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What A Story! 1958 Corvette

1958 Corvette

Now this Corvette has one heck of a story! Listed here on eBay in St. Louis, Missouri with a bid of $1,000 at the time of writing and the reserve not met. Now if you think bidding is extremely low for a ’50s Corvette, let’s just say this isn’t your typical project. For starters, the 1958 Corvette rear clip is sitting on a 1954 chassis. Oh and if you didn’t already notice, the entire front half of the body is missing!

'58 Vette Rear

The owner says the chassis is solid. The ’54 motor mounts have been cut off and different mounts have been welded on. Given the 283 V8 sitting in the front of the chassis, we assume that means the mounts are for said V8. If you don’t know your Corvette history, the ’54 had an inline six, so a V8 is a welcome upgrade in terms of power and performance.

'58 Vette Front with trim box

The exhaust holes in the X-frame have been enlarged and the rear-end is a non-posi. The steering column has fire damage and is not usable. We can’t help but wonder what else was damaged by the fire?

'58 Vette trim

This project comes with a 1959 283 short block and a 3 speed transmission. There is also an included box of parts with trim and other random bits. Looking at this hodge podge of parts, a certain song about piecing together a Cadillac keeps coming to mind!

'58 Vette

With this purchase you get a clear 1958 title (presumably from the car that donated the rear clip). This is one of those, what you see in the images is what you get deals, so don’t expect to get any of the other necessary parts to fix this Corvette with it. This is one big Corvette puzzle, a really big and confusing one too. So do you think you would be able to make sense out of this project?



  1. Avatar photo Chris in WNC

    great parts car, but only a build for the insanely over-ambitious……

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  2. Avatar photo Birdman

    Wow…just wow…. ((walks away shaking his head))

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  3. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    The collector car business has a term for this, assuming it ever gets put together: fright pig

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  4. Avatar photo piper62j

    “Stand Back!!!” This makes me very nervous. I never liked working on Vetts and this one just makes my skin crawl.. Where do you begin.. Hold on!! I know… If you had a 75 acre bone yard in Arizona, you can bet there’s a parts car in the pile with everything you need to bring this puppy up to a pristine show car.. Barrett Jackson would be proud to put this on the lineup..

    Not me!!

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  5. Avatar photo Frankie Paige

    Oh good, the titles for the rear half of the car, not the frame part though. Serious project for a corvette enthusiast.

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  6. Avatar photo Steve

    One big bucket of suck IMO

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  7. Avatar photo Sid Member

    Since I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about 1958-1959 Corvettes my professional opinion is that the best item (if it is included) is the blue Rubbermaid container.

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  8. Avatar photo Jim Marshall


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  9. Avatar photo Mike R

    Does it also come with a St. Christopher medal? :)

    Whole lotta work for not a lot of return here…

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  10. Avatar photo SoCal Car Guy

    Three bidders, 16 bids, up to $2,075 and reserve is not met. This is insane!

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    • Avatar photo Michael Morton

      Right price should be much higher.

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  11. Avatar photo bowtiecarguy

    St Christopher is the patron saint of travelors, so I’m not sure it’s applcable here.

    St Jude is more appropriate.

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  12. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    bowtiecarguy, I agree! Only the rear fiberglass could possibly be useful if you were in need of these parts.

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  13. Avatar photo Lee H.

    This is what my girlfriend said about this car. “One time I found half of a $20 bill. I held on to it for years hoping I’d find the other half.”

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  14. Avatar photo OhU8one2

    There comes a time when you have to let go………….That moment has come. Memories over $$$. Besides 58’s were just a chrome display anyway. This reminds me of my youth,reason being. My senior year of high school,and my father has a friend who say’s he would sell my Dad a non-running,but complete 1958 Corvette for; wait for it. $1500.00! Silver with white cove fuelie. My rational Father after waiting 3 week’s,finally asked myself, and younger brother if we were interested in doing a “Father and son’s” project together. I remember looking at my Dad thinking, just how many people know about the car being for sale? IT WAS SOLD! I never got to see it,sit in it,or run my hand over the body. I think about that very car every time I see a 58. I just hope its restored,and driven and well taken care of. Life is too short, if you never ask that pretty girl to dance,she’ll probably never become your wife. Grab it when it’s your chance.

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  15. Avatar photo DENIS

    I’d use the back-half for wall décor in my shop…sell whatever else I could salvage..

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  16. Avatar photo Bernardo

    Just assemble a kit car over that frame, and make a sofa out of that rear clip…..done….

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  17. Avatar photo DRV

    Title Is for the serial number on the cowl doorframe plate which has to match the one stamped into the frame just below the driver on the outside rail..otherwise it’s not legal in strict terms.

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  18. Avatar photo gunningbar

    Find a trunk lid.. rolling ice chest.

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  19. Avatar photo Paul

    Great idea! Go to Carlisle, collect a bunch of odd ball parts, stack them on top of one another then take a picture and sell the whole pile on Ebay and be rich I tell ya!

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  20. Avatar photo dj

    Chevy used the full size car frame for the first Corvettes. There’s probably no real proof that this is a Corvette frame. It’s just parts.

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