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Well Optioned: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

The seller of this 1971 Plymouth Road Runner indicates its worthiness as a project can be seen in the options it left the factory with. And despite being a car he’s pined after for years, it’s now for sale to help finance a potential home purchase. The Road Runner is sold with a handful of exterior photos and not much else in the way of visuals, which the seller himself acknowledges may be on purpose to avoid a potential sale. Weird. Find it here on eBay with a $14,500 Buy-It-Now.

The seller notes the paint code as Bahama Yellow, but it doesn’t look yellow enough to me – right now, its current color is closer to orange, but this isn’t noted in the listing. 15″ Rallye wheels are one of the many optional features, along with the N96 Air Grabber package, Hemi suspension, SlapShift Torqueflight transmission, electric trunk lock, and more.

While the list of options may not drive the price for some people, I can absolutely get why a Mopar enthusiast would find this Road Runner so appealing. A car that left the factory with some of the most popular options almost became collectible from Day 1, especially considering how many Road Runners didn’t have this exact combination of the most desirable bits.

The build sheet is in impressive condition – not many are still this readable after this many years. The engine is said to be numbers matching with a significant amount of money spent on a high-performance rebuild, and although no pictures are included, the seller says the interior is in excellent condition. Is this Road Runner rare enough to justify the asking price?


  1. SteveRodrigious

    Big pet peeve of why remove the trim tag?

    Makes me nervous 😬

    Looks good if real …

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  2. TimM

    The nose on these cars are fabulous!! Seems like it’s priced pretty good!!

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  3. Boatman Member

    “But Honey, I listed it like you said to! Nobody wanted it!”

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    • S.Domko

      That’s “Exactly” what I thought when I read that too, I can’t help it if nobody wants it!! Living in a house is overrated anyway!!

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  4. Woody

    Sitting outside will ruin this nice Mopar! It’s a good buy and matching bumper with air-grabber hood is it.

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  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    Why only five pictures?And lack of information.
    Doesn’t look like it drives,as it hasn’t been moved
    to take pictures.

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  6. Stevieg

    An old friend of mine has a 1971 Road Runner that looked the same as this one would have from the factory. Same Bahama Yellow as this car with black strobe stripes this one is supposed to have. Nothing like having a car the color of aged cheddar cheese lol. Not a fan of the color!
    Judging by the strobe stripes not being present, this is probably a repaint. The orange color, although not exact, is close to accurate.
    If the car is what the seller says it is, this is a great deal (in spite of the moldy cheese color lol). I love the 1971 & 1972 Plymouth B body cars. And this one allegedly had a lot of mechanical upgrades. It also appears solid.
    I still wouldn’t buy it myself. I don’t want my friend to think I am copying him lol.

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  7. stanley kwiecinski

    Alway’s wanted my electric trunk latch on my hot rod! My pit crew could put my 11.5 slicks on so much faster! Except they wont fit in the trunk? DAMN!

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  8. Rosko

    Love these cars’ bave, bold style.

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  9. Richard Stanford

    The lack of a single interior picture is a bit weird, otherwise this doesn’t seem unreasonable.

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  10. Jay

    Front end is very high

    Looks like the motor is not in the car ?

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  11. Chris M.

    Here’s viable project base that’s worthy of some needed attention. Butterscotch, air grabber, and rubber bumpers. Pretty rare option wise and the #s motor is freshened up and stroked! Looks very complete but will need an eye inspection. He’s fair on the asking price and I’d like to see his NOS parts stash. Good project for fair money.

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  12. Little_Cars

    Reading between the lines of the listing, it would appear the interior is apart, as he mentions having the right seats to go in there, and a cracked dash. Also, one of the photos looks like lots of stuff is crammed into the cabin. One additional oddity is the inclusion of a photo of a different car from the period with the strobe stripes, darker brown color, and a chrome front bumper. I surmise the seller is trying to prove that he knows his MOPAR from years of ownership. Still, one of the better looking cars to come out of Plymouth that year. That bumper is tough looking, and compliments the design of the grille and headlights.

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    • Matt B

      Nothing about the dash being cracked or any other damage to interior. He States, ” excellent condition”

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      • Dave

        from the e bay listing….”rallye dash (pad is cracked)”

        I’d guess the older pic might be the car when it was newer
        and he says in the ad he doesn’t really wanna sell

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  13. karl

    Bahama yellow is really Butterscotch yellow which is kind of a rare color ; and as someones has said, this was repainted orange

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  14. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    When somewhat knowledgeable folks sell a something from the muscle car era, the ad lists the engine displacement and/or specs. “Matching numbers” -of what components?
    This has no such listing, no interior photos, no underside pix, nothing to indicate he has any real knowledge (as opposed to ‘Net knowledge) of what this car is so as to sell it, or it’s as Boatman said in his comments above-he really doesn’t want to sell it but has to put forth the apparent effort so as to influence whatever CFO he’s having to satisfy.

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  15. Wayne

    Good chance he doesn’t really want to sell it. I done that same thing so it rings a bell. I had a ’69 Firebird 400, all #’s matching,T-400, console, factory hood tach, non runner barn find. Solid straight body. Squirted oil in all cylinders, waited 3 days, changed all other fluids, fired it up. Ran great! Personally installed a new vinyl top. Still needed new paint, rugs & not much else except the usual bushings underneath, shocks, brakes, etc. but that adds up fast as you know. Planned on keeping it. Fiance said to sell as we (her) didn’t want to move in when married. To get our ‘own’ home.(past ghosts of ex’s I guess). Long story short, I advertised it for Hagerty’s good cond $19k. For 10+ mos. No bites of course. Dropped to $15k no bites. So almost 2 yrs later, she said put on ebay & I did with a $9k reserve & it sold for $12,800. Not bad considering I got at auction for $4400 & put maybe $500 into it. Married a year & a month now, homes here skyrocketed (mine 3 yrs ago $157k, now $279k) because the Cali refugees fleeing to here. So she’s not happy being moved in but can’t afford $300k+. So that’s what that guy is doing with his Satellite. Buying time lol!

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  16. Del

    Another parts car non runner for huge bucks without relevant details

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  17. Tricky

    He also has a ’67 GTX for sale, that looks really nice. I’d say the guy is an enthusiast Nevada

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  18. TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

    So the last picture in that ad is a picture of my grandfather with my uncle’s roadrunner in the 80s. I have the physical copy of this picture somewhere. I have no idea why it’s included in this guy’s ad….but I will hopefully find out :)

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    • PRA4SNW

      That’s weird isn’t it? Any chance it is the same car? Looks completely different back then.

      Keep us posted!

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    • TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

      I spoke with the seller last night. Pretty sure this was my uncle’s car. My uncle was on his way to Michigan with a 1969 Dodge Charger (needing restoration) he just bought in Wausau WI yesterday. My younger brother is taking it on as his first restoration.

      I did tell the seller about BarnFinds–perhaps he can chime in here if he sees this.

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      • PRA4SNW

        It sure went through a transformation since then, but most of these cars did, back when they were cheap and easy to “soup up”.

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  19. Little_Cars

    @TCOPPS So how does someone unknown to you end up with a Polaroid of a different car in the 1980s and your grandfather standing next to it?

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