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What Do You Want For Christmas?

Christmas Barn Find

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to ask our readers what they want. We are not talking about what gifts you would like under the tree on the 25th, but rather what changes you would like seen made to this site for the New Year. Barn Finds has grown quickly and it has been a fun ride, but most of the time we have had to make decisions based on what we like rather than what our readers want. Here is  your chance to tell us.

Below are a few areas to consider to help get the juices flowing:

  • Quantity of posts per day?
  • Types of posts?
  • Site layout?
  • New features?
  • Any other suggestions?

All feedback is welcomed and all ideas will be considered. This does not mean that we will fulfill every wish, but we will try our hardest to have some improvements made in time for Christmas. Thanks guys and Happy Holidays from all of us at Barn Finds!


  1. Lou

    a 58 ford a 61 impala a million dollars in small bills

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  2. walter

    i would like to see a 65 buick skylark or more info on these cars

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  3. LJ

    More Quantity and more Barn Finds.

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  4. Sparky Pete

    Do what you been doing, that’s why it keeps growing. Barn>BAT x eleventybazillion. A horse built by committee makes a mighty fine camel.

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  5. Barn Finds

    Thanks for the compliment Sparky Pete!

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  6. Rainbow Dash

    I would love to find an ’85 Mazda RX-7 or an ’86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 then proceed to restore it and make it perfect.

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    I would have to agree with sparky! you guys do a great !!!job. A few more sellers with common sense in pricing would help expand it, but it is what it is! have a great holiday!!!!!

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  8. Herschel R. White

    Find us some barn Harleys pleez!!!

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  9. Gary

    Just keep doing what your doing ! Keep covering the rare and odd as well as the regular and ordinary, I love it all !

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  10. Josh Dean

    ford panel truck

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  11. estaka

    The only thing that i want is a reconciliation with my ex

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  12. Jim Stewart

    More more more! Just more more more!

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  13. philip

    more real barn find less spotted on ebay & health wealth and happiness .

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  14. Chris Hartley

    If it ain’t broke don’t mess with it ! I for one enjoy this site just like it is .

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  15. Pat.

    More “Barn Finds” Not so much stuff from E-bay. I know they may be harder to come by, (Barn Finds) but maybe only a couple of articals a week with more indept information on the finds. It’s all good, but I tend to skip over the nice cars that are for sale found on the internet.Even Old Nostaliga stuff that people have would be cool.Thanks, Pat.

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  16. Bret Womack

    Two wheeled finds!

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  17. George DeMotta

    Keep up the good work. The old nostalgia stuff is a big draw for me.

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  18. Bas

    Usually when there is a site I finally enjoy,have no fear, It has to be changed.Why can`t things be left alone. Most of us that read these article are very happy . As Mr Chris Hartley summed it up:If it ain`t broke etc etc.Please do not make that fatal mistake.Bas.

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  19. nate

    wow thats a nice car, the inside looks cool with the christmas lights looking like lightning

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  20. hearsetrax

    more vehicular oddities ……. more COEs ….. more classic HD Trucks …. more oddlot projects ..

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  21. Jeff V.

    Its all good so far. With the membership always increasing (more eyes), reader submissions are real cool. Keep it mostly American. Reader location would be neat. Baby-boomer muscle is always great, Ah! memories. We (readers) should tell of first car stories etc. In my HS days I had a 67′ mustang GT390, 70′ Nova SS350 & 70′ Torino 429 cobra jet.

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  22. Leon Mongue

    Happy the way it is. Maybe a featured junk yard once in a while.

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  23. gary

    I’m enjoying your site very much and understand that it would be near impossible to find every ones dream barn find displayed here ,but your doing a great job so far i will agree with some of the other posts id like to see more from other sources than evilbay.i like seeing real barn finds ,rusty,dirty,common or wildly odd and rare but the kind that most restores start from. I find the mix of American and euro well done and would like to see more trucks, buses, delivery type vehicles also restored or not. A few period hot rods would be cool too but over all great job guys keep up the good work and happy holidays to all

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  24. Pat

    Not a car but something I lust after: 1974 MV Agusta 750S. Find it in a barn and just needs the Cosmoline wiped off and good to go but wait there is a case of Diesel cigars under the tarp with a case of 50 year old Irish Whiskey!!!! :)

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  25. Rob

    Featured junkyards a great idea, but tell us exactly…where they are, not just California, or Arizona. Sometimes there are real gems next to the featured cars.This is already a great website, thanks for all your hard work, don’t change anything. We even enjoy looking at the old/sold cars and bikes it generates ideas and anticipation for the final goal.

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  26. Barn Finds

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Seems like the general consensus is that you all want more of the same. So, we will just keep trying to bring you more good barn finds. It was good to hear that we are doing a few things right. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that the car of your dreams shows up in your garage this year.

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  27. Chris

    Per Pat with the MV 750S. But Lenoalready has it. I’d settle for a late Kawasaki H2 just to show the kids how wild it used to be. Otheriwse keep the finds like that DB4 coming in case I hit the Power Ball. Lots of people out there sharing their special knowledge on the odd ones. Good fun.

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  28. William E. Holt

    I’ll take what’s in the pic for Christmas!!On the site… love it the way it is. Just more old barn cars, maybe expand to bikes and more trucks.

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  29. Bill Kenney

    ut it is all good, keep p the great work.

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  30. falconsquire

    Your site is great. Its just what the internet needed. To have all the information one one site. I will submit a heap of australian photos.

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  31. Pat

    @ Chris. Worked at a Kawi shop. I street legaled an H-2R! LOL I put all H-2 stuff on it so it looked like a regular 750. The dry clutch gave it away thou… Bought a wrecked 750 and used the S/N to get a title.You want scary fast???? :)

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  32. Chuck

    Enjoy what you have been publishing … Would like to see more finds and less ebay as I use ebay now finding a lot of the finds there … I found a 1960 Cadillac on car lot in Baldwin Park CA … Also had 1968 Pontiac covertible and several other older cars … Those places are the interesting stories … ebay can also be over-expensive just as Hemmings …

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