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What A Brazilian! 1966 Willys Wagon


Look closely at the rear 2/3 of this wagon–recognize it? That’s right, it’s a Willys Jeep wagon, but with a completely different front end designed by Brooks Stevens. These were made in Brazil, and you won’t believe who ended up with the design long term! It’s for sale here on eBay and is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Yes, I know it’s been restored, but this is enough of an oddball that I thought you might want to see it anyway. Bidding is up to just over $11,000 but has not met the reserve yet. Thanks to Peter R. for this great find!


This is a 1966 ad for the “Rural”, as these wagons were known. I really like the two-tone effect and I’ll bet at least some of you do as well; it certainly integrates the unusual front end styling better. If you want to learn more about these unusual vehicles, there’s a website here that is devoted to this early SUV. Thankfully, Google Translate works pretty well from Portuguese.


As you can see, this is a fairly practical vehicle as well. It looks like the spare tire assembly is about twice the size of the ones on the car; I’m wondering if there’s a story there about it’s previous life? The seller doesn’t tell us much; they don’t even mention the Brazilian origin in the listing. Oh, I found two more articles about these vehicles as well, which tell the story about how Ford eventually purchased the Willys plant and produced this very same vehicle as the Ford Rural all the way to 1977! Here are the two articles: article 1 and article 2.


The inside looks quite nice as well, although I have no idea if those seats are in the original pattern or not–any of our knowledgeable readers know? The seller does tell us that there is a small tear on the passenger side. I’m ashamed to admit that although I knew Willys vehicles were produced in South America, I had no idea that 182,000 of these wagons were made there!


This looks like the original type of engine based on the pictures available online. According to this page it’s a 161 cubic inch inline six cylinder. I don’t know about you, but I really like this vehicle just because it’s different. What do you think?



  1. z1rider

    Just needs a wax job.

    Seriously though I don’t care for that front end. A bit “socks on a rooster” to my eyes.

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    • jimbosidecar

      Socks on a Rooster, that’s a term I haven’t heard in a long time. I used to work in the shoe industry and thatphrase was used a lot for ill fitting shoe designs

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  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Brooks Stevens designed this front end? Must have been on a Friday after a Martini lunch…

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  3. Jim Mc

    Mommy was a Volvo P40, daddy was a Willys Jeep wagon.

    Such a ‘handsome’ baby.

    And yet somehow I still like it. It’s unique for sure, at least here in the US.

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  4. Larry K

    Agreed. I’d drive it just because it’s different. In fact where I’m at, Southern Ontario (Canada), I don’t see many classics around.

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  5. Steven C

    I actually like this front end better. Ford also used that Willy’s 6 in the Maverick in Brazil.

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  6. Rick II

    I too appreciate its unique qualities. The two tone paint job is a must with the body lines of this early SUV.

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  7. Greg B

    I think it is amazing! I love the front end way better that the traditional Jeep styling. If I had the extra cash, I would love to have it!

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  8. Rob

    I’d love to have one just because it’s different. Not the typical Jeep front end, and you’d never see another one most likely.

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  9. Mark

    The AD copy is very quaint (dusting off my rusty Portuguese) ” Two or Four wheel drive.. Double the traction, double the safety, double the performance, double the confidence Plus 20% better fuel economy. Alternator in place of dynamo to self-charge the battery with the engine on a slow hike.”

    trivia note: To this day, Brazil is careful to require domestic manufacturing to protect Brazilian jobs– an example that should be emulated elsewhere!

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  10. angliagt

    If I got it,I’d want to put a traditional front end on it.
    I love those old Jeeps! Back when people bought vehicles like
    this because they had a need for them.

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  11. Barry West

    This is on Willyforsale.com too. And they’re a dime a dozen in Brazil and else where down there, including F75 Trucks with fuel Tank behind the bench seat. Funny to see the ones stamped Ford or JEEP on the tailgates and else where. They used same truck cab as the real Willys design from the 56 thru 64 trucks. The 6 cylinder in this wagon is an AMC/JEEP that was latter used in most USA AMC vehicles and Jeeps that was produced for years. The 49 Wagon on here from O’ FL. Is mine. This Matt guy who advertised it actually sold it multiple times of many different sites and listed it on Craigslist from Florida to California. Until I caught him in his scam ripping innocent people off. Got there money and they never heard from him again. The State of Florida and Orange County, FL are working on him now. His real name is Ken (Kenneth) Kirker. Yeah he used photos of other people’s photos to sale anything and everything to people by getting to send money thru his so-called accountants (women). Sometimes he actually had what he was selling (but never in the advertised conditions) once gone he’d drop the add anywhere near the person bought it and then would resell it (even tho it it was gone) many times. So be alert out there he a pure con artist and there looking hard for him in FL and elsewhere. By the way, my 49 does have some rust on the rear wheel wells but I have got nos ones to R&R. No rust holes anywhere else.

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  12. Juan

    Later Ford bought the stamps and made them until late 70´s or 1980/81 (al least in a pick up version) as I recall (sorry, I´m not quite sure, I´m from Argentina, not Brazil).

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