Pint-Sized Z/28: KAR Manufacturing Funtastik

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The simple, cheap, plentiful, and reliable Volkswagen Beetle chassis lent itself to modifications and kit car creations exceptionally well. Today I bring you this KAR Manufacturing Funtastik, thanks to Scott L. for letting us know about it. There’s no year listed, and the only information I can find says that only five were made. KAR Manufacturing took the Beetle chassis and put a fiberglass body on it in the style of a caricatured early-70s Camaro Z/28. This is not the first Funtastik we’ve featured on this site, so two out of five ain’t bad. You can find this one here on for $2,495.

I love quirky cars. The quirkier the better. One of my favorite cars I’ve ever owned was a first-generation Honda Insight because it was so quirky. All-aluminum construction, 995cc inline-3, hybrid powertrain, manual transmission. This is not a posting for a Honda Insight, but this Funtastik is equally quirky, not so much for its engineering but its style. The fiberglass body looks to be in good shape, with a roof situation reminiscent of Porsche’s Targa top. There are no doors to speak of, and the tail end is skinnier than the real Chevrolet. Most obviously: it looks like a solid three or four feet shorter than the styling inspiration, meaning it looks less like a car and more like a sketch you get on the boardwalk.

There are no images of the interior, but you can kind of see it in other images. It looks like it sports a two-seat layout with bucket seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and basic gauges. Maybe just a gauge. You don’t need a coolant temperature readout if you don’t have coolant. A radio might be worth adding, if for nothing else than to blast 409 by The Beach Boys on a loop–that’s probably as close to a Chevrolet as this thing has ever been, or ever will be, failing an LS swap.

As with the interior, there are no images of the engine. Since it’s based on a Volkswagen Beetle, you can probably expect a thoroughly Camaro-like rear-mounted air-cooled flat-four engine with somewhere in the ballpark of 50 horsepower. The benefit of this is the aftermarket support for modifications is nearly limitless. Just about anything and everything has been thrown in the back of a Beetle, from an LS to a jet engine. As far as weird and quirky runabouts go, this leaves the door wide open for modifications or restoration, depending on the wishes of the new owner. The official car of “dance like nobody’s watching.”

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    This is one of those cars that look better in the dark,with the lights off,from far away.

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    • Steve R

      That may be true, but it will get a lot of attention at the neighborhood cars and coffee.

      Steve R

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      • Tony Primo

        It would probably help if the event was licensed to serve alcohol!

        Like 11
    • stu

      Really…I thought it looks better with a can of gasoline and a match! This would be a 100% improvement

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  2. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    Krazy Kamaro Klown Kar.

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  3. Pit stop Pauly

    Looks like fun, but the wheel flairs are atrocious. Pro, you’ll probably have the only one at local meets, Con, it’s awkward looking. I personally love anything VW.

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  4. KC JohnMember

    Love it! Should have V/28 emblems though. This thing is hilarious. Checking couch cushions for an extra pile of cash right now.

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  5. Rick

    There are 5 more, uncut, on the Samba site classifieds, so definitely more than 5 were made by different manufacturers. One is an open top, one is the T-top. Over the years I’ve seen at least 10 pop up for sale. There might have been 5 KAR bodies, and the rest are copies.. nobody knows for sure.

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  6. Rick

    Maybe 5 bodies from KAR, but there are 5 other bodies, uncut, on the Samba classifieds. Most are the open roadster style, one is a T-top like this one. Over the years I’ve seen at least 10 come to market.

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  7. Steve Clinton

    Quite possibly the dumbest-looking car I’ve ever seen.

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  8. Larry D

    For once, I am at a loss for words.

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  9. douglas hunt


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  10. Steve W

    You don’t make a Camaro kit car…period. Especially one that looks as hideous as this one.

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  11. SubGothius

    Looks rather like an Ed “Big Daddy” Roth exaggerated caricature of a Z/28 brought to life — which may have been the intent.

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    • bone

      I think you mean Dave Deal , who did design a caricature Z/28 , Revell later made it in model kit form .But yes , I agree with you !

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  12. Chris

    I think it is unique , would gat a lot of attention @ the car shows.

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  13. bone

    I think you mean Dave Deal , who did design a caricature Z/28 , Revell later made it in model kit form .But yes , I agree with you !

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  14. Lance

    It looks ridiculous at least a foot too short !

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  15. J.D.

    This car is almost one of the Zingers from 1970’s. Just needs huge blower through the hood.

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