What’s In Alton H’s Barn?

1982 Buick Grand National

Some of us love ’50s Italian cars, while others enjoy ’60s British Roadsters, but it would seem that reader Alton H had a passion for late ’70s and ’80s American Iron. He has amassed over cars twenty American cars ranging from Chevy Novas to Buick Grand Nationals and just about everything between. In recent years though, his interests have changed and he no longer has the time to work on these cars, so he has decide to sell everything off. If you are interest in buying his collection, send him an email here.

Monte Carlo SS

Of the 21 cars in Alton’s collection, most have been outside for a number years and are in rough shape, but he also has a barn that is full of survivors, partially, and fully restored cars. There are several Buick Grand Nationals, including an ’82, an ’84, and an ’87, plus a dusty low mileage Monte Carlo SS. He also has several Fox body Mustangs and a late ’90s Camaro Z28.

Alton H Collection - Buick GN

Of his cars, I think his collection of Buick Grand Nationals will garner the most interest. While I’m not the biggest fan of turbos, but Buicks turbocharged V6 is actually quite impressive. In an era of ever decreasing performance, it managed to keep muscle car performance alive. This is actually one of the few cases where later cars actually got better than their predecessors. The ’82 is the rarest of the bunch, but the ’84 and ’87 have more power and were far more refined. I would be happy with any of them, but I would want to see them in person before deciding which one to adopt.

Alton H Collection - Trans Am

While the cars parked inside would be the ones to get, I wouldn’t mind having a few of cars parked outside. He has more than a couple ’70s-’80s Camaros and Trans AMs, plus a ’71ish Malibu and a Nova. It would appear that Alton’s tastes leaned more towards GM products, but the Mustangs and the VW based Dune Buggy keep things interesting. Alton is hoping to sell the entire collection as a package deal, so if you have been looking to start your own GM collection or museum, be sure to contact him! So are there any cars in Alton’s collection that you would like to have?


WANTED 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Have cash in hand. Call 573-541-1970 or email collectorcarsandparts@yahoo.com Contact

WANTED 1978-1979 Buick Century Looking for Century coupe with tan interior in good to excellent shape. 705 738 8665 Contact

WANTED 1970-1976 Pontiac Trans Am Must be 4 spd. Like big block. I can fix motor or tranny. Needs to be somewhat sound other than that Contact

WANTED 1971 Saab 96 Looking for either a mostly-done project or a driver-quality car. Contact

WANTED 1969-1971 Manic GT In any condition Contact

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  1. MH

    Never been a huge fan of cars from the 80’s. Grand National would be ok though. They all look rather beat up, maybe all parts cars.

  2. Scott Allison

    I’ve always been a fan of Camaro and Firebirds. Would love to tackle one – Make a KITT 2000 Nightrider version.

    Unfortunately, I just got layed off so no new vintage cars for me.

    • Josh Staff

      Sorry to hear that Scott. I’m sure things will work out for you! When your ready and able to make your own KITT, just let me know and we will go on the hunt to help find you a good starter car to fulfill your Nightrider dreams!

  3. Cameron Bater UK

    I’ve never really had much of a passion for 70s or 80s American cars but I am a fan of the Buick GNX, I’m a fan of mustangs too but only early shape examples – fastbacks and convertibles mostly. The cameros here are the wrong ones too, I’m more of a first and second generation fan. But only really up until the 80s firebird and after the 1st shape.

  4. Rene

    what state is this collection in?

    • BradL


  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I’ll take the gray fox body Mustang GT with the blue stripe and sunroof, and in my dreams, a manual transmission…guessing that’s an ’87 or ’88?

    Too many cars, not enough time or money… ;-)

  6. Ed Blankenship

    what are you asking for the black 57 chevy 2-dr hdt in shed. with skirts.

  7. olerascal

    Kudos to Alton for taking action to move his prizes to new homes.
    I know how tough it is…to come to realization there aren’t enough years left on Earth
    to do them justice personally. Next best is to pass ’em on to next generation.
    I also know how rewarding that is…having culled my stash significantly for same reason.
    Suggest price ’em realistically…and see the joy of others as each finds
    enthusiastic new owner/caretaker.

  8. Jim

    What state are the cars in? I tried sending an email but it wouldn’t go through. Or, what is the correct email? Thanks,

  9. jim s

    might be better to try to sell the vehicles people have an interest in. very few people would be able/willing to buy the whole lot. i hope it works out for you.

  10. Jim C

    He wants about 4k per vehicle and it seems as though he has about 21-22 total. The problem is that unless he’s willing to provide photos of their condition, there’s no way to determine their value. Many could juts be junk and not worth the cost of transport. If I had more room and lived closer, I might go for a complete deal but I would have to thoroughly inspect each one to come with a fair number. I don’t deal well with the guys that don’t offer much info and have the take it or leave attitude.

  11. Jim C

    Where’s the pics of the dune buggy ?

    Also, the corvette, 55-57 Bel Air and 60’s Ford on the rotisserie outside are not on the list for the deal. He may have a n=bunch more cars and is juts letting go of the late model stuff and/or stuff he no longer has interest in.

    It is good news for the cars but it’s going to be difficult to unload all of them at once. Better to sell them individually.

  12. Woodie Man

    I know I’m getting old. I look at this stuff and say: junk

  13. Tirefriar

    I like the Monte Carlo. The GN’s would need a thorough PPI – these are not that straight forward or as simple as one may think…

  14. Seth

    Lucky I don’t live in the states or my yard would be like this…oh hang on…it already is except its got Yankee, Aussie, & Brit metal in it – DOH.

  15. old iron Michael j

    Where are the cars located and what does the inventory consist of? My email to him didn’t work either. I’m definitely interested…

  16. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    ok, now if I had just posted all my collection and then everybody started calling it “Junk” i’d be feeling a bit down. I am hoping that those who are calling junk would not be so rude as to say that in person… but come on! This is not just some random shot along the road of abandoned cars… And we all know that the 70’s cars that are cool today were not respected 10 or 20 years ago… So I am thinking the Trans-Am is my favorite pic, cuz it’s so 70’s! I love it. I would grow a mustache and go cruizin!

    Like 1
    • Josh Staff

      Well put Doug! I think sometimes people feel that if it isn’t the cars they like, then they are just pieces of junk. To me, there is no such thing as junk. Would I buy any of Alton’s cars? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean I think any of them are junk. They just aren’t my cup of tea. If you or anyone else likes them, I respect that and appreciate it simply because we all have different tastes. I for one am grateful that Alton went on a limb to share is cars with us and to try to find new homes for them, so I hope people will treat him with a little respect regardless of how they feel about ’70s and ’80s cars! And Doug please get a Trans Am and grow your mustache, just be sure to send us a picture! Oh and don’t forget your Cowboy hat, you have to have the hat to complete the Burt Reynolds look!

      Like 1
    • Woodie Man

      Well folks……apparently calling a collection of undistinguished eighties Detroit iron …..junk…..raises the hackles of some. Not surprising. And while opinions are like certain body parts….in that everyone has one….there is no denying that in the scheme of well designed exciting or historically important cars….they are not among them. To argue otherwise is to make clear one’ s lack of knowledge about Twentieth century automobile design…..and the relative design and mechanical indicia with which autos are judged, which could very well make anyone defensive about their taste in iron. That said……anyone can collect whatever strikes their fancy. Even if it’s junk.

      • Rustowner

        While most of these cars are not my cup of tea either, some of them would be considered “significant” in one way or another, and to more than a few people. Given the fact that they represent a return to some decent horsepower after 15 or so years of smogged out, OPEC influenced, poorly built cars, there is a growing interest in cars from this era. Quite sorry they don’t represent the “golden age” of whatever you happen to be into (woodies I’m guessing….. a type of vehicle that not only rusts, but rots to boot!), that’s no reason to label them all junk or to insult anyone that thinks contrary. As you stated, we all have “one”, but you shouldn’t have to make others smell yours. If you don’t have anything nice to say, do the right thing and not say anything at all.

      • Chicaghost writer

        @woodie man,
        No disrespect my friend; but what took the jelly out of your doughnut? They’re all junk??multiple Grand Nationals, iffy on 82, doesn’t look right, but if it’s legit you know they only made 215 that year right? LX Notch Backs, a turbo T/A, multiple F and G bodies. Those were America’s sought after models. The 80’s were dark years, but those models kept the hobby alive. I honestly do not want to sound like a jag, but all your rant was missing was hatred for puppies, and maybe wiping Christmas off the calendar… What is treasure in your world? And the Website is literally called, “Barn Finds”. Didn’t look like the kitchen to me. Desirable cars in a barn; Barn Finds. Man taking to internet to call everything Junk; Angry enthusiast.com.
        Sorry man, just ease off the imperial opinions.

  17. Elizabeth

    I’m crazy. I love Monte’s from the 80’s.
    Can’t explain it, just do.
    Wish I could bring home the SS.

  18. ALTON

    these cars are in my personal collection and they are not the entire collection so there are some cars around them that arent for sale i can send more pics and info to all parties who are truly interested in the group as for the people who call it junk well thats why opinions are like ***holes i guess i have 21 cars and they are 4000.00 each and sold only as a group because i dont need money so if i cant sell them all and wipe my hands clean of the whole group ill keep them it may be a take it or leave it attitude to some but its my decision if u are truly interested in them i can be reached at aeholsted@yahoo.com

    • John b

      Well put alton and rustowner. It’s sad some followers on this site feel their personal feelings and opinions regarding somebody’s collection should be expressed, whether it be insulting, imature..or at best, just plain stupid.

      • Woodie Man

        I trust you are refering to those who made a point of refering to other people’s opinions that differed from their own as being analogous to a body part. That would be Alton. Rustowner clearly didnt see my reference as a take on Altons comments, which they were, You, Alton and the self evident rustowner seem to have a hard time dealing with , I suppose, my opinion that most seventies and eighties cars, nay ALL eighties cars, are junk relative to earlier automobiles, both in design and function . Well thats life.

        Now I know this is the internet and we live in an age of manufactured outrage pushed on by the minority of loudest voices on the radio and elsewhere. But,,,,you all need to manup and just accept that others don’t share your views about these cars, they may even be corrrect and they, I, am perfectly content to have you folks who like these undistinguished eighties American cars, like them. I could care less. But, unlike those of you who can’t deal with the opinion of someone who disgrees with you, I attack the junky cars not the fellow who owns them or likes them, That may be a fine distinction to you, but its everything to me,

        And this fine web site run by the hard working Josh et al intend I am sure for folks to express their opinions in a civil manner. That in my world does not mean not expressing your opinion about a car. It does mean that if you disagee with a posters opinoin you counter it with your own based on some illuminating fact. Not whining about the other’s views.

  19. john b

    So in other words woodie man, you re are saying that if Alton’s collection was in mint condition…it would still be junk because “my opinion that most seventies and eighties cars, nay ALL eighties cars, are junk relative to earlier automobiles, both in design and function.”
    Don’t try to rope the writer onto your side either, he agrees with the comments people left referring to your attitude.

    • Woodie Man


      I wouldn’t think of “roping you” Duly noted

    • Chicaghost writer

      Wow! Still at it sunshine?
      Listen I’m going to be plain honest, your a real Jag man. This is a forum for like minded people to chat about their passions, old memories, in a place where we all have different likes and dislikes, but a love for the same culture. Your trashing people’s possessions, feelings, and cementing your own reputation negatively by attempting to justify your ignorant and rude behavior. And I Just kinda noticed that your authoritarian opinion on what people collect and whether you approve of it; is ironic. Your the one truly collecting junk. I noticed your certainly not collecting “thumbs ups” or positive replies either. So what your really doing is unloading your passions and interests on all of us. Thing is, I don’t think we’re all passionate or enthusiastic about collecting ignorance and misery. So maybe there’s a forum that might fit you a little better; but it’s certainly not this one. Try to find a site that discusses your hatred for sun rises, or maybe find some like minded people to just demean each other in your spare time. Go scream at children having fun or whatever it is that makes you happy. But we’re good here, sell your negativity elsewhere please.

  20. tirefriar

    Opinions are cool and should be freely shared. That doesn’t mean that the way the opinions are expressed should be offensive – which in this case they clearly are. I already said that I would have liked to get the Monte Carlo. Buick GNs are great cars too. In fact I don’t see one single car here that I would mind owning had they been a better condition. Hey, that’s just me as my current situation will not allow for having a non running project occupying limited garage space. I bet that most, if not all, of these cars in restored condition have a lot of fans out there…

    • Woodie Man

      So it’s offensive to say that eighties Americans cars are junk?.

      I nominate you to judge others opinions as being expressed in an inoffensive manner and to report back on which is which.

      • Tirefriar

        Chilax Woodie. You don’t think calling someone’s cars “junk” to his face is offensive? Ever try sell anything? Doubt you’d appreciate someone else calling your stuff “junk” in your presence.

        This type of crap is the reason why I am getting away from BaT. Please don’t infest this site with it too.

  21. Jim C

    I was interested in the lot but after dealing with so many rude types over my many years of buying, that own wrecking yards where they treat a potential buyer like crap and have that, “my crap is golden and I don’t need the money, so take it or leave it” attitude (all the while they live in squalor), I’ll pass. I can’t say for certain that Alton is that type but I haven’t seen an effort to provide real info on the cars either. I’m not talking about the seller brown nosing the buyer but considering you’re both car guys and obviously love the same type cars, how about a little civility and a realization that you are brothers in arms to a certain extent. Alton, I’m glad you shared your collection with Josh and truly hope they all find a good home because it’s sad sight to see them rust away but I fear that unless you realize we all have the same enthusiasm as you do for these cars and just as you wouldn’t buy 21 cars as a lot without any real detailed info, no one else will and chances are that people will be buying them at auction for half their value one day after your pushing daisies.

  22. TikaM

    I really hope the 87 Grand National is the one inside and not the one outside–the 87 is the most desirable of the bunch. My husband just loves those. (And I will bet we’ll have one when we are in a position to afford an extra vehicle.) He raves about them. Everyone has their own thing. Honestly I was not as impressed but as I watch the cost of the early 70s cars I love skyrocket out of the budget of the average individual, I have to admit those Buicks are growing on me. Sometimes collecting is not about what is widely deemed to be the “best” as far as design or mechanical makeup. Sometimes it’s about what you find appealing. I’d love to have a 63 split window or a 65 Riviera or a 67 GTO or a Hemi Cuda, but my wallet says a Grand National is a whole lot more realistic. Junk or not, I also still have a soft spot for 3rd gen Camaros because that was the first car I ever owned when I was a teen.

  23. Andrew

    I love them all. The Buick appears to be T, not a Grand national. I base that off the wheels and the paint. The GT Mustang has had the taillights swapped out. I can’t tell, but the white Firechicken may be a Turbo Trans-AM. The Grand National outside is a non-intercooled one. Still cool though.

  24. AMCFAN

    At the price of $4000. each for 21 cars you are at…..Lets see. $84,000. This is before shipping each one. $500. should do it. Wait. Not everyone with a transport will haul dead (non-op) cars. Expect to pay more but $10,500 should be a start. Once home spending several hours powerwashing each one to see what you have. (time) Fluid change oil $300. fuel $2.50 @ 5 gal. each $262.50 Not to mention if tank needs pulled and cleaned Then 21 new batterys at over $100. provided you have a core. Core charge is $15. BTW. $2415. for batterys. Plus other hidden costs that are sure to rise. You are at $100,000. Not seeing it Alton. Sorry. It is not a bad collection A $100K is alot of money. Most would rather have one or two cars for that money. Not a collection they too would have to leave out side. A few are collectable but others in the condition are not as desireable. Alot of the vehicles pictured can be bought in running/driving condition for less then $4000. I think you would have a better chance of selling the collection if you took the time to properly prepare and photograph each one and be realistic in pricing and consider the possibility of splitting them up. I am sure you didn’t buy them as a collection. Leaving them parked and in the elements will just further the chance at making parts cars.

    • Tirefriar

      AMCFAN, good points. It looks like the per unit price was averaged out. I understand Alton may not wanting to deal with 21 buyers an he probably also understands that everyone will start cherry picking if cars were offered individually.. A good approach may be batching them up. It’s easier to sell 2 or three cars at a time. Personally I’d put together a most desireable car with the toughest one to sell. Set a realistic price for the desirable unit and they will buy…

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