticker. Ya’ think the original close ratio 4-speed is still in there? Not a snow balls chance.

    • Rocco Member

      Heck, I’m just surprised it came with a M-21 and not a M-22 rock crusher 4-speed.
      I thought all big block cars came with M-22’s.
      Well, you live and learn(me).


        My favorite 70 SS 396 I purchased in 78 had the 402 and the M21 that failed! M22’s weren’t too hard to find though!

  9. RollerD

    The gap between the high bid and the asking price should tell the seller something.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      As succinctly put as any comment I have read in a while….

  10. Ron

    Thats a pretty good $8000 car.

    • JamestownMike

      I completely agree! I was willing to pay $8,000 max…….but felt it was probably worth $10k max. The high bid was $10,300 with the reserve not being met……..a far cry from the sellers $20k but it now!

  11. RoughDiamond

    Wouldn’t this car have had a factory in dash tachometer? What is mounted on the console looks like an aftermarket tach to me, but I don’t have the best eyes either.

  12. JW

    Yes that is a Sun Tach mounted to the console and your right I think all SS cars had factory tachs. I just came from a car show that a buddies brother brought his 71 Chevelle SS and it had a factory tach in the dash.

    • Ron

      No, gauges and tachometer were options even on the SS cars.

    • JamestownMike

      Not all SS cars had factory tachs. This car was ordered with the base gauge package (with dummy lights) and clock…….look at the window sticker. The deluxe gauge package came with small secondary gauges (no dummy lights), small fuel gauge and large tach. A lot of people still think all SS cars had bucket seats………again, not true.

  13. randy

    These sellers are striking the iron while it’s hot, as this classic/muscle car bubble cannot last forever. There’s going to be a lot of folks left “holding the bag”.

  14. blindmarc

    A dreamer for sure.

  15. Blake

    I baught this car from another guy named Jay it’s in Nebraska now. I owe a restoration shop named The Musclecar Factory and this is my personal car that I wanna keep. I got pics, but the chassis is almost done, we got the sheet metal work finished acar in primer now

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