What is it?! Crazy Fiberfab-based V8 Custom

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If cars could talk, this one would probably cry in shame. Listed as a “1968 Gt Avenger,” the description of this Bradford, Pennsylvania kit car presumably describes a Fiberfab Avenger GT-12. However the B-pillar suggests a stronger resemblance to the similar Fiberfab Aztec II. Both of those ’60s kit cars paid homage to the awesome Ford GT-40, and neither look much like the car you see here, except in the greenhouse. Perhaps someone took a badly mangled Aztec, grafted on the Chevy Monza front end, and reworked the rear to include a hideous ’70s bumper. Thanks to Chris W. for spotting this interesting supercar-wannabe. It can be yours for a mere $4000.

Check out the gorgeous 1969 Fiberfab Aztec II at dailyturismo.com for an idea of how far from attractive this DIY project has strayed. The apparent sealing over of the rear-opening engine cover should cause any buyer pause. Neither the Aztec nor the Avenger came with this car’s one-foot-square rectangular rocker exaggeration serving as a molded side-pipe cover.

Certainly Ian Roussel could make an awesome ride out of this Franken-Monza, but it would take some work! Fans of the Monza front clip would be better served to buy one whole. Bow-Tie fans may point out that, in fact, the Monza is named after an Italian race track and echoes the design of a Ferrari. Personally I prefer the Fiberfab designs.

While some Fiberfab kits rode atop an economical and easily-sourced VW Beetle platform, this one is built on a 1968 Corvette chassis with the same car’s 327 cid, 350 HP engine and a (sigh) automatic transmission. All joking aside, this truly one-of-a-kind ride could be quite entertaining if properly sorted. Modified with proper bodywork and running gear, it would be a hoot circumnavigating the Allegheny Reservoir. Picture this:  it appears in your driveway wearing a giant white bow. How do you react?

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  1. Rick Rothermel

    Make it go away!

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  2. TomMember

    Looks like the love child of a Monza and Mark Hamill’s Corvette Summer Corvette !!!

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    • Beatnik Bedouin

      The UNFORTUNATE love child of your aforementioned tryst between the Monza and Hamill’s ‘Vette, Tom… (LOL)

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  3. Dano

    Look at those nasty taillights

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  4. Dano

    Looks like a monza mated with an buck opel

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  5. John M.

    Looks like a car that only a shop like Gas Monkey Garage would cobble together nowadays.

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  6. ghalperin Glenn Halperin

    Is there a link for the listing?

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    • Gerald

      I was wondering the same thing

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  7. LB1

    Fiberfab’s Jamaican, was a good looking car. But everything else was… ugh

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  8. Doug

    Porsche 356’s appear here by the truckload, with crazy pricing.

    A 1 of 1 hits the site and a low price of only $4K.

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    • RayT

      Some cars are “1 of 1” for a reason.

      Just sayin’.

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  9. Jared

    I have a 1975 California Chevy Monza TC that I would gladly trade for this if it runs and drives.

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  10. stillrunners

    Neat-o…….and at 4g’s there is the replace frame for ur Vette !!!!!

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  11. Walter

    My Eyes! My eyes!

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  12. Madmatt

    I like the Monza front end…..only on a Monza though…haha.
    It is at its core a very cool kit car,that someone should rebuild
    And customize…, either that or buy it for the correct engine for your 68
    Chevy project..? kit car summer……coming to theaters in 2019…😁

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  13. jimmi

    found more info ;

    1968 Aztec Gt-12 Avenger,Has 1968 corvette 327-350 Hp Automatic.Rear Full Frame Rear Wheel Drive. Full Frame. Needs Tlc.Sold With Bill Of Sale.

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  14. Robert

    Well it looks like a Monza front end but the rear looks like a Opel with a oversized fitted bumper on it probably for being pushed by others .lol.

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  15. David Ulrey

    I’ve always liked the Monza front end but I think this may have tainted it, possibly forever. Unique is a polite way of describing it. Screw it, quick, somebody kill it with a stick! Poor thing never wanted to be this ugly so it would be a mercy killing.

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  16. Wrong Way

    I would be utterly grateful for someone bringing this to me! I love this car! I would meticulously restore or modify it to suit myself and drive and enjoy the looks I would get! I would have it totally done within a year! Please bring it to my door!

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  17. Healeymonster

    When i was 16 back in the 70s i would drive my Capri to the Fiberfab dealer, sit in the demos and play with the overhead switchgear until they kicked me out. Those cars were so cool back then!

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  18. jrc

    Ian might like it

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  19. Davey Boy SL

    Would’ve liked to have known where this is. Refab the Monza front end and get rid of that back bumper and those godawful tail lights. New wheels and update the drivetrain and it could turn out as a respectable kit car.

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  20. greg

    I just found it on craigslist for williamsport pa. It is listed for $2500. 1-12-19

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