Rad Westerner Edition: 1978 Dodge D150

You can’t be blamed for losing track of the numerous special editions that Mopar produced in the 1970s, as there were multiple offerings that combined stickers and other cosmetic tweaks with some catchy name or phrase to move inventory. The Dodge D150 seen here is described as a “Westerner” edition, of which I can find very little information – but rest assured, the enhancements were likely limited to exterior graphics and custom upholstery insider. More intriguing is that the next owner of this truck will also get two 440 engines – sitting in the bed – for the princely sum of $1,500. Find the truck here on craigslist in Reno, and thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find.

The seller claims the Westerner package came with this groovy Navajo-inspired upholstery on the seats, and it appears to extend to the headliner as well. The Dodge is a project for sure, but hopefully its Nevada address means it remains rust-free. The Westerner package also came with the high-back bucket seats seen here, along with a full console. This will be a sharp interior once it’s restored, provided there’s an upholstery company that sells this obscure pattern in reproduction form. The interior is pretty rough, so I’d plan on a full overhaul if you want it to resemble what came in a genuine Westerner.

Normally I can dig up some info on special editions like these, but there’s simply not much out there. There was seemingly a very similar offering around the same time, known as the “Adventurer Palomino” edition which came with a similar exterior graphics kit and special upholstery patterns in a design that is undoubtedly in tribute to the American southwest. The Dodge is a non-running project, which makes it all the more meaningful that two engines are included with the sale. A 727 automatic transmission and custom wheels will also be chucked into the bed for your enjoyment.

Currently under the hood is the venerable 318, and the seller doesn’t indicate whether it has a chance in hell at running again. It looks complete and 318s are generally pretty hard to kill, which could make it even more suspect that it’s not running at present. The seller has priced the truck fairly, in my opinion, for being a special edition model that comes with a bunch of hardware that could make it a fairly cool restomod when done. Whatever you do, just make sure the Westerner graphics are re-created accordingly and those seats and headliner are brought back to life.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Not only that, it’s Barney Fife approved. It did little to promote the truck. Don Knotts as an actor was fizzling, and nobody wanted a Dodge anyway. Shame, they were the best ones.

  2. Tony Primo

    Your probably not going to find a better deal on Craigslist this summer if you are in the market for a pick up project. Nice find.

  3. Maverick

    Put a picture of an old man without a shirt on next to truck. It will sell. Lol.

  4. Jack M.

    Three engines, two transmissions, the truck is being thrown in for practically free.

  5. Steve R

    The selling point is the short bed, bucket seat interior and extra parts in the bed. The Western edition package doesn’t bring anything to the table in the trucks current condition.

    It seems like a really good deal and could make a great parts hauler.

    Steve R

  6. Stevieg Member

    A (probably) rust free Nevada short bed truck with a 318 installed, along with two 440’s in the bed. For this price, what is to not love? Even with the impending doom I have hanging over my head I am thinking about buying this. And I am trying to unload a few cars lol.

  7. Poppapork

    Heck 3 v8 engines, two transmissions, and additional wheels? Plus a cool bucket seat short bed truck thats looks like it has close to zero rust and the title is clear and in hand?
    I think this is a great deal at double or maybe even tripple the price! M

  8. CCFisher

    The 318 is indeed nearly indestructible. In 1977, my sister drove the family’s 1970 Dodge Polara coupe for approximately 30 miles with a seized water pump. The temperature light was on, the car was steaming profusely at every traffic signal, but she kept going.

    By the time she got home, the coolant was gone, and the paint had baked off the hood, but it was still running. Dad rebuilt the engine and repainted the car. 8-year-old me convinced him to change it from “Silver Cloud” to “Cadet Blue.”

  9. Comet

    Nevada truck? Short bed? Tons of extras? I’m calling this a smokin deal. If this were a square body Chevy, the price would be ridiculous. Looks like a fun project.


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